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They said he would never learn, now he’ll teach them a thing or two…

A genius boy whose IQ is higher than Albert Einstein is on his way to possibly winning a Nobel Prize after being set free of special education programs in public schools. His mother made the decision to take him out of the programs, even after having doctors diagnose him with Aspergers and say that her son Jacob Barnett would never even learn to tie his shoes.

She describes in her book “The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing Genius” that she was afraid of trying to pull him out of school. “For a parent, it’s terrifying to fly against the advice of the professionals. But I knew in my heart that if Jake stayed in special ed, he would slip away.”

Jacob was not thriving in special ed classes. He kept turning deeper into himself and was uncommunicative with other people. His doctors prescribed medical treatment for the boy. When he wasn’t in therapy though, his mother noticed him doing amazing things. “He would create maps all over our floor using Q-tips. They would be maps of places we’ve visited and he would memorize every street.”

Jake dropped out of elementary school in the 5th grade. His incredible memory allowed him to attend university classes after he learned all of high school math in two weeks. Now he’s on track to graduate from college at age 14 and working on theories to build on Einstein’s theory of relativity.

60 minutes did a special on Jacob here.


Meet Jacob Barnett

About The Author

Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.


    The liberals had this kid labeled and setup for a life of government dependency! This is why it’s so important to rid the planet of the entire liberal mindset!

    • Kai

      The liberals?? What..? You totally missed the point of this article/video. Nowhere within it was indicated any type of political debate. Incredible.. I wish people would pay attention instead of trying to turn everything into an irrelevant political battle.

      • SAM ADAMS

        Read it again then! I don’t know what to tell you if you are not outraged at the liberal dominated education departments and how they could have easily had this gifted kid put away in some special ed class for life! .Common core is going to be even worse with the way they pigeon hole every kid into “programs”. BTW this is a mainly political site. If you don’t want to read political ideas then I might suggest a fuzzy puppy blog next time!

        • Echo Moon

          so am i to understand from your posting and from sam’s that the liberals have been in control for the past 30 and more decades??
          just because this kid and the video is posted on a liberal page does not make it a political statement.

          • SAM ADAMS

            Wow. I think you need to learn how to write. Please re read what you wrote and put it into a statement which can be comprehended by intelligent people like myself. I’m tired of dumbing myself down to speak to people like you! It’s time for you to suck it up and learn english! Next, learn how to put a thought together cohesively! After you learn that much you can try to speak to me again. Otherwise just bugger off! While you are at it you might want to check the page you are on. This is not a “liberal” site,it’s a libertarian one! If you can’t tell the difference than I guess you are a liberal(idiot)!

          • Josh Doppelt

            Sam I feel bad for you man. You must be a really unhappy person to turn all tough and combative on a comment board on a page devoted to showing how special this one boy is. I am sure you are a very intelligent person. I just hope you utilize it for a better cause. Belittling people on a chat board is dumb.

            On a different note, I hope this child and his parents change the way we as a society help our children. More personalized attention is needed to unearth the wonderful children hidden under their labels. Jacob is an inspiration, I wish him and his family the best

          • SAM ADAMS

            Face it, It’s America is a tough place today! There will be time for being nice when things get better!

          • FaqUrug

            Seems like you could have benefited from a “program” or two, Sam – your writing is barely passable.

          • SAM ADAMS

            Nice troll line .

          • Jarrod

            FaqUrug was only using the same material you used. Trapped in cyclical redundancy I see?

          • dragon5126

            Sam;s writing is a hell of a lot better than your’s, Obamazite.

          • dragon5126

            Got your back Sam!

          • aw, team bullying … how cute

          • DeathFromTheShadows

            Are you and yourself causing trouble? You liberals really do need to get back on your lithium before it has to be bolstered with thorazine again

          • sad that you think the historical abuse of these drugs by supposed medical professionals is good fodder for jokes … or that the mental or emotional issues a person might experience to need such drugs is a laughing matter, or useful as insult

            meanwhile, i’m not remotely liberal

          • DeathFromTheShadows

            Whats sad is you don’t realize that its YOU that is the laughing matter. you’re dismissed

          • how bizarre that you believe you have the power to dismiss me from a thread … your arrogance is astounding

          • DeathFromTheShadows

            What is astounding is that you have absolutely NO understanding of what has just happened to you

          • what is really astounding is that you think something just happened to me … yet you, who so arrogantly dismissed me, are still addressing me … aaaaahahahahahahaha!

          • bdgshv

            maybe your Oreo aka Ovomit can put him into an institution and deny him any help. Isn’t that what democrats do to sheeple

          • dragon5126

            stop insulting oreos cookies are good Obama is just a shit sandwich

          • Cre8tive Clyde

            Josh: one way of doing your second paragraph is to begin, in utero, dealing with the health of the mother, most especially those in the bottom 50% of the economic spectrum. Then, coaching them through visiting nurses, psychologists, other health care professionals in both home and group situations, to create a stimulus rich environment for the new child up through 4th grade so that we really create an quasi-equal opportunity society.

          • dragon5126

            take your foot out of your mouth Josh,,, you are talking out of both sides of your ass… First you belittle Samm for speaking out and then you say you hope the child and his parents do something to change the way things are… that would be speaking out… Man, you are an idiot… where did all you toads come from? Obama bus you in???

          • SAM ADAMS

            It’s the 3750 nutjob PAID obozocore troll brigade! They couldn’t think clearly enough to be a libertarian so instead they became liberal tools!!

          • Margo O’Neil

            Josh: You a great person and it is wonderful how you steered the conversation back to the subject at hand

          • richard

            You sound like you do the dishes and everyone else bangs your gf.

          • Josh Doppelt

            Why’s that? Cuz I think talking trash on comment boards is cowardly and childish? Because I watched a video and was inspired by a kid who was chewed up and spit out by a school system that overlooked him? Hm, what did you get out of that video?

          • are you twelve?

          • T. Lorraine French

            You have missed the point of this article entirely. You are clearly fueled by an unmerited feeling of superiority. You may assume you are highly intelligent but you come off as an arrogant buffoon when you bring up politics on an article about a parent who trusted her gut and the inherent special abilities her child possessed.
            Then you turn around and falsely blame all liberals for his placement, when children are now placed in special education according to the requirements set in place by the No Child Left Behind Act implemented by George Bush.
            For future reference if you want to argue a point or debate an issue make sure you are on topic and be mindful that it is never all one sides fault. More people are likely to hear your point of view if you are more balanced both intellectually and psychologically.

          • SAM ADAMS

            Why are you arguing republican politics with me. You are obviously in the wrong discussion. I’m a libertarian and have never voted or supported any other candidates! I never voted for bush. I could see his line of bs a mile away!

          • she was pointing out, which you seem to dense to notice, that your accusation about ‘liberals’ causing the problems in schools is a misdiagnosis

          • dragon5126

            and another liberal toad vomits up bullshit

          • Mike Koeniger Sr.

            Please explain how NCLB legislation impacted the process that we put children through in the special education diagnosis programs in your state? The IDEA laws were enacted under the Carter administration and have been modified under almost every Presidential administration since. Yes NCLB called for assessment of identified children but most of the hoops that I see educators jumping through are from IDEA. Additionally I think you confuse the Republicans and Democrats as two different viewpoints. This has resulted in you replying to people using pejoratives and sarcasm. May I suggest that when you are discussing issues with minarchists that you understand we see both parties, neoconsevatives and progressives as defenders of a corrupt system.

          • ‘no child left behind’ demanded that a very narrow set of guidelines would be followed by educators, which literally strapped teachers into a curriculum with no room for thinking … only accepting the indoctrination provided through memorization and obedience . this policy makes it impossible for teachers to take time to evaluate individual students and use their own natural talents to guide their educational process

          • Mike Koeniger Sr.

            While you responded to my question, you did not answer it. The facts are these, aside from requiring benchmark testing or alternative assessments for special needs children, NCLB had no impact on the special education system. Mainstreaming and most other initiatives were initiated under IDEA laws. Even if your response were true, that limiting a teacher’s contact time with students because they are confined to a narrow curriculum outlined by politicians (something I do not disagree with) prevents teachers’ from performing a thorough diagnosis, it is not the way the system works. A classroom teacher can recommend assessment to determine qualification for special needs services, but she (or he) likely does not have the training to assess the child. The child can only be assessed with parental consent and the observations are normally conducted by a special education teacher, a counselor, and a social worker. An IEP review must be conducted and the principal (or his or her designee) conducts it and recommends initial interventions. Once those interventions are determined to not work, a second meeting is held and decisions are made concerning the child’s eligibility for special needs services. That package must then be submitted and approved by the special education coordinator of the school district. If a parent is unhappy with the progress of their child they may request an IEP at any time.

            I am not defending the system or claiming that it works, far from it. I think the factory model of education was always archaic and the problem is getting worse because many young teachers are not equipped to handle normal male child behaviors. Since boys behave very differently, they are treated like dysfunctional girls and are likely to to given a cocktail of drugs to force them to submit (9 out of 10 ADHD diagnosed children are male, males and minorities are also disproportionately labelled as special needs).

            The problem that I was attempting to address is the failure of educational professionals to properly advocate for their own profession without alienating potential allies, and also with using politically charged language that does a disservice to the profession, parents and students. When a teacher attacks “George Bush’s No Child Left Behind” law they do so without the background of the law, many have never read it and are without an understanding of how the law came to be. The law simply compelled states to establish benchmark testing in return for federal dollars. The Bush plan (and I am no fan of it or the proposer) was a three pronged approach to education reform. Once the proposal got into the hands of the professional legislators two of the three prongs were removed, leaving only the testing. The NEA, Democrats and Republicans advocated for the bill and all but a very small handful of legislators voted for it. Most who opposed it were Republicans. It was signed with great ceremony and was heralded as an example of bipartisanship. Once teachers realized what had happened to them, they started to scream and the myth of “George Bush’s bill” began. Legislators who just a few short years earlier broke their arms to pat themselves on the back started pointing fingers at the evil Republicans and their anti-education bill. The truth is they were all in bed together, but the media gave them a pass on it.

            Jacob Barnett’s false diagnosis is not uncommon. It happens to super geniuses. My own son falls in that category. I was told when he was in 3rd grade he had a functional IQ of 80. I knew that it could not be true unless he was a fantastic mimic, he had used logic since he was five. I asked for another assessment and received the same results. He could not write and he could barely read. After months of fighting with the system I scraped together $1000 (it was a lot of money to me, and we had a lot of soup and sandwiches for dinner to do it) and paid for a private assessment at the University of Miami. The assessor listened to my story and took my son in the back to diagnose him. She came out a few minutes later and said, “what did they tell you your son’s IQ is?” I responded and she said, “you probably want to double that.” My son’s problem is that he is severely dyslexic. School was always a challenge for him, but he is a very successful 25 year old home owner and entrepreneur (the legal kind). Combine that with boredom and he disengaged from educators. Why waste your time on silly adults who do not listen? Anyway, this is a long story to illustrate that this is not an NCLB problem, it is a IDEA problem. Until we know which bear to wrestle, we cannot win the fight.

          • i didn’t mention special education …

            benchmark testing is destroying schools and destroying the very notion of public education . you talk of ‘law’ and i’m talking of the implementation, which hobbles teachers, using up every minute of every period working toward the almighty test … while students never get to discuss the underlying causes of, say, all the wars of which they’re required to memorize the dates and ‘important heroes’ (read colonizers) while ignoring the truth behind those historical events

            i didn’t suggest a teacher is qualified to assess a student’s needs, though that is the first requirement of a good teacher

            ‘special needs’ is always used to put a whole lot of lots of kids … i mean that the way i said it : kids piled in bunches with bunch diagnoses … altogether in ‘special ed’ … when in fact many of those kids only need to be taught in a different way

            too bad the system is not called what it is ::: indoctrination

            doe should be doi

            if it was department of education, the first job of teacher is to assess … second job to create methods that support a child’s way of learning … third, to apply those methods … continuing in cycles of creative thinking by teacher to find ways to teach kids how to think, how to learn, how to get along, how to fight fairly … and how to survive

            instead, it’s the department of indoctrination, teaching kids to conform or be ‘diagnosed’

            i am quite clear what bears i’m wrestling … any which are funneling our kids into ‘diagnoses’ and ‘medication’ … any, like your experience, who are being left behind by programs which expect them to either be obedient clones or be diagnosed and pushed aside

            your son didn’t need special ed, his teachers needed it

          • Mike Koeniger Sr.

            I am not sure who you are arguing with or what point you are trying to make that you feel I disagree with. Personally I believe it is time we separate the school from the state. Public education has turned into a mess. I walked away from my second career as a teacher disgusted with the entire industry. It was not the kids but the grown ups that ruined it. BTW, my initial response was to a person who contended that the boy the article was about was placed in Special Education because of “George Bush’s NCLB laws.” Hence the long description about what bear and why we need to understand who it is we are angry with. NCLB was not even a new law, it was initially passed in the 1960s during the Johnson Administration. So it is an old, very bad law.

          • we agree the public school situation is a wreck, but we don’t agree as to solutions to the host of problems

            public school was developed to indoctrinate, and to break up a well established system of cottage industry : take the kids outta homes and off the farms, get parents to give up on self-employment to work in factories … to benefit the already wealthy at the expense of an underpaid work force

            thing is, it’s not a tax funded public education that is the problem, it’s allowing the system to provide better education and resources to some, while intentionally underserving whole communities

          • richard

            Another idiotic statement by an uneducated twit. Force fed libtard ignorance

          • wow … how does it feel … joining the bully brigade? feel powerful now? because you seem really ignorant by that comment

          • dragon5126

            If you think Sam is feeling superior, you must be feeling inferior, well that happens when you take the low road and go liberal

          • dragon5126

            btw look beyond bush common core came from clinton

          • richard

            Untrue Ms French, libtarded, kool aid drinking, progressive do nothing but whine, leftist redistributionist corrupters of youth and dumb down champs of the children of America. Look at the recent educational standings worldwide. Total disgrace. All brought to us by left leaning losers pushing a socialist agenda. KEEP SPEWING IGNORANCE TO BUILD THE DUMBOCRAP PARTY OF LEECHES AND LOSERS> PLANTATION DWELLERS!

          • knarf714

            It was not “implemented” by George Bush. The legislation was written by George Miller and Ted Kennedy, both left wing extremists. It was very poorly “implemented” by the public education industry.

          • Influence Freedom

            “No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is the current incarnation of President Lyndon Johnson’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA)” This is according to NEA itself. I think we need to remind the liberals of this.

          • weenus

            There you go. Attack and insult everybody, that’s how you communicate. That lazy attitude is basically how the kid in this story ended up buried in special ed in the first place.

            It takes more effort for you to articulate yourself respectfully. I get it. It’s easier to spout your rhetoric while being rude and condescending. Whatever pumps you up for your e-warrioring against the liberal agenda, keep fighting the good fight!

          • SAM ADAMS

            Politics is not a vocation of the weak! Go somewhere else if you don’t have the stones for it!

          • dragon5126

            can it dogbreath, you are attacking Sam, and yet you are accusing him of doing it

          • dragon5126

            says the liberal mouth

          • Margo O’Neil

            Sam: If you were as intelligent as your think you are then you would not find the need to put it out there as forcibly as you did. Besides all the grammar errors you made. English is capitalized.

          • SAM ADAMS

            This is a comment section and not Shakespeare! Maybe if you got your head out of your a55 you might realize that. There certainly seem to be allot of liberal trolls in the libertarian republic lately! Why don’t you scoot back to MSM sites where you belong!

          • Margo O’Neil

            Sorry, I do not speak troll, Sam. Nor can I translate whatever insults I think you are trying to use. I will be leaving this conversation now because I refuse to feed trolls. Further replies will be ignored and will simply further prove who exactly the troll is in this comment section.

          • SAM ADAMS

            At least look up libertarian and find out what it means to be one before you darken OUR corner of the net! Now run away little troll! You earned your kibbles from obozo today!

          • you don’t own this space . see … this little box i’m tapping in belongs to me for this moment … and i’ve come to say this ::: you proved margo right by continuing with abusive posts even after she informed you she was not interested in your bullshit

          • dragon5126

            there’s the problem you are trying to think. Liberals don’t KNOW HOW to think!

          • dragon5126

            hey Whore we already established that assaults based on someone’s grammar is due to the lack of a valid stance. what’s your going rate? 25 cents? Yes I an getting low and nasty, hopefully low enough for you to follow

          • you’re a bully

          • OhOhSayCanYouSee

            @SAM (self described genius) If you’re unable to comprehend a Basic statement, then perhaps you’re not a intelligent as you believe. Please… don’t allow your arrogance to muddy your various perspectives.

