Useful Camping Tips

Getting enough sleep is important in life. Lack of sleep can have an adverse effect on your concentration and your mood. You make sure that you sleep well at home, by investing in items that make you feel comfortable, such as an all-natural latex mattress , by blocking out as much light as possible and by relaxing before you go to bed.

But, what happens when you are away from home on a camping trip? Here are some tips that can help you sleep when you are away camping, just like you do at home.

Make sure that your sleeping bag is warm enough

Obviously, you are not going to sleep comfortably if you do not choose the right sleeping bag. Do not forget that even if the weather is warm during the day, the temperature can drop at night. You need to make sure that the sleeping bag you choose provides enough warmth. Use a sleeping bag liner if you need to.

Consider using ear plugs

Mother Nature is wonderful, but she can also be noisy. If you are not used to camping, it can be disconcerting to hear the wildlife while you are trying to sleep. It can be a good idea to take some ear plugs with you, to at least deaden the noise.

Use an inflatable mattress

Sleeping on the ground can be uncomfortable, especially if the ground is hard in the area where you are camping. You can remove any small rocks and pieces of debris that may make it difficult for you to sleep comfortably. You may also want to invest in an inflatable mattress for extra comfort, or a camping bed that will keep you off the ground.

Reduce sugar and caffeine intake

We have all seen the movies where sugary snacks are eaten around the campfire. This may seem like a really good idea. But eating a lot of sugar before you go to bed is not good as it keeps you alert as opposed to helping you relax. Caffeine also stimulates your mind. It’s a much better idea to enjoy a relaxing drink such as herbal tea or warm milk.

Fix any holes in your tent

Holes in your tent provide the perfect access point for rain, and for bugs which can sometimes be dangerous and are always an irritation when you are trying to sleep. This is why you should examine your tent before you set off camping, and make sure that any holes are patched.

Know your environment

You are likely to feel restless if you are concerned about having to get up during the night in a strange environment. You can limit the chances of needing to go to the toilet during the night, by restricting your intake of fluid in the hours before bed. But, you cannot eliminate the possibility entirely. You may also need to get up to take painkillers for a headache, or because one of your children is shouting for you. You can help yourself feel more relaxed about getting up when it’s dark by checking out your surroundings while it’s light, and by having a flashlight to hand. Being relaxed helps you to get to sleep more easily.

Keep the routines you have at home

Obviously, your routines are going to be slightly different when you are camping, because you are in a different environment. But, keeping to the general pattern, is a big help. For instance, if you normally read, then brush your teeth, then go to the toilet before bed, you should try to stick to this while you are camping.

You cannot guarantee that you will sleep well while you are camping; even something as simple as excitement can keep you awake. But, the tips we have provided should help you to get the best sleep possible during your camping trip.


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