Top 5 Pharma Marketing Trends for 2019

Pharmaceutical executives are targeting exponential growth in 2019. Acquisition of third-party companies will continue at pace and the innovation of medicines will increase.

Such bloated ambitions mean marketing departments throughout the pharmaceutical industry need to find solutions that convince customers to trust and purchase their treatments. And that’s not an easy task when there is a question mark over the effectiveness of pharmaceutical products.

Today’s consumers want content that is informative and educational. However, explaining how medicine works is complex and Pharma advertising is fraught with legal and regularity conditions.

However, new trends in the industry reveal sassy marketers have developed solutions by embracing omnichannel platforms and digital technologies that enable healthcare facilities to take a patient-centric approach.

Critical Information in Real-Time

Machine learning plays a major role in Pharma advertising. Physicians want advanced datasets that can collect and deliver critical information in real-time.

Marketers are using the development of AI and machine automation to convince patients they will be provided with adequate information. Chatbots are making an increasing appearance, but healthcare facilities have to guard against replacing humans with technology.

Sourcing a Bigger Picture

The Internet of Things (IoT) has already penetrated a number of key industries and has the potential to revolutionize Pharma marketing. With data accessible within IoT medical devices, medical companies can learn about the individual needs of their patients and get an overview of the broader community.

The latest medical technologies have already proven they can provide critical data. Marketers can use this information to personalize messages to relevant parties and cut through the noise of rival companies.

Due to the profit potential and the usefulness of IoT devices, stakeholders are prepared to invest in advanced medical technologies, and technology companies have been quick to oblige.

High-Value Social Content

Social media platforms are a great channel for pharmaceutical companies to reach potential customers and deepen relationships with existing patients. However, because Pharma companies are regulated on social media and cannot simply chime into a conversation, it’s difficult for marketers to engage other users.

The response in 2019 has been to reduce the amount of content they publish and produce high-value quality content instead. As a result, pharmaceutical companies have been receiving higher levels of engagement but putting less effort into social media activity.

Medical Influencers

Influencer marketing is gaining traction across numerous industries. Celebrities and micro-influencers with huge followings help to build trust between consumers and companies.

The growing trend among marketers is to identify influencers that are being treated for a specific medical condition. Celgene is using Louise Roe, for example. The influencer is “sponsored” to talk about her illness.

By working with patients as brand ambassadors, other patients have a network of fellow sufferers that can act as a support group and a community that shares information. People are more open to sharing their stories with people they know will understand their problem.

Electronic Health Records

A few years ago, it was pointed out that pharmaceutical companies were not taking advantage of electronic health records. This year, a rise in the number of industry marketers adopting electronic health records (EHR) campaigns suggests the tide has turned.

CMI reports that EHR has “skyrocketed up to 80% in the past 6 years and continues to grow.” The application has enabled physicians to improve workflow, interact with patients more often and streamline clinical and administrative tasks.

EHR is not strictly advertising. However, adopting the approach in a focused campaign enables medical firms to better engage and educate their patients. In turn, the information physicians are able to provide nurtures trust and increases sales.

With the Pharma industry needing to tackle trust issues, digital technologies have given them a platform where they can reach patients in real-time with valuable information. When people want medical help, they want immediate access to information they can trust.



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