          • dragon5126

            and another idiot speaks without knowledge

          • FaqUrug

            SAM = dragon… it’s quite clear. Either that or they’re sucking eachother off. Protip: you guys aren’t nearly as smart, enlightened, or even close to being as correct about things as you think you are. You’re just another a-hole on the internet with too much time on his hands.

          • dragon5126

            How typical of a ranting liberal, turn it vulgar when you cant counter it with facts.

          • Josh Doppelt

            Come on Dragon, vulgar has comprised every one of your comments. Bring up facts in your comments and you won’t come off as such a hypocrite

          • dragon5126

            Sorry Josh but vulgarity is only returned it isn’t initiated, and in your ignorance you don’t know the difference between profanity and vulgarity… educate yourself while you are munching on your foot

          • Josh Doppelt


            adjective ˈvəl-gər

            : not having or showing good manners, good taste, or politeness

          • Josh Doppelt

            or a : lacking in cultivation, perception, or taste : coarseb : morally crude, undeveloped, or unregenerate : grossc : ostentatious or excessive in expenditure or display : pretentious

            Pick you definition.

          • dragon5126

            you don’t get to cherry pick definitions asswipe


            /ˈvʌlgər/ Show Spelled [vuhl-ger] Show IPA



            characterized by ignorance of or lack of good breeding or taste: vulgar ostentation.


            indecent; obscene; lewd: a vulgar work; a vulgar gesture.


            crude; coarse; unrefined: a vulgar peasant.


            of, pertaining to, or constituting the ordinary people in a society: the vulgar masses.


            current; popular; common: a vulgar success; vulgar beliefs.

          • Josh Doppelt

            I don’t get to cherry pick definitions? Let me tell you something Dragon, this might come as a shock to you but words have multiple definitions. I “cherry picked” the definition I REFERRED TO when I said your writing was vulgar! I was not giving you a lesson of every possible definition of the word. I’m done with this stupid petty argument, and I am done with this site.
            Awesome video, for a truly incredible kid.

          • Cody

            I stumbled upon this story making rounds through facebook while enjoying my break at work. After reading these posts I can see what is wrong with America. It’s you people. The people who are so concerned with trashing everything that they don’t agree with. What happened to equality? Why can’t we ALL just be happy this kid is out now and ready to accomplish things we couldn’t even imagine. Get off your high horses and do something about it. I hear every day how people complain about their government, but none of these people would do even the slightest thing to try and change it. They will however sit here in chat rooms spending hours arguing with people they will never meet, nor talk to again. If I tweeted it would say #AmericansAreIdiots

          • joey scharbrough

            And as an American I would agree 100% .. Sadly..

          • dragon5126

            Liberals are never happy when someone has a chance of showing them up

          • ‘liberal toad’ . ‘dogbreath’ . ‘whore’ . ‘asswipe’ …. these are not signs of a useful mind within

          • SAM ADAMS

            You need to go back to sucking off obozo! The liberal mindset just oozes from your keyboard! Why not try the Jim Jones kool-ade! the obozo stuff is obviously not having the desired effect…you are still alive!!!

          • dragon5126

            You getting jealous that nobody has your back? could it be that you are just a lowlife piece of shit?

          • FaqUrug

            Took 13 days to rattle off that retort? ha! Your mother was a lowlife piece of shit… and you? you were a load she should have swallowed during the circle jerk that produced you.

          • dragon5126

            my life doesn’t revolve around this site. I live in the real world unlike you and your pathetic and vulgar existence

          • SAM ADAMS

            Swearing! The last line of defence for an utter imbecile! You are so unintelligent that you can’t even refrain from profanity to get your point across! No wonder we can’t win an election! This is why our best chance is to take over the GOP! Dopes like you have torpedoed the cause since the beginning! How does it feel to be the low life which has forever killed the libertarian party’s chances!?! You need to go back to the dumbocrat party where you belong!

          • you haven’t posted one comment here that didn’t include insults . how on earth do you see yourself as superior to anyone?

          • ‘has your back’ … your gang affiliation … constant berating of others, bullying … this is what you call discourse?

          • DeathFromTheShadows

            Snail you and your lover FaqUrug seem to be on a time lag. Pehaps net time you will take the 4 months plus to study the commentary and find out what is going on, before it becomes necessary for someone to salt you. As for the so called constant berating of others, that would be rather hard to do when I’m not Constantly here, now wouldn’t it. Not go take your Aricept…

        • Lura

          Listen, I’m not GOP wingnut and I teach gifted. I work with these kids and I would never do that a kid. This has nothing to do with liberals versus RWNJs. This is about labeling kids and not helping them with their needs.

          • SAM ADAMS

            And common core is not about labeling kids!?! Give me a break!

          • Ivan Harr

            I totally agree the schools are run by libtards I pulled my child out over two years ago went from straight Fs to Honor student in 3 months time so suck it up! Public schools suck unless your a minority then you can do what ever you chose…….. true fact………..

          • Tony

            Ivan; I celebrate your child’s success, however … here’s a grammatical hint, if your argument is to be accepted as “Valid” … [Understand the proper usage of the word “you’re” vs “Your”. The best way to do that is to sound it out. There is a replacement test that will tell you for certain which word will fit. Read the sentence with “you are” in place of where the “your/you’re” is intended. If it makes sense, then “you’re” would be right. If not, then “your” would fit. You could also replace “your” with “my” in the sentence. If it fits, then use “your.” – The 1st is a Gerund Phrase, the 2nd is a Posessive Adverb …'re-and-Your

          • Michael

            Tony, YOU would put Ivan in a special needs class now wouldn’t you? you condescending, typical liberal. In My opinion, he is much smarter than you’re.

          • Margo O’Neil

            Tony:: This is why I do not use contractions

          • Tannim

            You should also use the edit button. A scope resolution operator is not a colon.

          • Cody

            Don’t forget YOUR ending bracket Tony…

          • Sparten1

            Read the message dude! Not the words. Besides, he said it was his kid that was smart, not him.

          • richard

            Idiot if you are to stupid to understand what he was saying than you probably are a libtard. If on the other hand you knew what he was saying but were afraid to admit he is correct than you probably are a libtard. If you called him out on a grammatical error to cause him shame or embarassment you are definitely a libtard and an azzhole. So now you worthless oblamebush stooge go sign up for oblameyamamahadalibtard care and hush.

          • DarciaM

            If you use the term “libtard” you don’t deserve to be calling OTHER people stupid…honestly, what sort of immature person results to namecalling right off the bat? I’ll tell you the sort…the sort that is so insecure in their beliefs, who doubt them every second of every day, that the only way they can feel safe in them is insulting people who think differently. I don’t care if you’re a Republican. But don’t be the type of Republican who doesn’t actually believe in the principles of the party so has to resort to name calling to make yourself feel better.

          • richard

            Darcia you are a racist, a bigot and a fool with a loser left agenda. Now go spew lies and falsehoods elsewhere. Being a stooge for the democratic party does not make you intelligent child. People that vote dumbocratic are normally uneducated ghetto dwellers or part of the ruling elite.

          • Thomas TC Allen Compton IV

            That last sentence describes nearly every Republican I’ve ever encountered.

          • Johnco

            I am always called mean spirited names by liberals so does that insecurity hold for them too?

          • Danny Evans

            How can you throw out criticism and call someone and idiot while starting with a basic spelling error. “Idiot if you are to stupid……” Try, “Idiot if you are TOO stupid to …..” You really need to get an education before trying to speak from a level of false superiority!

          • richard

            @lilshortbusdanny Being a libtarded stooge for the uneducated masses makes you feel superior doesn’t it child? Just another idiot spewing the progressive socialist agenda. Keep the fools ignorant uneducated and on the plantation. Great way to advance freedom boy.

          • Thomas TC Allen Compton IV

            So we should allow the elitist republicans dictate how we live, and allow middle and low class citizens to just rot away regardless of their character and contributions?

          • Dolphieness

            ///===> Danny Evans –> richard , How can you throw out criticism and call someone and idiot while starting with a basic spelling error. “Idiot if you are to stupid……” Try, “Idiot if you are TOO stupid to …..” You really need to get an education before trying to speak from a level of false superiority!\
            To Danny Evans: Pot, Kettle, Black … ‘call someone AN idiot’ [an vs and] is just the beginning of the structure and content problems within your attempt at condescension/patronization of Richard’s post.

          • hirider

            Richard is not trying to speak from a level of false superiority. He’s speaking about YOUR ego’s level of false superiority!

          • You’ve never heard of what a comma is, have you?

          • Jeffrey Montgomery

            Don’t fall for this liberal tactic, people…
            He can’t win an argument, so he pulled out something to nitpick, and distracted you all from the message.

            We can NOT allow these tactics to win!
            I ignore grammatical errors on boards, such as this, for that reason. Very few people here run their post through spell or grammar checks before pushing that button. I ask that you keep that in mind, and ignore the little flubs that people make here and there. Don’t allow the libs to distract from the message, and refocus your attention on something trivial!

            To return to topic… I wonder – what would have this child done had he not had idiots for teachers and counsellors and doctors who don’t recognize intelligence, and would medicate a child because he did something “abnormal” when compared to the group. What if, from kindergarten, he’d been in programs instead that would enhance learning and allow him to study freely, with maybe some assistance in areas that he needed help in… such as tying his shoes.

            College grad at 10? We’ll never know.

          • DarciaM

            What a bunch of baloney. We all know if it were up to Republicans, there would be no classes for any children, special needs or gifted, unless they were extraordinarily fortunate. I know how you run – this child wouldn’t succeed any better under privatized education, and even if he did, at the cost of how many other children?

            That said, this is good and it’s wonderful they are able to help him, but it’s not a typical case. Splinter skills in children with ASD are rare, and not always as impressive or useful, and there are certain districts that ARE nurturing and can help. I would look into what the class was like. Individual special ed classrooms are just as capable of having bad teachers as any other classroom – shouldn’t be generalized.

          • Richard Fontaine

            Ah, the “liberals always know best concept” and they are open to other opinions too, as long as it agrees with their opinion. Well we are all to blame for letting these people have our children to brainwash with their socialist claptrap and use our tax dollars to do it.

          • dragon5126

            shut the hell up first you attack the group that stands up to PROTECT the boy’s rights and then you tear his rights away, typical trash product of liberal ignorance. you are dismissed

          • Manahan Don

            This statement is stupid, Darcia. The Democrats are part of the NEA, which has destroyed once stellar American public education since their takeover in the sixties. Republican Utah spends about a fourth of what DC does per student and still gets the highest scores in the Union on standardized tests. Republicans provide kids with choice, and that benefits minority kids, especially, as anyone in Denver proper will tell you. Public schools ruin kids from minority backgrounds. Their only hope is the charter schools. And charter schools are supported by Republicans and opposed by Democrats.

          • NormB

            Well documented history in the book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.” This has been intentional and part of the long march of the Fabian socialists (aka “progressives”). It is not the republican view that oppresses children, but the entitled and arrogant progressives in both parties which led to President Obeyme cutting charter school funding in the district but send HIS children to the most elite school in DC paid for by pubic (i.e. – tax) funds. Facts are difficult things.

          • knarf714

            What nonsense. It has been the democrats, using the NEA as cover, who have run our schools into the ground The left has been in control of education for over 50 years and in spite of pouring money into it, it has gone steadily downhill. Nurturing in public education mean left wing indoctrination.

          • Thomas TC Allen Compton IV

            Ever think the problem isn’t political and instead societal? America as a whole is getting astoundingly more idiotic at an exponential rate. This is in no way a political issue. The problem is we have, poor curriculums, lazy teachers, and ignorant parents. None of these things benefit children.

          • knarf714

            It is political. the democrats have had control of the education system or over 50 years. They recognize that, in order to keep people voting as democrats they have to be ignorant as ignorant people are more susceptible to propaganda. Poor curriculums and lazy teachers are a direct result of the NEA protecting lazy teachers and dumbing down the requirements to become a teacher.

          • Thomas TC Allen Compton IV

            You act like Republicans wouldn’t do the same. Any party within a place of power wants to stay in power, so they manipulate the masses in any fashion they can to achieve that goal. Even then this is HUMAN NATURE not politics. I remember taking U.S. Government studies in high school and it was appalling that I knew more about both parties, as a neutral, than my teacher did. This means that both parties are irresponsible in providing their stances and agendas to the public at large. Also if the Republicans were in power there would be far more discrimination, because Republicans only favor the upper class and elite meaning average and below average children will not get the proper attention they need, religion will get put back in schools, and it education in general will become a service industry rather than an institution of learning.

          • peggytosha

            shouldn’t generalize… but if left up to Rs, there would be no classes??? What an idiot you are!!

          • sellonebay2008

            Typical liberal hypocrite!

          • Jan Nyn

            There are countless stories out there with gifted children being miserable in special ed as well as regular program. Usually it was the parents who recognized the problem and pulled their kids out. Public schools always stuck with one size fits all rules so they hardly ever served the children well.

          • Peter Hornbeck

            darcia what is your doctrate in ? early child hood education spedial ed or dehavorial studies

          • Randy Everist

            He may not have succeeded any better, but he probably would have done it faster. Even if not, you missed the point. If the liberals had their way, he may very well have not succeeded *at all.*

          • Thomas TC Allen Compton IV

            It wasn’t “liberals” it was people ignorant to his condition that placed him there.

          • Susan Brusco

            DarciaM libertard, the Democrats are no better than the Republicans. You have a evil, lying, anti constitution, president in the White house along with a Chicago gangster in Eric Holder what do you have to be proud of????

          • What? Bush got elected again?

          • sellonebay2008

            Bankers went to jail under Bush, not with Holder, can’t lock up his buddies.

          • Bush didn’t do shit to them. They elected him.

          • Michael A Zawadzki


          • Thomas TC Allen Compton IV

            How is Obama anti-constitution???

          • dlh8

            My husband teaches ELL certification classes to teachers. It has been very eye opening to us. Most couldn’t identify a gifted student from a special ed student. Most we’ve encountered have never had to take a class about issues such as ADHD/Aspergers/Learning disabilities etc. Last week he requested that she transfer a student from her ELL class to a regular class because his English reading abilities were far above average. He had a stutter not a language problem. He needed speech therapy not ELL. She said I never thought of that. REALLY SCARY for me as a parent.

          • Jeffrey Montgomery

            Where do you get your information?

            Conservatives WANT people well learned – they’re the ones who go on to invent, create business, move up the ladder, etc.

            There’s enough people who can sweep the floors… we don’t need more of them… We need more people to buy property so those floor sweepers have a place to work!

          • Tannim

            “Very few people here run their post through spell or grammar checks before pushing that button.”

            Proper proofreading, not to mention proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation is the sign of an organized, logical, disciplined, and intelligent mind. The opposite is a sign of stupidity. The impression matters.

            Besides, there is an “edit” key here, too.

          • Peter Hornbeck

            there is also a delete button here too and you win the prize

          • Tannim

            Go back to remedial elementary school and learn proper English, then get back to us. It should only take you a year or two…

          • Tannim

            So why don’t you use it?

          • Randy Everist

            This is a terrible argument. It’s true that, all things being equal, grammar can be a sign of intelligence (or its lack). But the only way to know if all things are equal is to evaluate the argument: the grammar then becomes superfluous.

          • Tannim

            Wrong. Lack of proper grammar, punctuation, and English detract and distract from the argument. If people cannot form a sentence properly, then how can they form an argument properly?

          • Terry McCormack

            There is a BIG difference between “Book Smart” and “Street Smart”. Those that are book smart cannot think for themselves. They constantly refer to what they have “learned”. Those that THINK, create and invent. You cannot do that if your stuck in your book. In my opinion, Liberals DO NOT want people that THINK, they want robots that can spread their agenda without the possibility of thinking for themselves.

          • Tannim

            Yes, there is a big difference between the two, but they are not mutually exclusive, either. But that’s irrelevant here. One does not need to (nor should they want to) express themselves like an elementary school dropout, and the smart ones, either way, know that proper expression, especially in this communication era, is essential. That’s the fundamental problem going on here and all over the web.

            However, people who CAN think, create, and invent do in fact spend plenty of time in books, both reading and writing them. How much time one spends reading is not indicative of one’s critical thinking skills or creativity in the slightest. I think you are confusing studying and reading with indoctrination.

