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Sen. Paul Calls on Senate Intelligence Committee to Review Evidence Linking Assad to Chemical Attacks


By Kody Fairfield

Sen. Rand Paul believes the Senate Intelligence Committee needs to review the evidence that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was behind a recent chemical attack that killed innocent civilians; and in retaliation to which President Trump ordered airstrikes on Thursday night, says Rare.

Paul, who was on the “Laura Ingraham Show” Friday, said that upon object analysis of the situation in Syria, the use of chemical weapons on the Syrian people by President Bashir al-Assad does not make sense. He noted that Assad had the upper hand in his country’s ongoing civil war, he had Russia’s support, and had received reassurance from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that regime change was not something the U.S. was seeking, reported Rare.

“He’s either the dumbest dictator in the world, or it may be more confusing,” Paul told Ingraham.

“I would like to see the evidence,” Paul said. “In all this rush, why don’t we at least look at the intelligence instead of getting somebody’s conclusion on TV second-hand from the president?”

Paul’s caution has been equalled by liberty ally and fellow Kentuckian Rep. Thomas Massie’s, who earlier in the week stunned CNN when he dared to question the narrative being pushed in the mainstream media. (RELATED: Thomas Massie Questions Syrian Chemical Weapon Narrative, Leaves CNN Stunned)

Paul noted on Friday to Ingraham as reported by Lifezette, “I don’t dispute the evidence. I just haven’t seen it.”

The senator said that he believes President Trump has good instincts, but got swept in a war fever. “There is a huge drumbeat,” Paul said. “Everybody’s excited.”

According to Rare, Paul noted that the same people who championed the Iraq war, a war Trump repeatedly railed against on the campaign trail, were mostly those who were championing Trump’s action in Syria.

“All the people who wanted to take out Hussein are now clamoring to take out Iran as well,” Paul said. “So where does it end?”

“When will we finally be done taking out regimes in the Middle East?,” Paul asked.

Read Sen. Paul’s Op/Ed on the situation regarding Syria HERE.

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