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Top 5 Reasons Self-Driving Cars are the Greatest Invention in Generations

  • Morally Right

    With all that in mind, the best way for everyone to enjoy the benefits of self-driving cars as soon as possible is for the government to stay out of the matter, which would allow self-driving cars to be mass-produced and sold much more quickly and at much lower prices than if there were tons of regulations involved. In fact, with all the injuries, fatalities, property damage, and lost time and money that could be prevented by shifting to self-driving cars, it would be immoral for the government to delay the transition. Every minute bureaucrats and red tape delay the widespread adoption of self-driving cars is another minute in which people are needlessly dying and being injured. The benefits of self-driving cars in small-scale tests have been proven repeatedly, so if the government wants a truly effective way to reduce the hazards and costs of driving, which every rational person does, it should get out of the way so the future can arrive.

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