          • Susan Brusco

            Tannim you and Tony make a good pair, OF JERKS

          • Tannim

            That comment coming from the grammar-challenged, I can only say: “Get educated in your lifetime.”

          • hirider

            There’s also a thing called “Old Age” where you don’t give a f**k what the libs, Tony, or anyone else, think about your punctuation. If I have a statement to make, I’ll make it, and to heck with you if you don’t like my absence of a comma or bracket. If you’re so perfect, why are you posting here? You’re probably more suited for a site for professional English teachers. Go away and place your head on a railroad track.

          • Tannim

            There’s also a thing called proper English that your generation was supposed to learn and practice, not to mention politeness and tact–your generation certainly pushed down mine’s throats. Apparently that lesson has been lost on you in your old age/dementia/senility/hypocrisy. I feel sorry for you.

          • Jason Melchiore

            Lol pointing out a grammatical error in hopes of silencing the opposition.

            Any one who does this has proved their intelligence to the world and needs to further validation.

          • johnfromjersey

            I have a feeling that nothing is going to stop this young man from figuring out answers to the questions we ALL ask from time to time… “why are we here”. If he indeed disproves the “big bang theory”, then what are all the atheists going to do?
            Slit their wrists?
            Listen to what he is saying, ( thimk! )-(remember these signs )?
            We the people must stop feeling and start to think.
            Our grandchildren will thank us.
            Think… before you enter the ballot box.
            Think… before you send money.
            We study and learn, or I should say we’re told, who to vote for, and why.
            If we put as much effort into thinking about who we’re electing, and why, this government, or any government wouldn’t be getting away with what they’re doing to we the people.
            Let’s use this great kid’s method of learning, to stop learning, and start to think.
            If we don’t, the next President might be 20 times worse than the present one.

          • hirider

            Can’t hardly believe another candidate would be that much worse than this one. God help us if it ever happens.

          • Influence Freedom

            Hillary could be worse

          • Thomas TC Allen Compton IV

            If he disproves the Big Bang Theory that doesn’t automatically mean a deity exists. Disproof of one theory does not validate or provide evidence to any opposing ideal. So atheists will be just fine.

          • Lana

            Our family is bi-lingual , but my son went to American day care at age 2 , and started to talk there. Then he went to public school for pre-K program . When I transferred him to another public school for K class , the teacher told me that they will placed him to the ESL class , b/c my son don’t understand English – I was in shock -he always refused to speak with me in Russian at home – so how come? When I asked my son -why he didn’t answer the questions- he told me -I didn’t like the teacher and didn’t want to talk to her. It is not a problem with the kids – it is the problem with the teacher who can’t find a right connection with child. When our present teacher at 2nd grade telling me that she is very tired -b/c she is dealing with 27 kids and has “only” 2 helpers (special ed for 2 kids)- I don’t know what to tell her . Their home work 1 page of math + 2 activities with 12 snap words every day , once a week social study hw, ,and 1 story writing over weekend – as for me it is nothing. At my country , I went to the school at age 7 without knowing how to read , there was 40 kids in class (most of them like me) -and only 1 teacher -who thought us -math, reading, writing , music, art , physical education – and the teacher was never even dreaming about helper. We used pencil only at art class . Here when I ask son to use a pen to write a story- so he will have to think twice before to write anything , the teacher send me message that ” the kids are not allowed to use a pen”. I agree there is a lot of problem with the system but there also has to be the teacher willingness to communicate with kids , to find a right way -that the kids will like her and not resist to study .

          • Chrome

            According to your logic, the US should have declared war on the EU decades ago… Why haven’t they? I mean, come on, at least declare war on the Dutch with their gay loving, liberal attitude to drugs!

            Seriously. The last time i’ve seen this kind of rhetoric was when watching a WW2 documentary during one of Goebbels’ speeches.

          • Richard Fontaine

            You are a pedant. Did I get it “grammatically correct” ?

          • dragon5126

            and the grammar Nazi discounts everything based on how it is stated… a liberal stunt at it’s finest

          • Sarah Reed

            Periods go inside the quotations and the end of your bracket is missing… if YOU’RE trying to be the grammar police.

          • Patrick Fallon

            Tony are trying to make us think your as smart as this kid , you will never be close

          • Beverly Ann Gero

            Typical liberal response, have no answer to the argument so discredit the person instead.

          • peggytosha

            I too love proper grammar… but TONY!! This is a website… u’r lucky we even spell out words… give Ivan a break!!

          • Jan Williams

            Also Tony, you spelled possessive incorrectly.

          • Randy Everist

            Here’s a philosophical hint, Tony: an argument’s validity does not necessarily depend on its grammar. Validity refers to its logical form. Now you might think that soundness is affected by grammar, but again, this is not necessarily so. In any case, it doesn’t affect Ivan’s argument. Essentially, you’re attempting to appear intelligent, when the entire premise of your “rebuke” was so poorly thought out.

          • Susan Brusco

            OK Tony you’ve nit picked, are you happy?

          • 2013-MinuteMen

            LMAO! Does it really matter how one communicates if the message they deliver is successfully delivered? You could produce a perfectly crafted document and if others do not understand your message, then you have failed!

          • Tannim

            “Does it really matter how one communicates if the message they deliver is successfully delivered?”

            Yes, it does, because there are two parts to effective and intelligent communication: context and syntax. Both context and syntax are necessary to be correct to effectively communicate, and failing either fails the whole.

            Unfortunately, the decline in “modern” education has been such that those emphases have been lost, with the result being that people wind up writing/posting like idiots. That reflects a lack of mental discipline that presents itself first in the syntax, and then in the context, which undermines the person making the argument before the argument is even processed.

            Hence, people like me dismiss those arguments (and the people making them).

          • Neldene Matusevich

            Not every intelligent person does well in grammar, Tony. My downfall is math. So I recommend that you be a little more understanding. I’d like to hear your opinion of the education system in this country and its failure to address Jacob’s needs rather than giving a lesson in proper grammar.

          • dragon5126

            it isn’t “public schools” its the parents who do not fight the liberal crap that politicians pull and try to get away with, empower the parents, and stop the lazy asses from using schools as daycare centers and it wont matter, public or private

          • peggytosha

            Have you tried ‘fighting’ it? Start when your eldest is in the time your youngest is in college you probably won’t have made much progress… THEY are so deeply entrenched and so powerful that it’s not a battle the average parent can fight… I say skip some of those luxuries and put your kids in private schools!!

          • Needfreshair

            You are so right peggytosha!

          • hAAngarpilot

            Better yet, educate your children at home.

          • Saxen Cain

            I love how people want to educate their kids at home wonderful idea(sarcasm, yes it is), if, #1 the parents have the knowledge to do so (stupid parent, stupid child. Seen this first hand with some people’s children sent my child to public school she is now a publish writer secrete is to stay involve in your child’s life and encourage them ) #2 The parents give there child time and opportunity too interact with other children some how that is on a real world basis ( too many of these home schooled children are unable to cope with the real world because they have been sheltered by their parents and are socially stunted ). #3, The best thing to do, as mentioned in this posting, in various places is to be involve in your kids lives and take interest in what they are learning. No mater where they gain an education and please do not assume you are capable of teaching them properly, research what tools you will need to make their lives better, not just what you think is proper for you. If your school system is not working there are steps you can take that will bring change, like being involve in your municipal elections of those who are directly in charge of your local school systems.

          • Heather

            Thank you for not homeschooling your child, as not everyone is qualified. (Maybe you simply didn’t proofread your comment?) In some cases, however, homeschooling IS the best choice. My youngest son deals with both ADHD and Aspergers. In his case the school counselors and teachers agreed homeschooling would be a much better environment for him and he has flourished. His older sister deals with ADD and Post Concussive Syndrome. She has also flourished while homeschooling. We figured out socialization before we began, and they are both frequently complimented on their behavior even by those who don’t know they are homeschooled. I miss the days when teachers were allowed and encouraged to spend the day teaching children to think instead of teaching them how to behave in class. Major kudos to the teachers who love teaching and trying to reach children within the current system! 🙂

          • Saxen Cain

            No, I did know what I said I also know I am not qualified to home school nor did I have the time as I spent the majority of my time out of town in mining camps for extended lengths of time working to provide for my family (this was of course my choice it was the best I could do for my family). I can see you have taken the correct steps to home schooling your children by learning what needs to be done and implementing a well rounded education for your children. My comment was to inform that there are those that should not take on home schooling. Yes it was a great thing when teachers had the time to actually teach but even back then not all of them did so. As far as my comment and the proof reading goes Thank You for pointing out exactly the point I was trying to make and placing my education in to the microscope. I would like to mention that in my post I never single anyone out like that, I made a broad comment that some people should not be home schooling their children. My comment to you is that your children’s social skills that you have been complemented on must have come from some one else. I may not be educated to your high standards but clearly you have understood what I was trying to say.

          • Heather

            I wasn’t singling you out. I actually appreciate the choice made. The proofreading reference was mainly being unsure if Autocorrect had changed your daughter’s job title. ” she is now a publish writer secrete” (Even the best educated can be tired and not catch changes before posting.) You made a thought out choice that was the best for your child. I’ve seen many who think it’s the easy way out, and aren’t concerned with what’s best for their child. Either path (homeschool vs public) requires dedication on the part of the parent if they want their child to succeed. I’m truly thankful you made a choice that was obviously the best for your child.

          • Saxen Cain

            I am so sorry yes it is a obvious mistake it should have read she is a published writer and it is a secret. yes I have been some what stress (not an excuse for over reacting).
            Regarding the book she has had published it comes out very soon in hard cover and e-book form.
            Yes it was a “we” (wife and myself ‘s) decision to place her in the public school system.
            My wife, at the time ( yes things change so do people and we are no longer together) kept close watch and were actively involves ( my wife more so, as she stayed at home to take care of house hold and financial drudgery of everyday life) I, when able attended what school functions I could when not working out of town.
            We also read frequently to her at a young age and provided more books than electronic stimulus.
            She loved books so much we use to joke that when she misbehaved her punishment was not to send her to her room but to make her go out and play with her school friends.
            I wish to say again how very sorry I am for over reacting I really should have re read what was typed.

          • Oline Wright

            By reading to her and encouraging her to read you actually added to your Daughter’s education.

          • Paul Smathers

            The key to your post is “made a choice.” To often that is what liberal, and even some conservative, politicians are trying to keep us from making.

          • Earthy Mom

            I will call BS on 90% of what you just said and on about 30% of your spelling and grammar. There are many wonderful educational tools and programs for those who wish to home school their children, and where I come from the students still have to take state tests to prove that they are learning the materials and are at the appropriate levels.
            As for interacting socially, most states have homeschooling groups that get together from time to time and take field trips, get together s etc. Also most children who are home schooled have more opportunities to be out in public events than public schooled children do.
            As far as public schools go the problem is that once the child enters the school, the school and the state deems that the children are now “theirs”, and as a parent I have no rights to interfere with their teaching or to protect my child who is supposed to give up her constitutional rights.
            My eldest is currently in public school and we fight the fight DAILY!!

          • Saxen Cain

            You can call it what ever you wish it is your opinion and everyone has on just like every one has a butt hole and just as much crap flows from both. Even I have an opinion and it means everything to me but nothing to you. Just like yours means nothing to me. I will respond to you comment though, yes my grammar and spelling are oh like me blue collar, I believe you understood what I was trying to say though so this is no issue but brings up the reason I left teaching to someone that has the knowledge to do so. To you next point as I already said if you have issues with how your school system is or is not working perhaps being active in municipal elections is the key. If one official is not doing the job or not listening to parents concerns vote him out. If crime (bullying ect.) is part of your school system again talk to those that enforce the law and or policy in your school. I commend you on your daily fight but don’t think you are alone in this talk to the other parents in your school district a group holds more weight in making changes. I am truly sorry if I caused anyone to think I do not believe in home schooling this is not the case, what I said was not everybody should home school because they are not qualified to do the job simple as that. As far as any government trying to take any rights away this is again a voting thing and the only comment I can make to that is to become more inform on each parties standings and final agenda then make an informed decision that works for you ands yours.

          • Paul Smathers

            You obviously have no idea what you are taking about. Nearly everything in your post is propaganda and not reality. My daughter was failing when we removed her from the traditional public school and we started using a E-school. She is now exceling. I have escorted groups of E-school students on outings and have found them some of the most socially active children I have ever met. Our experience is there exist two kinds of socialization, positive and negative. It is the negative socialization that exists in most traditional schools.

          • Saxen Cain

            You have not read it at all or you have not understood it at all. No where is this propaganda for anything other than the right to do your civil duty. As far as your daughter failing maybe you should have asked why or maybe you did your post does not say. Maybe you tried all the angles and nothing worked again you have not said anything regarding working with the school system or the officials that govern them. All I see is you quit trying one thing to do something that was easier and gave he results you wanted to see. I am glad you took the time from you busy life to escort these groups of children but what did you teach them? It is great the children you have met are well socialized. I agree to your statement about positive and negative forms of socialization but you seem to think not knowing how to deal with negative social interaction is a good thing. It is not a good thing. In the real life they will have to deal with negative along with the positives so hiding them from this will only cause problems later in their lives. Now if you had have read what I said you would have realized this was an opinion and considering this is from “MY” experience with people who home school “You” must realize it is “MY” opinion which means as much to you as “Your” opinion means to me. So take it as that and move on. Oh and this would be “Your” lesson in Negative Social Interaction now learn to deal with it. This will be my last post on the dead subject as I have made my comment and it has been beaten to death anything further would be the work o a Trol just trying to cause an argument which I will not buy into I have said my peace . The choice is yours to make but make an informed one and make sure you are qualified to do what is best for the child not what makes you look good.

          • sellonebay2008

            And every last one of them stick together like s#@t on the sole of my shoe.

          • ozlanthos

            Why send them anywhere? You clearly have internet access, so why not use it to facilitate the education of your children? There are course curriculum. and study materials available for EVERY SUBJECT UNDER THE SUN here on the web, and it’s often available for FREE. As such, why should you feel forced to send your children anywhere further away than a digital device can pick up your wifi router’s signal?


          • Christine Lyon

            Some of us don’t have the patience or knowledge of various teaching methods necessary to reach our children. I tried homeschooling, but I did not have the necessary methods to make him understand. I could not understand why he couldn’t understand what sound an “A” made or how to explain multiplication so my son could learn it effectively. The methods that I understood and used didn’t work for him and I could not comprehend some of the methods that ended up working for him. It took special educators that could understand the different ways of teaching the basics. Not all parents can understand or learn these basics off the Internet in order to teach their children at home.

          • Chad Work

            I put my kids in a private school, one of the best decisions I ever made. Public education is a joke – and the public school my kids would be going to is actually quite decent all things considered.

          • MidwestKris

            It’s the parents who won’t fight for gifted/talented education, for programs that fit individual needs, who put standardized test scores above all other learning metrics, and who think “no child left behind” means that all kids should learn the same way at the same rate…in other words, the neocons…

          • Influence Freedom

            I disagree have you seen how full town hall meetings have been around America discussing Common Core. I think it is a cop out to claim parents don’t care. Many do care, but are feeling helpless, as they too have been conditioned.

          • MidwestKris

            I am over 60,… My spouse is a PhD, in spite of the schools; spouse’s parents were told when spouse was in 3rd grade that they should not expect spouse to graduate from high school. (this, mind you, was in the 50s) because spouse didn’t seem capable of learning basic things. (Spouse still can’t tell you the months of the year in order…). We raised two children to be young adults, who are educated, employed, and gifted. one is a PhD in physics, the other is an engineer. Neither one fit well into school – for different reasons. We fought for courses, for programs, for opportunities for the kids. Yes, it is the parent’s responsibility to find alternatives, and I’ve lived it – been there, done that, and absolutely understand. “Poor parents” who have been “conditioned” and are “feeling helpless” is absolutely a cop out. No one said being a parent was easy. Further, any educational system MUST go beyond rote memorization of facts aimed at current standardized tests, and it MUST incorporate critical thinking and analysis skills. I don’t care how they get those skills – common core, or another approach all togehter – but we absolutely need to overhaul the current system. Kids get to college lacking the ability critically evaluate what they read, have poor ability to understand probability, inference, and statistics, do not understand how math – from algebrea on up – is critical to problem solving.

