Yes you read the title right that there is a replica of diamond. Every expensive gemstone has got a cheaper gemstone to substitute them. For diamonds it’s Strontium Titanate

Strontium titanate which goes by the trade names strontium mesotitanate, Diagem, Jewelite, Marvelite and Fabulite. This when found is in the form of crystal and later it is crafted by craftsmen. This is also called “man-made gemstone”. This gem when compared to Diamond is much denser(space group=4.88 for natural, 5.13 for synthetic)  and much softer(Mohs hardness=6-6.5 for natural, 5.5 for synthetic). 

When cut in shapes, its refractive index (2.41 – as measured by Sodium light, 589.3 nm) is quite identical to diamond but the dispersion it has is four times higher, at 0.19(B-G interval). Thus it results in an increase of “fire” when compared to diamond. This was the prior reason which made it so popular in the jewellery trade industry. People loved this shine and it was cheaper than diamond. In the 1950s and early 1970s, the stone became so popular that it was an everyday jewellery for all the people. The stone with high temperature and different chemical reactions can also be turned into various colours. Other than as a jewellery stone, the stone was used in optical instruments, high – voltage capacitors, voltage – dependent resistors, advanced ceramics and substrates for superconductors. 


The stone was found in 1940 and people have been using it in their jewelleries since 1950. From this, it is understood that the stone had some extraordinary features that caught the eye of so many people and eventually became their favorite gemstone to wear. Modern era craftsmen and jewellery industries now does not make only Marvelite jewellery. They are used for extra decor purposes around the expensive gemstones. The stones are undertaken through various chemical solutions and are transformed to the desired colour stone which will complement the colour of the other gemstone. Red, blue, green, yellow and purple are the colours to which Fabulite can be converted to. 

The stone can be used in necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. In necklaces instead of using diamonds, this stone is used and thus it costs less. The designs on the diamond necklaces are completed with coloured titanates. These stones are mainly inscribed on bridal jewelleries where heavy necklaces of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubys need the finishing touch. The sparkle it has matches with these stones and therefore making a jewellery piece very magnificent and elegant. Titanates in earrings can be worn as studs or when used in dangling earrings, it is mostly carved in silver or platinum. The most important jewellery where this gorgeous stone is mostly used is rings. The rings with minimal designs or where the stones are needed to be very small, titanate is being used as they are easy to cut in any shape because of the lack in hardness. Starting from your everyday ring to the most expensive one, it has titanate in it if the details are very much. 

There are so many advantages of this stone as a gemstone- it can be worn by both men and women and is mostly used in men’s rings, it is appropriate for any event and for any time of the day. The shine it has does not fade in daylight and at night it shines brighter than diamond. Right from your office wear to any cocktail party or a wedding, you will be filled with compliments with this gemstone carved in any of your jewellery. This striking gemstone can also be seen in mens bracelets. Sleek silver bracelets or gemstone bracelets are often designed with this stone and that is the reason why they shine so bright. For women, the bracelets with charms added look way much prettier with titanate on it. Some people also like to wear this stone in their nose ring as well. And without any doubt, jewelleries made of strontium titanate can be the absolute best present to anyone. A person is bound to fall in love with the dazzling gleam it has. 

With jewelleries, there also come jewellery boxes which we often forget about. To keep these precious stones safe, a jewelry box is very much needed. They not only keep your jewelleries safe but also keep them organized. Maintaining a separate jewelry box for every kind of jewelry piece makes the work a lot easier. If you have some old vintage boxes, you can also turn them to keep your ornaments in them. 


Although this is a man made jewel, the popularity it has gained within such a short period of time is remarkable and therefore the stone is always high in demand. But it is to be remembered that it is the replica or substitute of diamond and not diamond. With pros it has cons as well. Because of its less durability, it is very important to keep it safe always.



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