Thomas Sowell’s Viral Video Dismantles Biden/Harris Communist Cartoon

Free-market economist Thomas Sowell released a viral video via his YouTube channel in which he debunks a popular Biden/Harris campaign ad in which Kamala Harris discusses basic Marxist economic principles.

“So there’s a big difference between equality and equity. Equality suggests, “Oh, everybody should get the same amount”. The problem with that is not everybody is starting from the same place. So if we are all getting the same amount, but you started out back there, and I started out over here, we can get the same amount, but you’re going to be that far back behind me”

“It’s about giving people the resources and support they need so that everyone can be on equal footing and compete on equal footing. Equitable treatment means we all end up in the same place.”

Thomas Sowell’s video entitled “Thomas Sowell on Kamala Harris’ Communist Video” which premiered Wednesday on his Youtube channel, is comprised of segments from TV appearences in which he dismantles the idea that central planning can guarantee equal outcomes for all people.

“If you can’t get equality among people born to the same parents and born under the same roof, why in the world would you think you are going to get it among people who have had such different histories and cultures around the world?”

“This is any number of one factor explanations as to why everyone doesn’t have the same outcome. One hundred years ago, it was genetics; at other times and places, it was exploitation. But again, these are ideas which sound plausible, but when you do research, you discover that everywhere you turn there are 1,000 reasons why people don’t turn out the same. It goes right down to the family.”

The world-famous economist’s video has gone viral with 267,531 views and around 18K likes since its premiere on Wednesday.


Image: screen capture Thomas Sowell YouTube

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