          • Influence Freedom

            I am not saying parents should not take the bull by the horns. However, I do recognize what has happened to many of them. My child is grown, she graduated a year early and served her country and has a job she likes. I know what a parents duty is. I still know what I seen happening in the mass media and schools and publications conditioning us. I know the parents we hung around felt it too as we would talk about it. Not all people are you and not all people are me. It does not hurt to recognize what happened to some, be understanding and as helpful as possible. What I said was a cop out was to say parents do not care. We see parents do care, we see them filling town hall meetings, we see the Charter Schools, homeschooling etc., and this proves there are many caring parents. General sweeping statements that parents do not care, is a cop out to me as it does not recognize all these parents who obviously care. However, you seem to blame neocons for it all I guess, so maybe generalized sweeping statements is just part of your lexicon. Anyways, I am glad things worked out well for your family and children. I would like to hear what programs you fought for.

          • knarf714

            “No child left behind” had nothng to do with “neocons” it was written by Ted Kennedy and George Miller and waas simply a modifcation and extension of a statute originally signed by Lyndon Johnson. It was poorly implemented by the education industry who have little interest in learning. dumb people become democrats.

          • WillowFish

            I find it funny that you call it “liberal crap” when the one-size-fits-all bullshit that has been such a disservice to public schools was implimented by President Bush. It’s been a while since I’ve looked him up but I could swear that he wasn’t a liberal.

          • beachmike

            Teacher’s unions dominate public schools in the US and are run by

          • Neil Fix

            Like George Bush?

          • Steve Payne

            This page is called, “The Libertarian Republic,” so we’re supposed to be beyond that same old dichotomy.

          • Lucian

            Well if you think he was a conservative, then you’re a f*$&ing idiot. Just because the liberals today are so far to the left that Kennedy would be a raging conservative Tea Party-er, that doesnt make Bush not a liberal. And I find it funny that you IDIOTS and your views have been so completely discredited that it’s literally all you have left to squawk “Buuuush” now. I need look no further than ol beachmike right below me and quote “Teacher’s unions dominate public schools in the US and are run by
            LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE/SOCIALIST/COMMUNISTs”. Only I would add “for the last 60 years”. I hate to break it to you but Ol Bushie hasnt been in office for a looong time now. And he wasnt for the 48 years before that. But whatever. It’s all Bush’s fault and you are a genius.

          • Jose Bonet

            you sound like a nutjob teabagger….you gave it away when you mentioned the advance in Education as a bad thing…progress is good…you are against it…Kids learn and know more now than ever before…….in Science, MAth, and social studies….there is a lot of diversity in classrooms too….teachers have to deal with…including different ethnic and social/religious backgrounds….I think for the most part teachers do a good job..with a odd bad teacher once in a while creeping in…… nutjobs are against EDUCATION….that is the bottom line…..

          • Steffanie

            The No Child Left Behind Act was written by a group of individuals, including educators and government officials. Although it was enacted during the early years of the George W. Bush administration, much of it was written under Bill Clinton. This legislation, which stresses accountability, was a reaction to what many saw as school failure during the 1980s (under Ronald Reagan and George H.W.

            Bush), when thousands of illiterate students graduated from high schools without anyone noticing that the students could not read or perform basic math.

            One of this generation’s most sweeping education reform laws may not have been passed without Sen. Kennedy’s strong support. Kennedy worked closely with President George W. Bush to advance the No Child Left Behind Act, one of Bush’s earliest accomplishments and, critics say, his last meaningful attempt at bipartisanship.

          • knarf714

            NCLB was written by Ted Kennedy and George Miller and it was an extension and modification of legislation that was first signed by Lyndon Johnson. It was not the result of school failure during the 1980’s it was a rwaction to declining school performance or 50 years under the influence of the NEA.

          • Steffanie

            You might be right about that… but that weren’t paying attention until then. 50 years of school failing seems a little odd to me considering that many children were well educated before that. …. like I said you ” might” be right.. no arguing it with you.

          • Rob Meier

            President Bush? No way try Carter with forming the Dept of Education. Really before that. You could go all the way to the 1920’s when the Progressives really started changing education methods.

          • RezaWrecks

            No Child Left Behind = No Child Allowed to Excel. George Bush Signed in 2001.

          • Derrick E Truett

            Big gov is liberal it doesn’t matter what other label you play. IE If Bush grew the schools its just as liberal as if obama did it. However if I recall Bush tried to go vouchers right before 9/11… Might that have also played a part in the attack being that it was Muslim extremist, US Gov or both that set that all up.

          • knarf714

            No but it was written by two liberal extremuiists Ted Kennedy and George Miller.

          • CrazyAuntJane

            I’m so sick of the lame excuse Bush did it! For goodness sakes, does that make it right whether Bush did or didn’t???

          • JoeD

            It’s hard to blame the parents who are busy doing things like working and raising there damn kids! They’ve been fed a line of bullshit from politicians and their peers that the public school system is as good, if not better, than private schools. Of course, private schools tend only to be marginally better as they too must kiss the ring of politicians and agree to teach the mandated curriculum. Most people choose the blue pill because it’s an easier life, with less stress. Once you realize what’s going on it’s hard to not be angry about the situation. I have a hard time blaming them, even though in the end they have given away the kingdom for the promise of some sparkly bobbles.

          • Laurence Almand

            Good for you! Modern schools are geared down to the lowest common denominator to create “equality” or such nonsense. Intelligent children are almost always shortchanged (and frequently hated) in the public school system, so private schooling is often better.

          • hpsweet

            One reason schools are being “dumbed down” is because there are so many parents that bitch and complain their little Johnny or Jane” isn’t being treated fairly – or is made to (here’s a good one) actually DO THE WORK!

            I have been working in public schools for over 20 years and I am sick and tired of parents complaining the school system doesn’t work or its the LIBERALS/REPUBLICANS screwing things up.

            The biggest change in schools in the last 35 yrs? PARENTS!. These new parents within the last 15 years complain more, participate less, coddle and enable passive aggressive BRATS that show no respect for their peers, their teachers or themselves. Parents have complained sooooo much schools now MUST treat everyone equal in EVERY WAY so treat little Johnny doesn’t feel slighted or ignored – we have to make sure EVERY student is spoken to in a manner that cannot be misconstrued as demeaning, belittling or bullying. We cannot scolded a child for unacceptable behavior YET parents EXPECT us to discipline. We spend half our time in the classroom “teaching” manners and appropriate behavior because it is either not taught at home or the behavior is ignored at home.

            Spend a month in a classroom – not your child’s but another in the same school. These parents are creating children with attitudes so amazingly inappropriate it will blow your mind.

            My suggestion, START PARENTING. It will leave more time to teach with what we can in a classroom of 30+ kids. It will give us more time to try and work with the materials the state budgets allow us to have. DONATE your time to help out in class. Parents seem to have enough money to buy iphones and ipads their kids play with at school – take some of that money and help a classroom out! There are more kids here in a middle school or high school that have better phones/cars than I can even afford!
            No one who is in education in the first place does it for the MONEY AND, we really do not get summers off. I work on the West coast. I can tell you now most of the educators I know work second jobs to keep afloat, yours truly included.
            If the educational system pisses you asll off that much, STOP complaining and START helping!!!!!!!

          • Christopher Loughrey

            It’s really not fair to be picking on little Johnny like that. He deserves to be treated fairly and know that he is not being bullied by his teachers or peers. Little Johnny is the most important individual in the classroom, not the teacher. If they can’t deal with little Johnny then they should consider a new profession because they will be many to replace the teacher.

          • hpsweet

            You missed my point completely. I totally agree if there is a crap teacher – get him or her out of the classroom – but the ratio of crap teachers to over indulged, poorly behaved children who have to be politely disciplined in a pre approved, politically correct manor takes valuable minutes away from EVERY student in the classroom to the point where NO student can reap the benefit where no teacher can do what they love – if they are good teachers – which is to TEACH and teach to ever student as if that student was the only student in the classroom. But unless you are in a remote area in a one room classroom, where the parents actually parent being able to teach is becoming a lost art.

          • hpsweet

            As a good friend of mine once said, a good teacher can teach with a stick and a piece of chalk – The parents need to teach their kids as much as the teacher does though.

          • mscoyote

            Yup, that’s why I took my kids out and home schooled them Was tired of running up to the school dealing with little Johny and his peers who spend their time disrupting class and beating up ‘nerds’. In other words, making my kids miserable on the bus and in class. The administration was too afraid of little Johny’s parents to do anything about him and his friends. Too bad little Johny is jobless and got kicked out of college for failing grades. I want to laugh when I see him hanging out at the local gas station. Little Johny belongs to the same family that has the sad bull terrier who bites people because his owners want him to be a tough dog and think he should be able to ‘run free’.

          • knarf714

            While I agree that whining parents have been a problem, the biggest problem in schools is the dumbing down of the requiremenst to become a teacher.

          • hpsweet

            Not knowing where you live all I can say is in my state Teachers are required to have a asters in Education, take the state board examples, get grade certifications and we have the highest ratio than any other state for National certified instructors. No dumbing down here. And most of them are extremely in debt with student loans – so no free bees either.

          • knarf714

            What about your post substantiates that they haven’t been dumbed down? It is so easy to get a masters in education that a functional illiterate can receive the degree. The certification process itself has been dumbed down.

          • hpsweet

            We will have to agree to disagree. The program here is not easy and many people who try, fail – they cant measure up. I cannot say anything for another program in any other state, but here its tough.

          • mscoyote

            I do think the certification requirement varies from state to state. But there is something to the question of who gets hired and also who is willing to put up with the difficult low resource public school system. Our school has repeatedly hired teachers with coaching experience and no specialization to cover areas needing people with masters degrees in specific areas like chemistry or math. Once again – the sports is a big thing for a majority of parents vs any college prep courses. Parents drive these decisions that the school board makes.

          • Paul Smathers

            I wonder which state you are in. It is rare that a MS is required to teach. It normally requires only a BA. In many college education programs the aver ACT or SAT scores of education students are 10-15 percent below business majors. I know elementry education majors that are having problems passing remedial math.

          • Tim

            I’m in Arizona, and yes a BA is the minimal requirement. I’m am elementary major at the University of Arizona, and I can assure you that you can’t get into the education program without at least college level algebra…and those “elementry” (you miss spelt that btw) majors you know, probably aren’t actually in the major program, or are at some very low rated university.

          • Mimi Adams

            That’s just ignorant, on SO many levels. Not only is it far MORE difficult to become a teacher now than ever before, but the problems in education have next to nothing to do with how good the teachers are, but with the idiotic decisions made by state education departments, district administrators, school administrators. If teachers were actually allowed to TEACH, education wouldn’t be so broken.

          • Steve Payne

            Do you know of a classroom that would take me as a volunteer?
            Let me know when you find one.

          • lunartemptation

            You lost credibility in the third paragrah, ‘teacher’.

          • Pam134

            Thank you. I knew a dedicated teacher who faced the challenge of several students that spoke no English. After a couple of weeks of pondering he approached the class with a plan. “How about separating into groups for a couple of weeks. The higher achieving English speaking students would work with the moderate achievers while the teacher would focus on the students that did not speak English. Hoping to get them up to speed – and then joining the class together. The students were excieted and participated. One of the parents of a chid who did not speak English was high insulted that her child was moved to a small group and demanded it be stopped right away. And stopped it was. And the teacher now teaches at a private school. Instead of trying to explain to the mom her son was not being singled out because the teacher thought he was stupid – but to help him achieve the Adm. took the easy way out and disciplined the teacher.. How many times do we lose good teachers that way?

          • Chad Work

            Well said, and thank you.

          • Bray

            Teachers in public schools are basically nothing more than glorified babysitters, for all the reasons you mentioned and more. Unfortunately with some wonderful exceptions, most teachers are really only worth what they make because the end result is that’s all they do. They don’t go beyond the simple lesson plan and curriculum, because that’s not their job, and most likely they would be reprimanded for doing so (best case scenario). I think it frustrates parents because they realize their kids should be learning more and doing better in life, and it’s easier to place the blame on teachers as they have the closest interaction with the students. They assume their child is being singled out or treated unfairly and that’s why he or she doesn’t seem to be developing life skills and knowledge, when in reality that’s simply how the system works. Every child receives the same treatment and the same messages from the adults around them, despite being very different people. I would also argue that accepting others and treating every child as though they are special is not the norm in public schools, though those are definitely the fancy words that people use and the life view they try to impress– the fact is the attitude and messages that actually come across to both the students and teachers from every angle are, “you’re only good if you do this, or are this way. Success is all that matters.” The school system is a place where competition and a punishment and reward system are most common. Now it could just be we live in very different areas, but I never felt less accepted or encouraged than when I was in elementary school and middle school just a few short years ago. I found working a simple minimum wage job as an adult was far better for my confidence and sense of self than any amount of time spent at school. Though we all have different experiences, and that’s not really my point here.

            Parents do play a role in changes to education, but really though, it’s rather unfair to put the blame entirely on parents, Parents have their own struggles against society, social attitudes, and political correctness. It’s a much broader issue than just a lack of parenting, and teachers, parents, administration, advertisers, and government all play a part in it. It’s always easier to place blame and point fingers than to accept your own group’s involvement in creating the ills and society, but we’ve created this world together. The only way it can get better is if everyone takes responsibility for it. I learned that from my wonderful mother.

          • Tim

            Ummm…Bray, have you ever visited a classroom? Or attempted to look into the education career. You are so painfully misguided in your assumptions that I wonder what experience you have wading into this conversation. FYI I am a teacher, not a babysitter, and as an educator devote my life to instilling into my students the message that they alone are responsible for the path they lead in life. OF COURSE the school system is full of behavior modification using reward and competition. Thats how life works. The educational system’s sole job is to indoctrinate children into American ideology… I.E. capitalism. To be successful in life you need to find that intrinsic motivation and become a self-motivated individual. Parents today coddle their children and shield them from reality…and just like you, most end up in a crappy minimum wage job. Why? Because the message they received from their parents is, “no matter what its not your fault”. Sure, blame teachers and the school system and they entire societal hierarchy. Heaven forbid each one of us takes responsibility for your own fate. Stop blaming the system just because you don’t fit in. Guess what…thats life.

          • Scott

            I think what Sam Adams is saying, is the government has created a one size fits all approach to teaching by unions that care not what children learn, but what is good for them (not so much the Teachers themselves). Unions themselves are big business, raking in millions of dollars from Teacher’s money via union dues.
            I believe teachers want to be able to teach children as individuals as well as a group. Some students need more help and attention than others. The comment about the Teacher enlisting students to help other students so the teacher could help those who had difficulties is the way it should be. Without stringent rules of adhering to a set schedule.
            The governments solution to a disproportionate number of children failing was to infuse Common Core into the schools systems curriculum. This one size fits all approach binds teachers from teaching. This one size fits all approach the government has to all of the countries problems, is the problem. Throw more money at it and institute laws that disintegrate individualism. That is their solution! To them, everything must be done as a collective. To create equality, we must all do, act and be the same. As assimilation and integration of neighborhoods in the 1960’s-70’s was a failed solution to segregation, this too has proven to be. Let the parents, states and schools decide what is best for the children, not the Federal Government!

          • mscoyote

            If that is what Sam Adams was saying, then we should note that the present one size fits all shoe was initiated by a republican administration. Schools work better when the government stays out of the details, period.

          • Adan Starr

            I con’t deny most of what you said but it is politics because of teachers UNIONS!!!!!! We have tripled what we spend since I went to school and these kids coming out of public schools are brain dead. We didn’t need air conditioning at my school we didn’t have much of anything (no lunch room you brought a lunch or walked home for lunch). It has become political because the history you are teaching is full of shit the science your teaching hasn’t changed since the 80’s except for the fact you teach global warming, maybe. I know this for a fact. Even when I went to school I did my freshmen year at a Catholic school and went back to public and didn’t have to do a damn thing tell my junior year because I had learned it all before. We used to have jobs for children that aren’t the smartest that paid good money but now we give all the construction jobs to Mexicans. Leaving those that aren’t gifted to be on the government dole and doomed to a life that no American should ever have to live.

          • disqusisdumb7

            Yeah, liberal, dependent parents who have been taught by the democrats that everyone ought to receive a handout and that all people are created equal. Baloney!! Yes, undereducated welfare parents are a problem. But as a teacher, I can tell you that the most wasteful and superfluous persons in the school systems are the administrators, superintendents, counselors, and other tertiary personnel who are’nt directly involved in educating the students. Most of our tax dollars earmarked for ‘education’ go to these superfluous boobs who initiated these propaganda programs in the first place. Parents have been taught that their behavior is OK, so I’m less disappointed in them than in the unnecessary administrators costing ridiculous $ in unearned salaries and funding BS programs that amount to political propaganda.

