Should students who fail their classes repeat a grade?

Summer is ending in a few days, and parents have to face another defining decision about their children’s education. It is a difficult choice to decide whether your child repeats a grade or moves forward to the next class.

Students who fail to attain a specific standard of learning at the end of a school year are required to repeat that year by joining a younger class. If a child has to repeat a grade, it could be because of a variety of reasons.

It might be because of their poor academic performance within a school year. Also, their ability, attitude, health, or mental state might be obstacles in forcing a child to the next grade. It’s a widespread belief in the school system that forcing a student to repeat a failed grade will motivate them to perform better. Experts from services that write papers for money say that it’s completely wrong.

Many teachers and parents believe that a consolidation year (repeating a grade) allows a child to mature and gain experience in class. No matter the reason, a child should not be allowed to repeat a grade, it isn’t of any help.

What are the disadvantages of repeating a grade?

There is no fun in repeating a grade, although it may not sound like a big deal on paper. While forcing a child to repeat a class, you’re causing them more harm than you’re looking to solve. At this point, their confidence slowly depletes, and they might seek to drop out of school eventually.

  • Academic Deterioration: Children that are forced to repeat a failed grade usually have unpleasant breaks into adulthood. When a student repeats familiar material in the first and second year, they are likely to stay redundant in their learning process. Allowing them to repeat a grade means you are disorganising your child’s academic growth.
  • Unusual Uniqueness: Kids that are mandated to repeat their failed grades immediately stand out among their peers. In terms of size, they generally become overgrown for the repeated class. As they grow older, the age differences begin to show relevance.
  • Social Separation: This is a common problem with students that have to repeat a failed grade. As soon as they’ve become isolated from their classmates, students may fail to remain friends. Isolation disrupts potential social circles.

What can Parents of the Struggling Students do?

When a student struggles academically and doesn’t seem prepared to move to the next grade, calm down, maybe you can help these students.

Summer school is a brilliant idea for kids who have to repeat a failed grade. Summer breaks usually are for relaxation from schoolwork. It is also an opportunity for students who are not academically sound; to study and increase their academic performance. Summer school comes at a brutal cost of forgetting about having fun in the summer.

Your child should spend time reading on their own apart from time spent doing homework. If it becomes a habit, there are chances that it will become a lifelong thing. Studying helps students perform better in school. As soon as your kid cultivates a reading habit, they are on the path to academic excellence.

As a parent, online courses are also a viable solution. Most online courses are broken down into modules that allow students to learn at their own pace. This way, the child is safe from the population of the class and the need to keep up among their brighter peers. It is best when a tutor or teacher recommends an online course; they know the suitable material to help your child succeed.

For many children, changing schools might be the solution. The students labelled as “failures” in a school might work harder and excel at a new school. Switching to schools with individualised learning and smaller classrooms can be a huge difference for kids who are struggling academically.

Until you have tried all possible ways of helping them, do not accept the verdict of having your kid repeat a failed grade. Notably, for middle/high schoolers, you don’t want anything thwarting your child’s academic future.


Repeating a grade is never a solution for poor performance. Even though many believe that it would help the child to focus, repeating a grade only causes more harm than good to a child.

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