Top 10 Best Jobs for Retirees: How to Find a Job for Seniors


authored by Yevheniia Khromova (Career Expert, GetCoverLetter)

Retirement does not necessarily mean the end of your professional career path. According to the financial planning and investment management company United Income, more than 20% of adults over age 65 are either working or looking for a job. The American Bureau of Labour Statistics expects that 13 million retired Americans will be in the labor force by 2024.

Many retirees prefer going back to work after retirement for different reasons: some are searching for additional income, others want to find self-fulfillment and be useful to society. But everything depends on the education and skills they have and the type of work they can perform.

In this article, we will analyze the best jobs for seniors, including part-time, seasonal, and online opportunities, and share some ideas on how to start a retired career for 60-year-olds.

Working After Retirement: How to Start

The first question to ask yourself is, “How do I feel about my job before retirement?” If you enjoyed it, perhaps there is no point in changing it.

Think about how you see your employment at this job now. You may want to work remotely or reduce the number of your duties so that the work is not so stressful. We recommend you discussing all the conditions with your employer to come to a collective agreement regarding your future cooperation. Some companies prefer to continue working with retired employees since they have many years of experience in a particular field and knowledge of the company, its products, and services.

If further cooperation is not possible, do not worry. There are still many retirement jobs to make money. You just need to start your search and prepare a powerful resume and cover letter to catch the potential employer’s attention. The Internet offers thousands of resources to create solid self-presentation, but we advise you to use a professional online builder. An online cover letter generator is a fast & easy way to get your customized cover letter done and increase your chances of getting invited for an interview.

Top 10 Great Jobs for Retired People

Active and motivated retirees have various options for employment. Some of them can even open their own business based on their hobbies or professional expertise. It can be tough, but from a long-term perspective, it may be quite a lucrative option. Сhanging the field of your activities is also not easy, but it is undoubtedly effective to learn something new.

When choosing a job, it is crucial to assess your health, evaluate your skills, follow personal interests, and stay the course. With this list of 10 best jobs for retirees that pay well, you will see that retired jobs can be easy, creative, and interesting.

1.    Consultant

If you do not want your knowledge and experience to be wasted, you can choose the profession of a consultant. Having experience in many areas, you can work as a general consultant, helping companies or individuals to implement overall improvements. If you have significant experience in a specific field, you can get hired as a specialist consultant. It’s one of the best jobs after retirement since you will use the knowledge you already have to help people.

The salary will depend on the industry and the level of your expertise. On average, you can be paid $50-$150 per hour.

2.    Driver

The most significant advantage of working as a driver is that you can manage the time you work. There are various types of driving services: driving people with Uber or Lyft; delivering packages for UPS or Amazon Flex, or food deliveries for Shipt or Instacart.

The salary can be between $15-$25 per hour, depending on the services you provide and the company you work for. You will also need to have a driving license and auto insurance.

3.    Hotel Concierge/Guide

As a Hotel Concierge, you will perform various tasks: recommend and book restaurants, tickets, tours; order transport; coordinate porters, etc. Basically, you will provide customer service for the guests. Additionally, if you live in a tourist city and know its history and exciting places, you can conduct guided tours.

If you know the area and hot spots and have excellent hospitality and communication skills, this can be a perfect choice. The average salary for this position ranges from $10 to $15 per hour, but it can be even higher in big cities.

4.    Gardener

Looking for a healthy job? How about gardening? Your mind and body will thank you for this awesome decision. If you are familiar with gardening tools and you like plants, you can offer gardening services. Moreover, Internet resources may help you to deepen your knowledge and become a real pro.

The average salary is not that high, around $10 per hour, but if you are taking this job as a meditation, this money can be more than acceptable.

5.    Real Estate Agent

A Real Estate job is a great opportunity for older people looking for a second career that will bring income and social benefits. You need to know the purchase process, the real estate market, and have excellent communication and negotiation skills.

It will take approximately 5 months to complete the courses and pass the exam to get a license, but the outcome will surprise you. As a full-time real estate agent, you can make, on average, $35,000 – $48,000 per year. A Real Estate Agent is one of the highest-paying jobs in our list, and your salary may also depend on the number of deals you make.

6.    Elder or Child Caretaker

This can be an ideal part-time position for caring retirees. You can help older people in everyday activities, such as cooking or buying groceries, or help families that need assistance in taking care of a child.

Skills required for this position include patience, problem solving, communication, and creativity. Knowledge of first aid will also be to your additional advantage. The salary may range from $15 to $30 per hour.

7.    Virtual Assistant

One of the best online jobs for retired persons is the position of a virtual assistant. You need a good laptop and an Internet connection as well as computer literacy and communication skills. You will mainly perform administrative duties similar to a secretary, but your tasks may vary depending on the field.

With the average salary of $15 per hour, you can earn decent money in addition to your pension benefits.

8.    Online Tutor

If you have experience in English, mathematics, history, or any other subject, you can choose tutoring work at home jobs for retirees. Constant communication with your students and the possibility to share your knowledge will help you remain mentally sharp and get $10 per hour or even more.

9.    Petsitter

Retirees who do not want the responsibility of owning their own pet, but like pets very much and enjoy taking care of them, can help pet owners while they are at work, on vacation, or a business trip by providing pet sitting services. You will feed and clean the animal and take care of their medications if needed.

Depending on the pet, you may need some experience or training, but usually, with normal pets like cats or dogs, you shouldn’t have any problems. For a 30 minute visit, you will get, on average, $25. The price goes up for longer periods of care.

10.                  Retail Sales Worker

Some stores seek older retail sales workers since they are more reliable and often more patient with customers. If you don’t want to work full-time, many employers hire part-time workers during the holiday season.

It’s a cool option for people with excellent communication and sales skills. You can expect to earn approximately $13 per hour and get some discounts from the store.

Where to Search for Perfect Jobs for Older People

It’s not an easy task to find a job after 60, but it becomes simpler if you know where to look. This list of the best resources will help you find a perfect position to match your skills and preferences. It includes both general job sites and specialized platforms for seniors:

  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • LinkedIn
  • WorkForce50
  • Seniors4Hire
  • RetiredBrains
  • USAJobs

Get Ready for Age Objections

The issue of your age may come up during your job search and communication with employers or recruiters. Nobody will say that you are too old for the position, because it’s illegal, but you may hear questions such as:

“Do you think you have the stamina and energy?”

“How many years do you think you might be working?”

“Aren’t you overqualified for this position?”

Here are some arguments for you to use during the conversation:

  • Seniors stay in companies longer. Statistics show that 21% of millennials have changed jobs within the past year, and that number is growing.
  • Self-education has always been a priority for me, and I am continually developing my technical skills through online courses and practice.
  • I am realistic about my potential, and leadership is not a priority for me. After forty years of work, I’m ready for a job with less responsibility.
  • A strong work ethic and excellent interpersonal skills are advantages of my age and will bring added value to the position.
  • I take care of myself, exercise, and have regular checkups.

Wrap Up

Post-retirement work can be both personally and financially beneficial. You just need to decide what you want to get from your new job. Do you want extra money? Do you want to do something you like? Do you want to help other people? Do you want to try something new? Or do you want to combine all of this?

We hope that this article has given you some inspiration to retire from retirement and think about the potential you have at your age.



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