          • cnsteph

            Do you know why parents have changed, hpsweet? Because we have been
            told for so long that we are to stupid to teach our children, so we
            should leave it to the professionals. That would be you. Now that
            those professonials are getting what they asked for.. all they do is
            complaih about it. Yes, I agree there is an entitlement attitude too…
            but I guess when those professionals teach that “government is there to
            keep you safe and sound” and “everyone has the RIGHT to what they want”
            (these are things taught in the 3rd grade class at my local public
            school — I witnessed them during my student teaching classes) then what
            do you expect to happen? Sorry to pee on your parade but teachers
            have gotten exactly what they have asked for.

          • Oline Wright

            I am one of those rare parents who when being told that my child was not doing the work told the teacher to give him the grades to reflect that. In fact I told one teacher to flunk him if he wasn’t earning the grade. Problem was they knew he knew what they were teaching. They could not keep him involved/challenged in the normal class room. I had that problem myself when in 8th grade the english teacher basically was assigning us exercises from the grammar book and then sitting reading or something instead of teaching or lecturing.

          • Sue

            Your gripe has nothing to do with parents although the majority are under the same influence. Psychiatry was allowed to infiltrate the education system in the mid 60’s. What was once a darn good education evolved into what we have today – a mess! They changed learning methods repeatedly, changed how teachers taught, changed texts, took away discipline, took away moral codes to live by. Gave them labels, mind altering drugs that kill and harm, PC, school police, metal detectors, locked down schools and arrest. If a teacher cannot teach, how on earth can a kid learn in that kind of environment? And that is before Common Core!

          • rwhaller42

            I couldn’t agree more. The most important problem in education today is parents who are coddling their children and creating generations of uncivilized brats who have no manners and then blaming the schools for the results. I think in large part this is because parents who grew up in middle class homes where only one parent had to work in order for the family to afford that style of life, can no longer get by on one income so both parents work. Then they come home and spoil their children because they feel guilty.

          • mscoyote

            The worst kids I know of come from families where both parents are professionals making well over $100,000. Quality time consists of a couple dinners out a week and the kids have been farmed out to expensive classes and activities away from home since they were 6 weeks old. Kids from families where both parents have to work to put food on the table know a little more about making choices and working hard.

          • Guest

            I have to agree… This is the main reason why I refuse to go ahead and teach even after all the education I have just gone through… having to deal with parents and their spoiled coddled little brat that really just needs some good discipline and to hear the words NO!

          • mscoyote

            Right on. I can’t agree more. We get what we ask for. The generation of kids being raised by parents that can’t say no is frightening. It’s not a liberal/conservative thing. It a culture wide attitude that somehow we are entitled to succeed without working. The kids coming out of the schools into the corporation I work all expect to be promoted without doing anything or working for it. Fascinating and frightening study the results of spoiling children.

          • MidwestKris

            I find schools to be run by unyielding neoconservatives with unbending rules and no common sense. I also would not put my child in a public school today…

          • Tannim

            Neoconservative == liberal. NEXT!

          • Tessie Ragan

            I’m a minority and I have to say this comment is full of B.S and what is wrong with our school system. If you think minorities are benefiting from schools as they are being run now you are delusional and uneducated. The school system as it is run now benefits no child.

          • Randy Everist

            I totally agree Tessie! I am very conservative, but I am under no delusions that minorities are benefitting from the schools. If anything, minorities have it worse: inner city schools are basically being abandoned, because all we have for them are standardized tests instead of good schools.

          • Lalou7

            If ‘your’ the one teaching and grading, no wonder he’s honor roll!

          • Pjs8200

            Thanks to GW’s “No child left behind”

          • jsmith0552

            True fact in the mind of the delusional. Public school is probably the worst thing to happen to minorities in this country. If they were smart they would be the ones to opt out and start private and home schooling. That’s a true fact.

          • Michael Collinson

            not true my adopted brother is a minority and he cant get crap from the public schools

          • Linda Keefer


          • n4zhg

            The public school system in the USA is based on the Prussian Model. It is designed to turn out Good Germans, not well-informed citizens of a Republic. Ever notice that our dear leaders send their kids to private schools usually based on Montessori system? There is a reason for this.

          • Stu Palmer

            biased, prejudiced and possibly racist rant. do what you desire with your child. no argument there. make this story a liberal v conservative debate? strange p.o.v. Honor student in 3 months! you have to be the most miraculous teacher in history…why aren’t you working to better the common public?

          • Laurence Almand

            Common Core is about brainwashing children to learn what the government wants them to learn. Read the excellent book BRAINWASHED to find out how the Leftist Academics are programming college students for Socialism.

          • SAM ADAMS

            Thanks for the info! I’ll check it out!

          • Oh yes, horrible Socialism. We wouldn’t want the evils of Japan or Sweden in the good old USA.

          • picnicfun

            Sam Adams, will you please get off your Common Core bandwagon? What this boy went through pre-dates Common Core and will go on if Common Core is stopped. You are as guilty of ignoring the person in favor of the ideology as the liberals if you don’t focus on how such a mistake could be made with this young man.

          • SAM ADAMS

            It was the liberal mindset which pigeonholed this child into special ed where he might have remained if it were not for his parents!

          • peggytosha

            Ah, I get it.. you haven’t read common core yet… you were waiting for the legislators to PASS it so that you could find out what’s in it… yes, LIB!!

          • SAM ADAMS

            Read for comprehension peggy! I’ve read about common core and am against it! I’m a conservative libertarian and not a liberal retard!

          • Lucid Meaghan Dhabolt

            That’s why schools in republican dominated areas thrive so much better than in liberal areas right ;)? The quality of a school = the amount of money that district has, not it’s political ideology.

          • Dolphieness

            Not really, Lucid. Every attempt at gathering money for schools is approved in California, however California is near the bottom of the list relative to academic achievement and success. Money is not the issue. Content, sans political agendas, is relevant. Appropriate homework and not busy work is relevant. However, too many schools prefer to teach social agendas with social agenda focused instructors. Kids no longer think or learn to gather information – they are instead pummeled with data, sexualization and topics not associated with succeeding in life, careers or further education. Simply stated: It is no longer about teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, history/geography. Instead it is about telling children what to think, sexualizing them, re-writing history and illogical math problems. Reading, grammar, spelling and writing is ignored as many instructors themselves cannot read or structure a paper that is grammatically correct. Why they think re-writing history is a benefit is elusive. History, if not depicted accurately, will not be learned from. Mistakes will be repeated, unnecessarily.

          • Influence Freedom

            I grew up in California and then I attended my last two years of high school in New York. From my personal experience I will state, that the schools in California leave a lot to be desired. I went to 18 schools, so yes I moved a lot. When I arrived in New York I was shocked at how much more they were attentive to how a student is doing and in their expectations of higher standards.

          • Outlawcajun

            Check in to what they are about. There’s nothin’ common about communist core. It has nothing to do with education. It’s complete indoctrination. It should be labled child abuse.

          • Ike Milligan

            The education system is a political football. All the Federal meddling in it has only made it worse. By now it is just a waste of money and a scam with negative value. The only way to improve the general level of education is to end poverty. Affluence is the major determinant of academic success. Poverty is the worst negative influence on

          • Missy Bell

            You guys know that George W. Bush created No Child Left Behind, right? Check your facts before pinning the responsibility on “liberals”. The public education system was created to manufacture factory workers and compliance. The “elite” were expected to continue to use private schools, tutors, and other methods of home education. Many teachers are liberals, yes, and union people, but they do not like the system, they did not make the system, and many of them are fighting against the system for the good of kids like this.

          • Joshua Proper

            Actually, as someone who has recently been in college for Mathematics education and had to make arguments both for and against NCLB I can assure you Bush did not craft it. It was in fact the Teacher’s Union that created it and forced it into use. I agree it was passed under Bush, but certainly not created by him. We have seen signs ever since its start, that it was deteriorating education and yet can’t seem to correct it. As I have argued many times, it is NOT the school’s job to baby sit, it is NOT the school’s job to teach your child manner’s and discipline. It is the school’s job to try and teach them how to be well-rounded individuals who are capable of choosing any path they desire. NCLB did this in theory, but certainly not in practice. If you really want to evaluate at what point in our Nation’s history we produced the most well-rounded and educated citizens by graduation, look way back to when the Bible was still the core book in every classroom. Then go ahead and cross-reference that to the head of the Teacher’s Union then being Atheist and still he said himself it should be and remain the core curriculum. I’m certain I will get a few Atheist’s who disagree and think having the Bible as core curriculum forces Christianity, to this I say read it once- fully and without bias… then argue.

          • Thomas TC Allen Compton IV

            I can see both sides of the Bible argument since on one hand it promotes critical thinking in some kids, but perpetuates the negatives of faith in others.

          • Jeremy Hodder

            lmfao you are so delusional. it’s great to wake up to a good laugh for the beginning of the day. but last i checked the GOP mindset was to label and push it aside as

          • Derek Pryor

            I’d like to give you 10 breaks–one for each finger so you can never type anything that stupid again. Idiot…

          • hpsweet

            Because No Child left behind worked so well……

          • Linda Keefer

            Anger issues?

          • Stu Palmer

            do you know what the common core state standards are? who developed them? what subject areas they cover? where in the world does the phrase “common core” come into this conversation?

          • dragon5126

            hypocrisy at it’s finest, someone who is behind the curve teaching the gifted

          • dragon5126

            thank god you didn’t touch my kids, gifted my ass, stifling a child’s potential due to common core is not teaching

          • Manahan Don

            liberals are all about “labeling kids”….I have seen friends fight the same battles with the incompetent and dishonest public schools….they teach to a very narrow “norm” of kid, and the rest are drugged into a stupor or forced into SPED classes, as this kid was.

          • Memphomaniac

            No. You are “Not a Wingnut.” You are part of a special sub-group, called…The SHEEPLE. You’ll follow blindly and fail to see whats directly in front of you.

          • peggytosha

            GOP wingnut? No, you’re a LIB!! No doubt about that.. and, by the way, please do not confuse the ‘wingnuts’ you hear about (you know, tea party, C4L, libertarians, etc.) with the GOP… we are NOT associated!!!

          • The GOP is nothing more than a “progressive” front group. They are statist to the core, just like their deranged, mass-murdering psychopath of a hero.

            You want Conservatism? Stick with the Campaign for Liberty, Young American’s for Liberty, Oath keepers, JPFO, and other groups advocating for less government, and more Liberty.

          • Leo L Ludwig

            It has too do with the UNIONS

          • BradleyHill

            I disagree with you, but by the way, thank you for your dedicated service to special needs children.
            There are some very evil people running our government now….Like I mentioned, Hitler had all the smart people shot to death as a prerequisite to his master race plan.
            NOTHING new under the sun. Evil is at America’s doorstep

          • bobby lou

            Yes but you and I both know (as teaching professionals) the schools LOVE LOVE LOVE to label children, the money, the programs etc etc…. it IS a political machine.

          • sellonebay2008

            You can’t write a sentence correctly and you teach gifted kids?

          • kc8ntp

            Ha, I said the same thing. I was an English minor and I would have expected more than I can even do from someone who supposedly taught the gifted, lol.

          • kc8ntp

            The Common Core in conjunction with programs like “Second Step”, “The Leader in Me”, and “Teaching with Poverty in Mind” are liberal in nature, without a doubt. If people cannot see this, then they must love Poison “Barry” flavored Kool-Aid. Also, if you are teaching gifted kids, I would have expected a little more of an articulated response.

          • Fred Keefer

            Gee I never would have guessed that you weren’t a RWNJ. This has everything to do with union and government control of the public school system. Ask yourself this, if the union had fought against this and told you it was in the kids best interest, would you have fought the union? You would probably say yes, but would you have fought if your job was in jeopardy? Do you have a mothers dedication to your kids?

          • ohthehugemanatee

            Kids get labelled because schools get more $$$ for the kids they put in “special ed”. You know, because the Dept of Ed hasn’t thrown enough $$$ in the toilet to “produce better educated kids”. My own kids were homeschooled, so we didn’t have this problem.

          • MnVoiceofReason

            Hopefully you don’t teach sentence structure.

          • Ewilk

            Your liberal side is over riding your education side. You might be taken more seriously if you leave out the name calling.

          • torr10

            With writing skills like yours I don’t think anyone believes you teach anything.

          • David Conger

            Thank you for putting this in an unbiased prism of Liberal v. Right Wing Nut Job. I’m so glad we have a non-partisan teaching our kids.

          • Marc Peek

            Which is what the liberal agenda does, label everyone. My mom and wife are teachers, my mom of spec. Ed. Neither are close to being liberal. They are, however, enslaved by the liberal policies from above. Yes, it is about ideology. Where do you think the policies come from, fantasy land?

          • thank you

          • Anthony Wingers

            I notice you are hot with the labels.. As a Right Wing Nut Job, I kept your ass free to malign me.
            RMCS(SS) USN(Ret.)

          • Sorry for the late comment, but…

            Question-what the frack is a gifted child doing in an ordinary school anyway? The situation sounds like something out of Ultimate Fantastic Four or Head Of The Class. He should have been in college already like Tony Stark or Reed Richards, or the main character in the movie Almost Famous.

            As somebody said in the old Gill Scott-Heron novel The Vulture; ‘If you’ve found something that you want to do already, I figure that you’re grown up.’ This kid, was already grown up by virtue of his smarts, what he knew, and what he could do with those smarts. What could/can school offer him?

        • richard

          Sam these racist bigoted people think if Obama caps in a parfait glass it somehow becomes chocolate mousse. Trying to explain that the educational system has been destroyed by 50yrs of progressive thought will only cause them to close their small minds even further.

          • SAM ADAMS

            I love the sight of progressive liberals losing their minds! It makes me very happy!

          • Jeffrey Montgomery

            ….yep… you all are falling right into their hands.
            If they can control the direction just this thread takes, just think what that means for the direction of the country! The content of the article is forgotten, as you all break down to calling each other bigots, “dog breath”, etc. etc.

            Why can’t you all agree that the fact that THIS BOY was saved from a world of hurt because someone PAID ATTENTION to their child is a GOOD THING????

            The fact is that our schools need to be revamped. We need the DoE to be taken out of commission – or at the very least to reduce its influence – and let the schools TEACH! Let the TEACHERS determine what’s going on, not some test that a child might do poorly on because of extenuating circumstances, and this test determines their lifetime aims from that point on.

            Common Core? We’re all DIFFERENT. Why are we letting the education system plunk all the kids into one pot, cook until all the meat is done? Why can’t we have chicken, and fish, and beef, and pork, and turkey, and… all different, with different cook times, different tenderness, different temperatures that determine whether they’re done…

            Don’t let the namecalling continue, people… YOU’RE ALL BETTER THAN THAT, DAMMIT!

            PROVE IT!

          • Patrick Driscoll

            I just got done reading all these responses…..
            All any of you showed me was how much I hate all of you and how little people are willing to compromise and instead prefer to go around abrasively defending their views like it’s their own version of a bible or what have you. Really, what was accomplished here besides a bunch of name calling? All of these arguments amounted to “I’m right!” “Nuh uh! I’m Right! You’re stupid!” You’re stupid!”

            You have all made me depressed now. Thanks 🙁

          • SAM ADAMS

            It’s called a heated debate. If you’re not up for it then maybe pottery is more to your liking than politics! Welcome to the real world kid. It’s not all rainbows ,sunshine and ponies out here!

        • MidwestKris

          equally as debilitating is trying to put a truly special needs child into an academic environment that does not meet his/her needs.

        • ThinkAboutIt

          There are a variety of issues that have been brought up. Let me chime in:
          1. It’s not liberal or conservative ideas that caused this child to almost get lost in the system. It is faculty/staff who were not alert to the signs of his ability.
          2. Teachers have become more and more like babysitters because there are no parents at home to encourage or even feed the children. Parents (married or single) are frequently working more than one job with hours that change every week or two. There is a lack of stability. Students come to school with no breakfast because a) no one is home to make them breakfast or b) there’s no food because there’s no money.
          3. Students are at different ability levels and knowledge levels in every classroom. Schools do try remediation, giving extra help to kids who are falling behind. Unfortunately, due to school funding formulas (at least in my state), per student funding varies by up to $9,000 (meaning one school has say $8,000 per student while the district ten miles down the road has $17,000+ per student. IT DOES MATTER!! Some schools have over 30 kids in a classroom with NO aides and no remedial help. Other schools have 12 to 15 in an elementary class WITH aides. Wonder which school will have most of the higher performing students?

          • SAM ADAMS

            Yawn! You’re talking to the wrong person! The government does not properly educate children PERIOD!

