How Do Accounts on Twitter Become Trending?

Most brands are facing the struggle of gaining popularity. It’s also increasingly difficult to grab the attention of their target audience on the internet. Social media platforms are the world’s largest digital market, and Twitter is a leader among the rest. Although it only allows users to write tweets with a maximum of 140 characters each, the exposure it provides is unmatched. Their shared content can contain pictures, clips, links, and even more tweets to form threads. Brands are now getting the word out about their products or services through Twitter’s trending charts. These charts are popular for exposing users to the hottest trends across the platform.

Brands are usually more selective about their shared content in order to have their accounts trend on this platform. There are some tactics they employ that are guaranteed to get trending on this popular social media. Let’s go over a few of these tactics.

Consistent Tweets and Retweets

The tweet consistency of an account will be a major determining factor in whether it will become popular on Twitter. This is especially true in regards to updating their followers on the developments of the brand. One common way that they achieve this is by retweeting previous tweets and making new interesting ones. That way, they keep their posts within reach of their targeted audience. They may also interact with their respondents by liking and retweet some of their tweets about their brand. This will draw the interest of other followers since it makes the brand look more humane. One of the cheapest ways to gain more followers is by hiring the services of a company that offers organic followers. Most successful brands avoid buying ghost followers by all means.

They Put Personality and Detail in the Account’s Introduction

Visitors deserve a straightforward introduction in the bio of any Twitter account. The audience shouldn’t be left guessing the usefulness of a brand’s products or services. The bio should provide them with the most significant details about the brand. When deciding which tweet to pin, they ensure that their selection has the best quality. An account’s pinned tweet should inform people about the objective and personality of their trademark. New accounts representing small brands usually use human faces as their profile photo to inspire trust with potential clients. It’s also common for them to include a location in their bio, particularly if their brand is constrained to a city or state. Getting their account verified on Twitter is another big step that most take. That means the account gets a blue checkmark that helps people trust its authenticity. However, the platform will not be verifying accounts till early next year.

The popular brands are those that post only content that captures the attention of interested people. These usually contain images, clips, and GIFs that align with their brand’s personality. They also respond to inquiries on their services or content to help it gain more popularity. There is extensive research to back the fact that conversation on Twitter drives business impact. And that causes an increase in sales. There’s the option of deploying Twitter analytics for a more in-depth description of users’ interactions with the brand’s tweets. That tool can help accounts to discover the best time to make tweets for optimal results. For those who’d like a more thorough process, they can carry out some A/B tests on their tweets to compare the results of different texts, images, and ad-formats.

They Use Hashtags

All across social media, hashtags are becoming a trending practice for promoting brands digitally. Brands are gaining large followership on Twitter by employing trending hashtags to create a marketing strategy. They use their knowledge of the hot topics to create content that will relate their brand’s name to a trend. They usually put on less than two hashtags for each tweet. And they don’t string too many words together when creating hashtags. These brands usually keep hashtags specific so people can find them easily. They make use of hashtags that connect to social causes so the organization can mobilize behind those. It’s however important that accounts avoid being spammy as the social media platform now punishes manipulative behavior. Research reveals that the accounts’ reputation could be injured if its posts are not authentic. 

They Promote Their Events on Twitter

Twitter is one of people’s favorite platforms to create bustle around an event that they’re organizing. Accounts can make informative threads and form catchy hashtags to keep their followers anticipating the event. They usually encourage their staff and integrated parties to raise awareness about the event through tweets and retweets. Most successful brands always include the location of the program in their description. By geo-locating the event, they grab the attention of people in that vicinity. They also get the word out about their program by using promoted tweets. Because these are paid for, potential followers can see them on their timelines.

One other way that brands raise awareness about their programs is by conducting polls on what the participants should expect. They use the gotten information to improve the event. These accounts also consistently answer the questions that people may have about the event to heighten its popularity. Some brands live-tweet their events to draw attention in real-time. With this method, they usually make sure every tweet offers only interactive content for the followers. 

They Collaborate with Influencers

Successful brands on Twitter tend to collaborate with micro-influencers within their niche. These people can help increase engagement on accounts by vouching for the brands. Although this may translate to increased cost in marketing campaigns, it’s usually worth it. These influencers have gathered followers that may fit into the audience that companies are targeting. There’s a handful of tools that many people use to determine if the followers of certain influencers are potential clients for their services. These influencers can also help firms get the word out on their promotions.

They Tag Other Accounts

Many popular accounts have shown that tagging other accounts within their niche on their tweets can enhance the activity around them. They use it to become trending. As a trend, they usually only tag those that share a similar impact on their audience. This especially applies if the post is related to their handle or they’re contributing to a trend. New and upcoming ones are those that gain a lot from tagging since a simple retweet from an influential party can boost their popularity. The popular brands also like to make sure their account has more followers than those that they follow. It’s a common trend that should not be ignored.

In sum, it will take a combination of planning and strategic efforts to trend on Twitter. Sometimes, that will mean collaboration with other accounts. Depending on the budget for their social media campaigns, any brand can use the techniques mentioned in this write-up.


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