Top 10 Reasons Why Rand Paul Should Be Elected President

3. He has brought light to the unbridled power of the Federal Reserve.

Most followers of Senator Paul’s father Ron Paul will quickly tell you that one of the biggest reasons that the federal government can tax and spend at the rates it has with no accountability whatsoever is because of the shadowy, mysterious Federal Reserve. With “Audit the Fed” introduced and explained in the House of Representatives several¬†times by then-Congressman Ron Paul, many Americans for the first time came to realize just how much power the central bank had obtained since its inception in 1913, and all of the destruction which it has left in its path. Senator Paul has picked up the banner of the proposed legislation, introducing it in the Senate earlier this year. There have thus far been 32 cosponsors who have joined Senator Paul in his quest to inspect the Fed’s books.

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