        • Oh, so Bush didn’t pass these laws during his terms for no child left behind? My mistake.

        • Mochi

          I honestly can’t tell if you’re a bad troll, or genuinely this stupid.

        • soulquest7

          He’ll be embraced as a prodigy by the right wing until he disproves fundamentalists interpretation of religon and Ronald Reagan’s theory of economic growth.

        • Jazmin

          this was going on before common core. 2E kids are often neglected because the system cannot handle them. I have a 2E child with aspberger’s that the system wouldn’t even screen for learning disabilities because she was on grade level; therefore, she could not have a disability. yet when screened, when i pulled her out of school, she tested on college level in every area but math. there, she is on grade level. that is a disability; yet, the system will not recognise it as such. For the record: I pulled her out before common core.

        • jsmith0552

          Political ideas are fine, when they are informed and well-thought out. The education system in the U.S. has been steadily going downhill since the 70’s, under both liberal and conservative administrations. Education is on the backburner when election time rolls around for both parties.

        • Linda Keefer

          Rage on

        • Guest

          Liberals are open minded and have higher intelligent and I also support liberal approach to life as in education also because it develops child creativity which is product to happier life – and today 90% of educations are conservative where schools make robots from our kids – small minded robots. Concervatives as you are, are small minded people, usualy fascist or nacist in their opinions, have low IQ and are afraid of change because mentally you are not able to accept the change and that is why you are trying to control life as it is which usually leads in war against race, religion and so on. So pls cut the crap small minded guy and stfu ok?! Thank you. Also check studies about people like you – conservative vs liberal education, if you do no believe me what I said. Get your small minded opinions out of here pls.

        • Marc Peek

          Awesome. Fuzzy puppet blog…lol. You’re right about your education system being dominated by liberals.

        • the pigeonholing has been done by those who would rather indoctrinate kids then give ’em space to think . you don’t seem to know much about the historical development of schools . btw, republicans are the ones taking all assistance from special needs families … think how many families of autistic kids have gone into poverty trying to help their kids have a life

        • LT714RET

          This has LIBTARD school admin written all over it!

        • RVNMike

          Good one.

        • humblewizard

          Sam, get a grip. You’re sick.

          • SAM ADAMS

            Says the paid troll! It’s such a coincidence that 8 replies from GHOST discus accounts pop up every so often from this particular story in one day. The brownshirts won’t let this one go! This just means I am getting into the space in their heads and occupying it 24/7! Looks like it’s time to push even harder! Success is measured by how much obviously trolling I am getting! Aren’t you guys even smart enough to space these comments out! Well liberals are mindless pack animals!

        • Mimi Adams

          Yeah, you are absolutely right. The conservatives HAVE made a mess of education pigeonholing kids who are different than the norm, and trying to make every kid fit into the round hole, no matter what shape peg they are.

          Having worked in education most of my life, I have seen how teachers and administration of a liberal philosophy continually try to help and encourage every child as individuals, laboring to help them find a way to be successful. Whereas the educators of a conservative philosophy labor to pound the kids who think and learn differently into spaces in which they don’t fit… then they just give up on them and ship them off to Special Ed., or try to force them into dropping out.

      • Tiger Forest

        Kai, everything in life is political. Human communication is politics. You are just trying to use another tact at gaining power even though you would say that is not true. You just don’t know enough about politics at this point in your life. Your statement contradicts itself by saying on one hand the guy missed the point (which you never name) at the same time you come to an online magazine called the Libertarian Republic and claim there is no political debate. Man, you woman are out of control.

      • dragon5126

        KAI YOU Idiot! it is the liberal mindset that pigeon holes the potential of children. and teaches people to deny that fact…

        • truepopo

          it has nothing to do with being a liberal….you are the idiot

          • dragon5126

            educate yourself imitation piggy it most definitely does all fall back on the denial of reality… the mental disability suffered by all Liberals… cause and effect. Learn it because you live it Poser.

      • stmaybe

        I think, Kai, you’ve either never suffered inthe public school system or you’re already a victim.

      • richard

        You ignorant fool who do you think put the child in special ed? Of course it was a freaking libtard oblamebush turd of an educator. wake up and go sign up for a job on your masters plantation.


      • ksterling

        The liberals are in charge of the school system, which is dummying down everything and teaching our kids a bunch of crap, most of which isn’t even true. Do your research.

      • dragon5126

        then you need to learn to read, it’s the liberals that took over the educational system and created these issues, don ACT shocked yes it is your fault if you are a liberal

      • Manahan Don

        The public schools are run by liberals….socialist members of the NEA or AFT from top to bottom. It certainly was “liberals”!

      • peggytosha

        duh… our educational system is run by libs!! What publicly funded school do you know of that’s teaching a conservative curriculum or values??? YOU obviously graduated from public education… time to stop sipping the koolaid!!

      • sellonebay2008

        Kai, wake up. Nearly every teacher and professor are liberal and have no problem shoving in the kid’s faces, you don’t see it cause you are one. It does not have to say it in this article to be true.

      • kc8ntp

        It’s not irrelevant. The schools have long been of a liberal ideology, which under the Obama administration, it has gotten progressively worse. If you don’t see the fight for proper education as not political, then you, my dear, are naive.

      • Politicalpony

        Let’s admit the reality that’s unsaid. Liberal have had control of the education system for decades. They typically believe that one size fits all. It’s the Marxist/Communist philosophy. Currently the Left is pushing Common Core. A curriculum design by people that have no qualification in the area of education. The system IS set up for indoctrination. Evidence can be found simply by reading through the material children are being taught, or not taught. Oh yes, it is Progressive agenda. An agenda that been going on long enough now to circulate the resulting product into the main stream of adulthood. We now have more than one generation of indoctrinated non thinkers making decisions for the country and the world. THE COLLECTIVE.

      • Jim

        Kai, Unfortunately the public school system has indeed been overrun by the liberals. There is nothing irrelevant in what Sam Adams said. The liberals are completely screwing up the public schools and the kids that attend them.

      • Cathy Bernatowicz

        Sorry but it is the liberals that want to label everyone, my daughter was also placed in special ed and I was told she would be happy to settle to be a wife and Mom, I also pulled from from Special ed and she is an Rn with two degrees now.

      • lmdk2

        99.9 % of academia is Liberal.

      • Don

        The fact that he was at a government run school is liberal enough for me to recognize, see the new standard, Common Core, this is all Liberal and indoctrination of our kids.. I wish the states had control of each of their Schools like it used to be..

      • RVNMike

        They were liberal teachers who put him in special Ed. Pay attention. This is why we need to get rid of the teachers’ union and hire those who are best qualified. Fire the slackers who think they have a job for life.

      • Scott Lanier Sprayberry

        so says a liberal.

      • Trace Smith

        Politics caused the problem. What, does it have to be specified in the article for you to accept it as a premise? You’re missing the point. I was smarter than my teachers too, and I went through similar things. When I finally quit high school out of sheer boredom, I went in and told the principal exactly how bad they had failed me all my life. Progressives HAVE taken over the school systems, and ARE indoctrinating kids. We were warned while Reagan was still president, by the people who have had it as an agenda even before the cold war. People that don’t learn history WILL repeat its tragic consequences. And I can tell you, I didn’t learn history until I left school, at least the important parts of it. While the schools are blowing all the irrelevant facts, yes they are facts, yet irrelevant to real history up the asses of our kids, they are not being taught the true lesson of history. Freedom is a gift from God, but you don’t keep it unless you exercise it, and drinking Kool-Aid won’t get the job done. You people that exclude the circumstances around an article just because they’re not printed, are the reason truth is held in check.

    • eyeoftheleopard

      @Sam, and certain parents would have jumped for joy at the special ed dx, ’cause that means a potential disability check!

    • T. Lorraine French

      You DO realize he was placed based on the standards set up by a Republican president? (i.e. NCLB)

      • Mike Koeniger Sr.

        A Republican President set that up with no input from the Congress? Interesting. Actually the standards are created at the state level as directed by the bipartisan law. Some background information that the media apparently does not provide folks:

        plan, based on successful legislation passed when he was governor of Texas, called
        for school choice for students attending failing schools, increased funding to
        improve schools and teacher quality, and standardized testing in English and
        Mathematics for students in grades 3 – 5 (National Association Of School
        Nurses, 2001).

        Only one of his three proposals was written into the law as sponsored by Senators Ted Kennedy and John McCain. The
        law proposed as a reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
        of 1965 passed the U. S. House of Representatives 384 to 45, 34 of the
        opponents were members of the Republican Party (Clerk Of The House, 2001). It passed the U.S. Senate 91 – 8, six of the
        opponents were Republicans (Senate Bill Clerk, 2001). No Child Left Behind (NCLB) became law on
        January 8, 2002.

        • T. Lorraine French

          Never, ever said there was no input from congress. genius. I was making the point that the result of this child being placed in special education was not the result of a singularly liberal agenda. Bush in his state of the union addresses repeatedly and proudly took credit for NCLB regardless of all the input from both sides of the aisle. Regardless, it is ignorant to say it was liberals labeling this child. Especially when there is NO indication of the political affiliation of those placing him. We can perhaps suppose that they placed him based on criteria established by NCLB which can hardly be called a liberal policy with all the credit the then President Bush took and the input and approval of the majority of both parties

          • Mike Koeniger Sr.

            I can see you reply to knowledge with sarcasm. Are you an educator? I am and have seen the incredible infiltration of the institution by the progressive movement. Now my criticism of your comment was not that Bush had nothing to do with it, but your droning about Bush’s NCLB law (in several places here) and your idea that Bush set it up. The facts show you are wrong. The NEA, who originally endorsed and supported the law have used the “Bush’s law” argument to distance themselves and their political cronies from their inept support of draconian legislation that has further destroyed and centralized the educational system in this country. I am not a Republican or a conservative, but your characterization is evidence that you are unaware of how the legislative process works or how NCLB became law. It also indicates that you are unaware how children are diagnosed as special education students and how little the national legislation had to do with that process.

      • SAM ADAMS

        Do you realize I’m not a republican or do I have to repeat it over and over to you! Government should not be educating our kids! Why don’t you go somewhere else! You are not a libertarian!

      • dragon5126

        No he was placed based on standards set under the Carter administration and advanced by Clinton, Countered but not cancelled by NCLB You are just spreading more liberal lies, as USUAL BLAME BUSH, SOMEONE WILL BELIEVE IT…

        • FaqUrug

          LOOK AT ME I CAN TYPE IN CAPS. Poser.

    • thepaulrevereshow

      Egad. Another fiendish liberal conspiracy afoot. Sigh..How predictable. What would reactionary fringe kooks and crackpots do without Liberals?

      • SAM ADAMS

        Have: Jobs,money,freedom,etc. What wouldn’t we have? Detroit,Chicago and DC !

      • dragon5126

        Live normal un molested lives, not be taxed to pay for things that are not the governments job to supply and not have to worry about rising crime rates because personal responsibility would be the rule not the exception

        • DarciaM

          You’d be taxed. You’d just be taxed by people who spew your values (without actually acting on them). Literally nothing would change. If you honestly think your Pauls would do anything for you in an actual position of power, you’re out of luck – when they say “freedom” they mean only for their investors. They could care less about you – the only reason they’d want to remove public programs wouldn’t be to lower your taxes. It would be to fund their massive army, the same massive army they can turn on you at any second and are far more likely to do because no intruding on your life equally means they don’t have to tell you whats going on…why have transparency if you defunded every office that keeps you transparent…

          Libertarians are some of the biggest fools. Republicans posing as more moderate than they actually are, but really deep down they never actually think about what their beliefs mean. They buy into the propoganda, but never realize that your model of government has never succeeded.

          You know what has? Single payer healthcare. Public education. But that bothers you. So you pick and choose small failings over the course of thousands of years of general, majority success, and decide that indicates a general failing. You have to base your entire argument around anecdotes in the absence of facts or historical precedent. And I feel sorry for you.

          • dragon5126

            I’m not a Libertarian nor Republican, and you once again prove your ignorance, I’m a registered Constitutionalist

    • Seth Yarbour

      The humans had this kid labeled and setup for a life of government dependency. This is why it’s so important to rid the planet of labels that are crap. You need to think outside the political arena, Think more larger. WAY BIGGER. Human are the future of humans. Think about that.

    • David Abernathy

      Maybe if the republitards would stop fighting to fund schools…

      • SAM ADAMS

        Really??? What kind of libertarian are you!?! Answer is you are not even close!!! What is the fascination with liberal trolls and this story!?! I get it! This kid was HOMESCHOOLED!!! He is the poster child for defunding the federal government’s role in public schools! Wherever government steps in that’s where you see schools fail! Your plan for everything is more taxes and more wasted money on a system that would have seen this GENIUS KID weaving baskets!!! Your squeezing lemons and promising apple juice! When it doesn’t work your solution is more LEMONS!!! When will all you idiots learn!?!

      • California Architect

        Funding for government schools has outpaced inflation for nearly 30 years now. Funding for government schools rivals that spent on private schools, yet the results are terrible. In fact, there is no correlation between spending more money on government schools and better test results, unless the teachers help the students cheat.

        • DarciaM

          …maybe if you read numbers backwards that’s how it’s been working…

    • David Abernathy

      btw, “rid the planet of” is a phrase the Nazis liked to use.

      • SAM ADAMS

        The Nazi’s also loved gun control you moronic liberal!!!

        • SAM ADAMS

          Sorry folks! Calling him a moronic liberal is like calling him an idiotic idiot!!!

    • MuadDib

      This. Liberals are scum and should be treated with their own drugs, cause they are a bunch of delusional, dangerous psychopaths. They are trying to destroy children for not having their sick, wrong ideals.

    • Jay Merrick

      First off all the fact that you want to rid the world of everyone who doesn’t agree with you sounds pretty insane.You’re afraid and hate anyone different then you and that is a sign of a closed and ignorant mind.

    • Markrod420

      Foolish to take an article that actually didnt have a political bias in it for once and add one. We almost had a chance to discuss a real issue in this country. The issue of over medication and the destruction of our education. Which both sides are guilty of. But instead of having a constructive conversation about how we might be able to fix our society you would prefer to take this rare unbiased moment and turn it into another party based political argument. Small minded children like you are the reason this country will only continue to decline. You are too busy squabbling to notice that real issues could be solved. I am a conservative btw. Difference between me and you is that i dont treat politics like a 3rd grade argument. Id prefer if we all managed to make some progress for once…

      • SAM ADAMS

        You’re on a political site if you haven’t noticed. If you want to discuss pretty pretty ponies then there is a site called 4chan that has a place to fit your needs! Isn’t it funny how you liberal brainwashed people always bring feelings into a political discussion. It doesn’t bother you in the least that a genius kid was almost given a permanent label and discarded into some liberal nightmare system where he would have been indoctrinated into becoming a useless idiot!?! This pleases you? Sorry kid I think the 420 did something to your mind that it didn’t do to me. Lay off the chronic for a bit and get your wits back. The world is imploding around you and you have no clue it’s happening!

    • Markrod420

      See look what you did. You have like 15 people arguing about party politics below you now. Did that do any good? did anyone grow as a person from that conversation? No because everyone just sat and took shots at each other. We could have instead had a real discussion about what to do about the fact that everywhere we turn they are now trying to ram pills and disorders down our throats. But no, that was too much trouble. An actual intellectual debate about an issue where you didnt get to launch pointless derogatory remarks at others doesnt sound very interesting to you at all does it? My guess would be that its because you probably just dont have an intellect. Think before you speak. This could have been a comment thread where we try to have a real conversation and instead you turned it into just another childish squabble where nothing will get done and the system will continue to poison our kids with drugs we dont need… because you just couldnt let go of your stupid distracting, not even real anyway because both sides are playing you, party politics.

      • SAM ADAMS

        Which party are you referring to kid? I’ve been a libertarian all my life. I have never pulled the lever for a dem or rep ever. The party I belong to is very vast in it’s beliefs. Maybe you are on the wrong site son.

    • Markrod420

      GROW UP. And again this is coming from someone that thinks liberals are destroying our entire society. But running around saying that wont help anything. In fact it will hurt all of us. So stop acting like a fucking child.

      • SAM ADAMS

        You’re either in the game or on the bench! I’m not taking advice from a bench warmer kid!

    • Hans Etter

      Did you get kicked out of idiot school or are you just another teabagger trolling here?

      • SAM ADAMS

        This is a Libertarian page and not a liberal-retard one! You don’t belong here!

        • Hans Etter

          So you profiling too!

        • Hans Etter

          libertarian lols,where did that ever succeed in the history of mankind?

