Technology in the World of Spas

Technology is everything these days. It can help you save money, make your life easier and provide you with the ultimate in convenience and performance. This also applies to the world of wellness. These days you’ll find many products, from wood fired hot tubs (Dutch: houtgestookte hottubs) and whirlpools to swim spas and Lay Z spas, with the latest technology providing benefits on many levels. In this article, we’ll show you the technology and its benefits by following an example based approach. Namely, we discuss the latest technology tools of the well known Passion spas. 

Exception energy efficiency

By the use of many innovative technologies, Passion Spas save a great deal on energy consumption. One of those technologies is the award winning Hybrid Heating technology™. This technology ensures optimal use of the heat that is produced by the electric heater. The spas contain specially designed massage pumps that provide friction from water for extra heat, which saves you energy. And due to the buttons which you can program yourself, you can set times for the spa to turn on and off. Also the low wattage filtration pump provides clean water with minimal use of energy. These technologies make the Passion spa friendly for your wallet and for the planet. 

Water therapy

Passion Spas also feature many innovative technologies for water therapy. These massage features provide you with the ultimate in relaxation. All the massage features, from the Aqua Rolling Massage ™ to Waterfall Massage™are designed in collaboration with professional masseuses and physiotherapists giving you the optimal experience in water therapy from head to toe. 

Clearest water

Passion Spas are also equipped with the latest technology for crystal clear water.  Their so-called Synergy Water Maintenance System, ensures clean water at all times without using a lot of water. Besides, this system allows for minimal maintenance. The circulation pump ensures that the water of the spa is constantly filtered, even when the massage pumps are not activated. Smart, right?


You can make your spa management and maintenance more efficient and more economical if you choose one with the latest technology! 


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