The Freedoms That Must Be Provided to Brain Injury Victims

Anyone that is struggling with a brain injury or any other type of mental disorder should be provided with certain freedoms. This includes freedom from being stigmatized, the freedom to pursue one’s own recovery, access to necessary medical treatment, and the protection from dehumanizing treatments.

Anyone that is suffering from a mental health disorder or a brain injury needs to be treated the same as a person with other physical medical problems. They should not be stigmatized and set apart when dealing with health care. An individual with a brain injury, a mental health condition, or even disorders as a result of substance abuse should be provided access that is comparable to the care received by others requiring surgical or physical medical intervention.

Dehumanizing treatments must be analyzed further to make sure that human beings suffering from these conditions are not perceived as simply molecules in various diagnostic categories. The treatments being offered should take place in suitable settings that respect the human and civil rights of individuals without any dehumanizing restrictions in place.

People with any type of mental disorder should be provided with treatment plans that fit into their overall goals for recovery. This goes beyond treating only symptoms but by providing long-term stabilization so that the person can lead a self-directed life.

Any medically necessary treatment should be offered in settings where a person can get easy access to the treatments. This setting should provide the least restrictive measures required and keep in mind the individual’s civil rights. There has been a problem with understanding patient choice in terms of their own treatment plan and this is something that needs to be taken into account.

Individual Freedoms and Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are traumatic events that have contributed more to disability and death on a global basis than any other type of traumatic incident. There are about 69 million cases reported worldwide per year but it’s expected that these numbers should be higher due to under-reporting. It is a silent epidemic that many are not aware of.

There have been many new and significant policies, laws, and medical advances created in terms of the care and treatment of these victims. As progress continues, however, many hidden rights violations have been discovered such as the right to life, freedom of expression, equality, and many others.

There are a lot of questions regarding human dignity and fundamental rights that come to mind when dealing with victims of a traumatic brain injury. Many sufferers are not able to advocate for their own freedoms and rights and family members may find that they are heavily burdened from the demands of healthcare and frozen with grief. Many complex issues need to be resolved case-by-case, but also from a broader basis as well.

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