    • Guest

      Sigh. Must everything be about factions?

      • SAM ADAMS

        It’s called politics and not tiddly winks for a reason! This is a political page! You obviously made a wrong turn somewhere! Go back where you came!

    • Desertcatn✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      They are drugging many of our creative young people, it is sickening! My nephew is being victimized by this insanity, when he was here last summer he mapped the trails around our property, but at home he’s drugged and told he’s autistic. We need to pay attention to these school district races and get these monsters out of our school systems.

      • SAM ADAMS

        Progressive liberalism needs to be wiped from this country!

    • MidwestKris

      nonsense. A support group was needed for a friend’s son with autism 0 he wasn’t potty trained till he was 16, and they had to put locks on his bedroom door to make sure he didn’t leave the house at night. another friends’s son was brilliant, but did not fit into a traditional school – his parents were told when he was in 4th grade that he was at risk and would likely never graduate from high school – he needed a different learning environment, and today is a PhD in physics and a successful entrepreneur.

      Each needed different support, and an educational system that was sensitive to their differing needs. While i am a progressive, and have supported progressive platforms for more than 40 years – no political platform adequately considered the needs of these two very different young men…

      but the “liberals” came closer…

      • SAM ADAMS

        Liberals today are more interested in “labeling”children! Why do you think common core comes with a permanent record!

    • Cathuldus Jay

      are you mildly or fully retarded?

    • Nat2283

      Talk about a bunch of delusional nutters…Common Core started out with
      bipartisan support, which is hard to argue with when one realizes that
      1.) that is a fact and 2.) it was voluntarily adopted in a number of
      Republican governed states. There are a great number of Dems and Repubs that are (now) against Common Core. And Republican governor Jeb Bush is one of Common Core’s biggest supporters! But don’t let me de-rail your self-righteous conspiracy train. Do any of you actually have any connections with reality, er, I mean, the public education system? I’m the daughter of an educator working in the special education department, so I hear the first-hand scuttlebutt. There are plenty of educators on both sides of the political spectrum frustrated with how things are.

    • Pjs8200

      Riiiiiiiiiiiight….and isn’t it the right that’s *always* cutting education funding?

    • L Wms

      Aaagh, liberals bad. Grunt, grunt.
      That’s what you sound like, nutjob.
      Where did it say the school staff were liberals? Are you really that stupid to believe every teacher and every administrator in every public school is a liberal ? I really hope you don’t teach, oh wait, that would make you a liberal.
      Personal politics have no place in public schools.
      Grow up. Being a liberal is not bad, but being closed-minded and extreme is.

    • Sam, I see you’ve struck a nerve with the commies.

      However, it actually would be more accurate to refer to the supporters of the system as “progressives,” or “statists.” Because the love of government solutions stretches across party lines. There is no difference between “R” and “D.”

    • Chad Howe

      I mean I agree with the fact that the public school system is flawed and they are ready to send anyone who doesn’t sit still or learn at the same pace as the rest of the class into special ed, which is basically daycare at best, but it has nothing to do with liberals, and more to do with the teachers and parents lack of effort in raising the child. The problem is not the system but rather the people who control the system, which the last time I checked was an equal amount of both liberals and conservatives. So I apologize if I can’t give you the attention and reassurance you so desperately need..

    • Jacob Bigham

      George Bush… NCLB…

    • Trundle

      Dependence on the government among the general population is a logical interest of both political parties you partisan hack. If we do not need them – they would have no justifiable reason to exist.

    • Benjamin Golden

      Sam, I think you are either a zealot or off your rocker. As a man alarmed at the power and waste of big government I think that others who share my concerns need not be irrational to make their points.

      The boy was showing symptoms of a life-altering disorder. Early intervention helps many of these children achieve a far better outcome.

      This boy has gifts that are found in one of ten million children. With this oddity albeit a positive one, how you would presume that special ed treatment is a waste for all or most special needs children given that this exceptional boy didn’t need it is just crazy.

      I can see merit in the argument that one who brings children into this world is responsible for them and taxpayers can’t continue to devote the resources to fund special ed. I can see the merit in this argument logically, but I do not agree with it. I would have preferred you stick to an intellectually honest argument that has merit even if it is seemingly cold.

      As a harsh critic of big government, people like you make it exceedingly difficult to get the message out.

    • oakgroveinn

      This is not a story to approach with an extra-broad brush, Sam. HELLO. Jake is an exception. Almost unbelievably so. The story worked out; the parents took over. The “liberals” in the “government dependency” department had other students to deal with, including gifted and talented, special ed, emotionally disabled, economically disadvantaged, etc. Lighten up. You don’t know what you’re talking about. -A TEACHER

    • steev richter

      apparently, special education didn’t work for you either.

    • steev richter

      apparently, special ed didn’t work for you either.

    • SuperFly2000

      Exactly! I too as this kid was diagnosed and considered a “SPECIAL ED” child. Which I did attend from four grade til High School. However rather than just observing and dealing with what they thought was my inability to think. I ran into a really awesome teacher for whom was thinking outside the box, and realized that I was processing data mentally faster than my own motor skills could keep up with them. For example writing, even today I still have to SLOW DOWN to keep up my motor skills other wise I will skip letter while writing. Teachers were baffled as to why I could verbally spell words but not write them at times. This teacher taught me to Slow down my thought processes or when I wanted I could allow them to freely expand to what ever I liked. I too was a kid that loved outer space, and I learned everything that I could about it. BUT then I got my hands of my first computer and that is where I have found my life’s work and enjoyment. So I totally understand how the Liberal Oriented School system works. You go you attend, you study a book, and learn how to socially conform and obey the structured world of being controlled by a system. I was able to act on my own outside of that conformity due to my “SPECIAL NEEDS” and I have to admit I did abuse that power from time to time knowing that I could simply tell my teacher I needed “HELP” and off to my special ed class I would go, where I could learn the subject on my own in my own way. Today I feel that I understand being a free thinker, and I don’t take everything that everyone say for granted as ITS THE WAY IT SUPPOSED TO BE — I love breaking the rules an having FREE thought, and it leads to awesome creativity. So like the kid said stop learning, and start doing, because while you are doing you will be learning something NEW and extraordinary. Everyone has that one thing they love to do, a lot of us grow up and put those things aside — DON’T — Start living and doing what you love — EVEN when the system say NO, Question it, and say YES. The liberal mind is a dangerous mind for it wants to control everything and oppress the things they feel endanger them because they don’t understand it — therefore it must be unsafe and harmful especially to them. Idiots!

    • andywade


    • are you really this vacant, that you would ascribe a dozens of decades long fascination with one-track schools to ‘liberals’ ? what has this to do with this awesome kid? damn

    • kenny.login

      In case you haven’t noticed that both sides are one in the same… never mind. No hope in explaining anymore.. Just bicker on my visionary friend.

      • SAM ADAMS

        I’m just as hard on neocons! At least I’m consistent! As for education which is the topic at hand, the liberals have the most to answer for. Conservatives are guilty of letting it happen. They should know better.

  • 豐 Piotrek Nowacki 豐

    It’s great that he can now learn in his own way but the whole nobel prize at this stage is a bit over the top imo.

    • ajay

      Well, I guess Obama can give the kid his.. He definitely doesn’t deserve it.

    • vbscript2

      I would generally agree with you, though I’d also point out that this kid is probably much more deserving of a Nobel than several of the people who have actually won them in recent years.

      • 豐 Piotrek Nowacki 豐

        Yea, the Peace and the Economic Nobel prizes especially.

  • kendra

    He was diagnosed with ASPERGER’S not ADD. Fyi, might want to change that. He is brilliant though.

    • dragon5126

      ADD the need for discipline in early life in over 80% of the youth diagnosed with it, and fetal alcohol syndrome in 15%. leaving only 5% with true ADD. meanwhile 95%of the kids are suffering ongoing developmental brain issues due to pharmaceutical treatment they should NOT be receiving…

      • DarciaM

        Source. Preferably a medical journal and not a blog.

        • dragon5126

          Spoken like a total liberal idiot with no child rearing experience other than doping their kids up… How man Doctors’ kids are put on meds for behavior issues?

    • Joanna Boese

      I personally can’t wait for the day people will stop putting someone’s disorder as their main trait. I and many others want to be seen as who we are, not what we never wanted to put up with.

  • 7BillionTo1

    “Stop learning, start thinking,” a novel idea, if there were any people left that could think.

    I’m more interested in reading his book. I want to see if he discusses arithmophobia vs. just plain laziness.

    Some cannot learn math due to a legitimate, however irrational, fear of numbers, yet others will not learn due to their shear lack of effort.

    Brilliant child. I hope the fame doesn’t go to his head, for a bulb that burns too brightly soon burns out.

    ~A Romantic Cynic~
    “It’s foolish to wish upon a star,
    for it’s most likely dead.
    It’s best to invest in who you are,
    and your own abilities instead.”

    • Kirsten Houseknecht

      there is also the fact that many people have the often undiagnosed learning disability called “Dyscalculia” which makes understanding abstract symbols and symbol order very difficult (like me)
      in addition, as with ANY subject, different children learn different ways… i am a hands on learner and abstract concepts are harder (not impossible) for me. once i could actually apply a math problem in real life in some fashion, i GOT it… but lists on a blackboard were confusing me

      • dragon5126

        these multiple disabilities all fall back on the parent not taking proper care of themselves during pregnancy, swilling down alcohol, diet sodas smoking doing drugs second hand smoke and other toxins because of the “You cant tell me what to do” idea that is prevalent among WHO? Progressive Liberals, who else, especially since these conditions are considerably less common in children of conservative parents…

        • DarciaM

          WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Most liberals would have a heart attack if they saw a pregnant woman doing any of those things. The only places I ever see nonsense like that is in the South – try telling me there are tons of liberals in the deep South, please.

          • dragon5126

            look at the welfare rolls and you will see how many liberals are in the south you moron. Look anywhere there is welfare and you will find liberals they thrive and multiply on it. Lord knows I’ve locked enough of them up over the years and they all thought they knew everything, just like you

        • Kirsten Houseknecht

          my very non drug doing, healthy, never touched a diet drink in their lives, parents (yes my mother smoked) who never drank alcohol…..
          none the less had me.

          and my neighbor had rubella when she was pregnant and her child was born with multiple handicaps.

          and my friend who has learning disabilities, multiple other issues , and a heart problem, has parents who are far right Mormons….

          i suggest you take your preconceptions to a real disabilities study

          • dragon5126

            I suggest you take your ignorance and crawl away, In your abject STUPIDITY you are forgetting that there are more than one cause of disability and Liberal ignorance is one of them, as you so aptly displayed. And as for your Mormon friends, religion is irrelevant, as there are literally hundreds of thousands of food born toxins that cause these issues as well. So once again you display a level of ignorance only found in liberal trolls and Obama’s personal zombies.

    • dragon5126

      Phobias are learned due to the actions of others. for example “don’t do that, you are too stupid” to read that book, do algebra, learn anatomy and so forth. ALL the result of liberal pigeon holing of children rather than TEACHING the child instead of the CLASS.

      • DarciaM

        OH MY GOD, SHUT UP.

        At this point, you are just making up whatever sounds nice to feed into YOUR phobia of liberals. You sound like a child. You can’t take years of psychological research and ignore them just to insult liberals further. What sort of pathetic, miserable life do you have to live that you have to come on this forum and insults hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities by trying to minimize their problems into a political debate?

        Go away. Leave this country. Because the problems are not caused by liberals or conservatives in general, they’re caused by divisive, ignorant, idiotic people like you.

        • dragon5126

          there you go demonstrating the antisocial behavior all liberals demonstrate when challenged to face reality. Seek professional help before you end up committing suicide

  • There was a Canadian television series several years ago called *ReGenesis*, about an advanced biotech research laboratory in Toronto, Ontario. One of the characters portrayed in the series, named Bob Melnikov, had Asperger syndrome, and was a brilliant biochemist.

  • tree worm

    they dont even have ppl for dyslex here in the whole state of louisiana

    • FaqUrug

      Ranked the second-most illiterate state in the union… forget helping kids who read backwards (oversimplification, i know) – There’s a major problem with education in general in LA.

  • bdgshv

    Democrats + Liberals + Sheeple = Socialist/communist style government and death for milions of people.

  • Jacob Barnett is awesome! I seen a couple of his lectures. He is going to advance physics to new levels, for all of us. If anyone can prove string theory and the Big
    Bang, it’s him.

  • Seth Yarbour

    The future will be gifted with such individuals such as this kid. Human expansion and the Human Evolution, taking us higher then what we can only perceive through the mindset of outdated and human conflict due to religion.
    I can foresee the future of space travel and intergalactic commerce… but only if we band together for the betterment of humankind.
    No politics.. no religion… just the race for knowledge. All you are thinking in a box. We will all die in a short period of time, give or take a century. You think that you will be remembered for the crap that you voted for? the crap that you prayed to?
    Think my fellow humans… Think.

  • Richard Davis

    Yeah, I just hate it when liberals consign genius children like this to special education and a life of underachievement and dependency. I mean really, it’s practically a f***ing epidemic and not just a one-time anomaly as libs would claim.

    • truepopo

      it has nothing to do with be a liberal or has to do with stupid people thinking they know best for others when in fact it seems they are out of their league when it comes to assessing others…quit blaming left or right for such simple answers

      • California Architect

        No, it has everything to do with “liberal”. It’s liberals who want to give more money to government schools who do not have any financial incentive to accelerate students. The schools receive money per student per day. That’s what they care about.

  • Angela Bailey Coffman

    I applaud these parents for pulling their child from a broken system and giving him the opportunities he deserves. What a blessing he is to the world.

    A child has to be intelligent to be accepted into sped, but the process once in the program frustrates me. Most teachers are taught that there is a window of learning that closes by age 8 or 9 and after that point there is little hope to improve. Most disabilities aren’t diagnosed until this age after it’s “too late” to help much. The most common intervention is to reduce the length of assignments and to reduce expectations for the child. ARGH! I cry out in frustration against this and feel powerless to make change. The “window of opportunity” theory is out-dated and has been replaced by neuroplasticity–the science that the brain is constantly changing and can do amazing things. There is no age limit for our amazing brains! I used this theory to remediate my daughter’s processing speed disorder after refusing to allow her into public school special ed. We home-schooled her so we could give her the help she needed. She is such an amazing person. She now learns easily, and has little sign of a processing speed disorder. If cirsumstances were different I would go back to school and get my PHD in education and write my thesis on Neuroplasticity and the remediation of learning disabilities. And then go about changing the these exceptional children are treated in schools. Hopefully someone else is already doing this!

  • truepopo

    that’s the problem in this whole discussion…a bunch of idiots arguing over liberal libertarian, GOP…bla bla bla….as a canadian.I landed on this site. Read the page and decided on my own what a great outcome this story became. I never made it political in any way because some kids falls through the crack no matter the political setup. The point being is the Parents had the strength to make the right decision and take it away from people that may have not seen the big picture. its not a political thing…its a human thing. You americans need to get past political left or right and start seeing that humans are in so many ways all the same……ya sure some are extreme but i like to think we are all able to meet in the middle for whats best for all of us. Perhaps this kid may solve some of your very apparent political problems as it is a very sad state in your country right now

    • California Architect

      It is political. The public school that this child attended had the financial incentive to keep him there despite the fact that he could test out of the school.

      • DarciaM

        Those aren’t liberal ideals. Liberals want schools for everyone, it’s the republicans that want to instill all the regulations to “save on their investment”.

        But regardless, you can drop the politics for one freaking day.

  • Guest

    I have to say that I enjoy the irony of a story about a boy genius being set up by a headline with improper punctuation. Guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less from this site.

  • Guest

    Uh…great grammar in the headline.

    BTW, you DO know that airing a 60 Minutes clip on your site constitutes copyright fraud, don’t you?

    Oh wait…I just saw which site I landed on. Forget what I said. It’s to be expected.

    • Geeky Grandma

      No. It’s called Fair Use and only encourages people to visit the actual site to see the whole thing.

  • Yourownfault

    This kid is amazing, can’t wait to read more articles about him

  • Cat

    Wow…just Wow…this article is about a child with AUTISM..who had he stayed in special education classes..where he should never have been..probably would not have had his voice heard until much later in life…Im not sure where all these other subjects enter into this…its about AUTISM…Learn about it before you make judgements and get into arguments about things that have nothing to do with it…

    • Cat

      And before I get all the sarcasm YES I do know about it..I have a wonderful, intelligent granddaughter who is Autistic..

