Steve Deace: “Too Many Delegates Talking” — Predicts Revolt Against Trump at GOP Convention


Conservative radio host and political commentator Steve Deace told MSNBC that delegates are showing signs of open revolt.

Deace says he has been contacted by many delegates expressing their hesitance or even unwillingness to nominate Donald Trump.

“This thing is imploding and at this point I would be mildly surprised if [Trump] came out of Celevland as the nominee,” Deace told MSNBC’s Tamron Hall. When pressed as to what alternative the GOP had than to nominate Trump, Deace noted that “necessity is the mother of invention.”

The conservative radio host broke down how a revolt would shape-up.

“Each convention makes its own rules, the majority of those delegates are not going to be people who are supportive of Donald Trump, and I think those delegates are going to have to stand up and save the country from this and save the party of Lincoln and Reagan from this.”

Deace went on to say that if the GOP does nominate Trump that they will be “annihilated” in November.

“At this point I would be shocked if there is not an attempt to toss Trump overboard in Cleveland,” Deace predicted. “I’m not as confident it will be successful but there will be something. Too many delegates are talking — too many delegates are coming to me — too many delegates are talking to each other. It’s clear that they do not want Trump as their nominee.”

Hall asked Deace what delegates who have come to him have been saying.

“We’ve been conned, this is a scam, we essentially nominated a lifelong Democrat who has found a way to run on the worst race-baited, most divisive language possible so they we actually nominate somebody who confirms every liberal stereotype to our detriment,” Deace recounted. “Other than that, they think he’s great.”

Deace is not the first big name commentary to predict upheaval in Cleveland. James Carville recently predicted their would be a delegate revolt against Trump’s nomination.


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