Hillary Voters Push Cartoonist to Disavow Trump, so He Endorses Johnson

Creator of Dilbert suffers endorsement remorse with Trump and rejects Hillary

By: Darrell England

Back on June 5, 2016, Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert Comic Strip, posted from his blog that he endorsed Donald Trump for President of the United States. Yesterday, however, he posted an important update that he now endorses Gary Johnson. But did Hillary Clinton supporters play a role in this?

After a 2005 video was made public showing Trump talking to Billy Bush in a crude manner, Hillary supporters were contacting Adams to reverse his endorsement for Trump. “Clinton supporters have been telling me for a few days that any visible support for Trump makes you a supporter of sex abuse,” says Adams from his blog. After thoughtful consideration, he revoked the endorsement, but failed to endorse Hillary. Adams even went as far to encourage Hillary’s supporters to do the same:

I encourage all Clinton supporters to do the same, and for the same reason. I don’t know if any of the allegations against the Clinton’s are true, but since we are judging each other on associations, you don’t want to be seen as supporting sex abuse by putting an alleged duo of abusers (the perp and the clean-up crew) into office. I think you will agree that it doesn’t matter if any of the allegations are true, because the stink from a mountain of allegations – many that seem credible to observers – is bad for the national brand too.  To even consider putting the Clinton’s back in the White House is an insult to women and every survivor of abuse.

Adam’s clever response to Hillary’s supporters just placed her husband, former President Bill Clinton, in the same category as Trump for the same reasons. It seems he remembers the embarrassment our nation suffered when a president can become too focused on sex. Perhaps our country would’ve saved itself some embarrassment had voters known of future allegations in advance of Mr. Clinton’s potential to womanize prior to electing him? Do we really want to put Bill back in the White House again for possibly more scandals?

Many are very hopeful that Trump would get elected based on a few issues they very strongly side with him on, such as being anti-establishment, anti-globalists, our removal from the United Nations, fleeing from the TPP, and being against Secret Societies. But, as Adams says in closing, “If you take allegations of sex abuse seriously – and you should – vote Johnson. To vote for Clinton or Trump is to be seen by others as an enabler for sexual abuse.” Besides, Gary Johnson is more about freedom than the two old party nominees combined, as he rejects the authoritarian culture in favor of a more free and voluntary society.

Are you hung up on Aleppo? Perhaps you should ask Hillary what “C” stands for in email subject lines. Or perhaps you should ask Trump what the non-existent Article XII of the Constitution is, since he vowed to protect it.

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