  • Kicker

    A large number of comments about the writing ability of one of the posters that is distracting from the more salient point, specifically that the current education system is underserving large segments of the student population.

    No one can argue that students are finishing 8 or 12 years of attendance at public schools, and are functionally illiterate. Nor can anyone argue that many students on the high end are insufferably bored (leading to behavior problems).

    A cursory study of the American public education system shows that it was never intended to provide a quality education to large numbers of students from across the spectrum. Instead, its primary purpose was to turn out students that were just literate enough to follow instructions, and indoctrinated to follow orders from their “superiors”.

    In that respect, it has done an outstanding job!!!

  • anony1

    Seeing as everyone has taken it upon themselves to somehow make this about politics, I can only wonder…why is everyone so against liberals? I mean, if Republicans would do their jobs right maybe people wouldn’t support liberals so much. And since when has the education system been free from mistakes?

    Point is everyone is at fault. Political ideology does not mean you will automatically be saved from allowing such problems to persist and oppress our children. Why doesn’t someone come up with a plausible solution instead of running around in circles pointing fingers? Why doesn’t anyone see the defects within their own party? What, Republicans have it right and liberals suck?

    So lets say they suck, what the heck is anyone any party doing to better our schools? Truly people think of higher things and stop bickering like school children. I mean I know we are talking about a child but it doesn’t mean you have to act like one.

  • BCreegan

    You do realize that Special Education was set up to help children in crisis. Just because a child is in Special Ed, doesn’t mean he isn’t brilliant… it just means that he cannot learn the way we want him to learn. My 2 eldest went through Special Ed, because their ADHD interfered with their ability to focus and learn in the classroom. Their grades ranged from “B” all the way down the scale to “D”. They are now in High School, out of Special Ed, and making A’s and B’s in school. They are in Advanced, Honors, and AP classes. Special Ed has helped many children… but it may not be the best fit for everybody. If Special Ed isn’t working for your child, take him to an education specialist. I sought advice from one who stressed that I was my child’s only advocate, and that I CAN make Special Ed work. I had numerous meetings with teachers and counselors to guarantee my children were getting the help they needed.

  • MICKtreefifniner

    First off, This Article is about a gifted teenager. Nothing more.

    Second, “Sam Adams” is a troll. Don’t fail to realize this. The Majority of Libertarians could see this immediately when he started throwing the term “liberal” around. He’s a part of the Left Right Paradigm. Failing to realize that as Libertarians. We’re not going to go around attacking others based upon their political lean. Because that is not the objective of a Libertarian.

    Finally, Ignore the troll.

  • m2dad

    Don’t let the Obama administration get a hold of this kid. In their eyes everyone has to be the same. Those that have more will be stripped of it and given to those who have less. They’ll dissect the kid’s brain to lower intelligence and give the brain matter to someone with lower intelligence (Obama could theoretically be the recipient). Just look what they’ve done to people’s healthcare. If you had a plan you could afford and were comfortable with it was taken away and to be replaced by a more expensive plan with coverage they don’t need, in order that those who are not interested in working to pay for their own coverage can have it at expense of someone else. Welcome to the liberal world.

  • Teerexness

    There’s a beautiful anti-Prussian schooling message here. We must save the next generation by homeschooling/unschooling our kids.

  • Michael Hill

    I have the same disorder he has and it’s awesome for me to see that it’s not a disorder that we should put in spec.ed for While it is autism and does affect your , life its something that can be managed and were probably more gifted than the average person and shouldn’t be considered special needs.

    • Joanna Boese

      Speaking as someone that has been diagnosed with the same disorder, no, it’s NOT awesome. I had been put into the same type of classes, but being kept AWAY from people and prior to that, told I couldn’t excel at what I wanted in life, I developed depression and social anxiety. What good is it to think the way to fit in is to isolate someone? Or, as the media has been very insensitive about, claim we’ll never fit in? I will NEVER attribute my disorder to any of my successes because it NEVER helped. I’m a hard worker, I take things seriously, and I try to treat everyone with respect. I will never let something I never wanted to deal with in the first place be the main thing about me.

  • Markrod420

    No no no. Clearly the child is just challenged in a gifted way… MEDICATE HIM I SAY!!!! this is america after all. What kind of country would we be if we didnt throw a pill or a law at it rather than just stepping up and actually doing some parenting right?…

    But in all seriousness thank god this woman saw the truth. My 5th grade teacher tried to send me down the same path and thankfully my mother refused because i am now a member of MENSA and a computer programmer lol.

    Parents dont just go throwing pills at your child because some “professional” told you you should. Chances are that professional gave 15 other kids that same recommendation today and was wrong about 14 of them…

  • Anthony Stewart

    CCSS seek(s) to make sure that all students have a specific set of knowledge. This is how to best produce a working (poor) class of people who don’t believe in their own abilities, because a set of benchmarks, classes, and/or tests highlight all their weaknesses, while utterly neglecting to build upon their strengths. The first word is common! Quality education should focus on the development of the individual in a student-centered, upward spiral of attainment tailored to an individual’s strengths. Without my skills in visual arts I would have never pursued higher education. After pursuing one and then the other, I have grown into a scholar of multiple disciplines. I can now tutor in subjects that I once failed at miserably. Public school as a whole convinced me not to value the very talent that set me apart. This is the nature of “Common” education. Since this approach is Essentialist in nature, we only get data focused snapshots that simply confirm what most teachers could tell you about any student they have worked with for a while. The problem being these tests can’t measure potential.

  • gatekeeper96740

    Plain fact teachers belong to unions and unions are liberal. The liberal mind set sees things in an obtuse manner. All square pegs must fit in the round holes.
    I have had Conservative teachers and professors on my tours here in Hawaii and they tell me in secret they MUST hide the fact they are Conservative or be fired!

  • Don Turco

    Had this happen to someone I know. His mother forced them to IQ test him. He was 180.. It seems he was just bored with the dullard public school teachers…

  • beancrisp

    FACT: They are government schools not public schools.

  • NormB

    This is a crime against humanity. As a public education victim myself I feel for the kid. But from the point of view of the socialist rat bastard educrats, he surely needed “to be socialized.” Thank God he wasn’t just drugged into submission to their totalitarian rule and goals. FREEDOM!

  • Brian Bertha

    This is what they mean by thinking outside the box

  • Geeky Grandma

    Good for him… and he’s adorable, too!

  • Reign Roelofs

    you are a fukkin brilliantly awesome mom! you deserve a mother of the year award. bravo bravo!!

  • Cindy

    I hope that this has helped both the young man and his parents to be more sympathetic toward others instead of judging by outward appearances, and I also hope the ones who judged this young man have learned from this experience.

  • Beverly Ann Gero

    My son had a IQ in 1st grade equal to a freshman in college but he was put in special needs classes because he couldn’t sit still in class and at that time I wasn’t aware of his IQ so I took him to be tested. The results were that he couldn’t sit still in class because he was bored. The reason they put kids in the special classes is because if they don’t keep the classroom full the school loses funding from the government. I wonder how many children have had their intelligence smothered by these jerks. I took my child out of public school and he graduated HS with a 3.9 GPA, I wonder what it would have been if I had let the teachers and the government have their way. Yes it is the liberals fault. Trying to always bring the top down to make the bottom look good.

    • Lynn Jordan

      We had that same situation with our youngest son. You are CORRECT. The liberals always “FEEL” uncomfortable when anyone has the capacity to make more of their lives than “being average”. They want EVERYONE to be the cream of the CRAP.

  • BradleyHill

    Please, give names of those doctors, who said this kid would never learn to tie his shoes. WE want names! They need to be help accountable for what they say. Only way to fight back is to hold these Liberals accountable.

  • BradleyHill

    It’s what Hitler did by going around and shooting all the smartest people at the time. Can anyone see what is going on here? REPEAT of history.

  • Brady Boby

    He said “there are a lot of geniuses but they need to stop learning and start thinking than they can start to create and create something new”

  • peggytosha

    Wow… this video sure brought out the lib idiots!!

  • C. Brunelle

    Wow! while I find this young man fascinating, I am appalled at the kind of response it has generated. I can not believe this was his intention. Congratulations to all of you who are intent on turning this into a personal and/or political vendetta. Use whatever higher intelligence you think you have for something more productive than insulting people. Peace and Kudo’s to Jacob Barnett for sharing his unique vision!

  • sandy linden

    This poor kid is just part of an uneducated….education system. My brother over 20 years ago was told he was slow…special needs. After years of placements and being embarrassed to be in those classes he quite school. Finally, it was a girlfriend that fiqured out how could a kid so talented be diagnosed as special needs. Turned out he had dislexia. At age 22 he went back to school and was tought the correct skills to read. ….

  • David B. Levenstam

    The kid was smarter than the liberal union teachers so they stuck him in with the challenged kids. Typical.

  • Irwin Leonardo

    Parents: “He wasn’t happy when he’s not doing something he likes” WELL NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!!!!! I’m not fucking happy when I’m not doing something I like, I’m well damn not happy when someone is telling me to do something I don’t like!!

  • Grizzly907LA

    Liberal school teacher POS’s!!! Most of the teacher I had in public school were crap. They were overpaid and under worked.

  • JP

    I found the comments to be pretty damn uninformed on this subject…oh no it was the big bad liberal education system that damned this child…we should fire all the teachers…Well lets analyze that. First off, it was doctors, most likely a developmental pediatrician who diagnosed the child at 2 years old, not teachers, as this is the typical process. So it was the doctors who said the child would probably never learn, and sadly, there are many clinicians out there that get kids with Autism and quickly go down this road. The next big issue with many arguments put forth here is that the Individual Education Plans (IEP) of any child being evaluated by the public school system has to be signed off by the parents. Thus, even if the child belongs in Special Education classes, the parents can refuse to sign the plan and the child will be placed in general population classes. So, for me, what that says is first we need to inform ourselves as parents, the responsibility is ours first and foremost, not doctors or teachers. Furthermore, always get a second opinion from doctors, because they are not experts on every disability out there, so maybe find an Autism expert. Lastly, teachers evaluating your child, should do their jobs better by informing you of the evaluation process, what resources are available to you, and it is a HUGE red flag if a teacher tells you what your child will never do. If anything, they should simply say, they cant do it yet.

    • doncalls

      At no time did a teacher look into this however,we spend soo much on education and get so little back,the teachers unions are the Democratic Partys piggy bank and are rewarded just so.

      Teachers make far too much and don’t give me that BS about doing grades after school etc so many of us in the private sector do the same and do not get three months off.

      • JP

        That is anecdotal evidence, because I know of dozens of public teachers who work their asses off daily at school and at home to provide the best education they can muster with little resources (Title 1 schools). So while you may know some bad eggs, I know plenty in private schools, hell I know bad eggs in every job system. As far as the Dems getting money from teachers unions, I can point to other industries that poor money into the GOP, that is our political reality, and unions in GOP strongholds fall in line with those political leanings. It is not somehow that you grow up in red country, then become a teacher there and suddenly, POOF! you are a liberal dem. Lobbying in of itself does not corrupt an industry. That said, there is a great deal that needs to happen to change the unions, they have their purpose in the workplace, but the teacher union does a disservice to their own members imo. Nonetheless, demonizing the union or public teachers as a whole is a broad stroke of a brush that is not only untrue, but also not helpful.

      • Tara Paisley

        Funny, I’ve had a variety of jobs and know people in a variety of professions. Yet, the clerk at the grocery store doesn’t bring home work, nor does the nurse, the banker, etc as a general rule bring home work to do after hours. I’ve never ever worked a job (except teacher) that required me to do work at home or otherwise “off the clock.” Not only that, but no where else did I work where I had to spend MY OWN MONEY for the job. My kids’ teachers often buy supplies to do projects at school or purchase small trinkets to reward their students.

        Teachers do not get 3 months off. Kids don’t even get 3 months off. Students get 10 weeks and teachers get 9 at the most over the summer. If you work 50 weeks a year (although some people actually get THREE or FOUR weeks off as they move up in a company.) That is 250 days a year – 5 days a week for 50 weeks, NOT counting if you are off for legal holidays. The bare minimum for teachers are 190 work days. Some have to work 210. That is a difference of between 40 and 60 days. Some of those days off are at Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring break and the legal holidays the school district decides to follow (we aren’t off for Veteran’s Day for example) Then ALL teachers are required to continue to take classes to keep their teaching certificates up. They aren’t paid for those hours, but it is required for their job. In some cash strapped districts, teachers have been known to purchase their OWN COPY PAPER. My daughter’s first grade teacher wanted to have every child to have a clip board to work on when they weren’t at their desks. IF she didn’t have parents step up to the plate, she would have had to purchase them herself.

  • Heather James

    The public schools do EXACTLY what they were designed to do, and they do it very well indeed. They were designed to teach kids enough to do meet the needs of industry and respect authority without question. If this is not what you want for your kid, then public school is not the place for her. If you want documentation, read John Taylor Gatto’s The Underground History of American Education or any of his other books, but the one I named is available as a free pdf. As are Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt’s The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America and Ivan Illyich’s Deschooling Society.

    • JP

      yes, schools are like big brother just trying to keep us all down…that is why we are all just morons, who follow authority blindly, and only meet the needs of industry. No free thinkers here. Reality shines a very contrarian light on the argument you are putting forth, and while you name two books that may support your argument, I know of volumes of research that point to the contrary, and not to mention the empirical data of people who have blossomed from public schools. Your overgeneralization fails to compel anyone with half a brain.

  • Joe_in_Indiana

    Our Daughter went to Andrean High School (private Catholic) and Butler University. Best decisions made by ALL of us. She is doing wonderfully well in her profession.

    Think outside the box!

  • Jerry Fellows

    Education today has gone down the drain with Obama trying to brain wash your kids.

    • JP

      no, it’s not the schools, they added a new chemical to our drinking water. Makes you turn liberal and want to give away all your money.

      • Kathleen L Wright

        how terrible, to want to give away your money and help people instead of holding onto it like some sort of Scrooge McDuck

    • haha fruit bag

  • Richard StJohn

    Of course the public “education system” put him in special ed and almost destroyed him. 50 years ago we taught Latin and Greek in high school. Now it’s hard enough to find kids who read at their grade level. The government involvement in education has served to dumb down this nation. Just like government involvement in every other aspect of life has cause it’s quality to deteriorate.

    • JP

      yes, “every” aspect, because it was not DARPA who was at the core of the internet, it was not NASA that put us on the moon, nor was it Eisenhower’s implementation of the highway system that gave us a greater ability to transport goods, and forget that GI Bill that has improved the future of our veterans, and dont even talk to me about the National Institute of Health and CDC who have been at the core of eradicating polio, cholera and smallpox from our country. Yep that crappy guvment dont do nuthin!

      • Richard StJohn

        I’ll try to keep this civil but you liberals are just to out of touch with reality. Do you really think the government does anything better than the private sector? In government there is no profit to be made. There is no incentive to produce more or work harder. Government does things for it’s own benefit. Not yours, not mine. If you’re truly confident of your beliefs and positions why don’t you have a picture of who you are and use your name? And above all don’t mention our service members as people who benefit from government programs. Illegals get benefits in weeks. VA disability takes years. In case you hadn’t noticed our vets have had their benefits reduced to pay for these benefits the illegals receive. So take your sorry ass down the polls and vote for Obama 20 or 30 times then go get your welfare check.
        Those of us who pay for these social programs are positive the money could be better spent in so many ways.

        • JP

          I dont really compare private to public sectors on everything, because my point is that the public sector has its place, and private theirs. There will always be things that people argue should be in one or the either, but this insistence by people to argue that the government should be a hollow shell is unreasonable. Some things are not well suited for the private sector for reasons of its very nature, as we should never entirely privatize our military, or our infrastructure, or our natural resources. Secondly, this dichotomy of the government as some alien entity which citizens are entirely separate from is also disheartening. Citizens make up the government, so why do you think that all of a sudden by the very virtue of working for a city, state, federal government organization, that person somehow transforms into a monster who wishes to steal all your money and be lazy? I served my country for 8 years in the military, and now serve as a law enforcement officer (hence why no picture), and at no time have I become more lazy or more interested in stealing people’s hard earning money. Nor did my father when he served, or my grandfather when he worked as a city manager for 30 years, nor does my wife a special education teacher. Government should be well balanced with the private sector. If done properly, the government should be there to regulate and protect citizens from the illegal practices of private citizens and corporations, as well as manage those things which are best managed in the public sector. We can argue about the details, and how programs are horribly inefficient or just plain ineffective, and thats fine, but I personally try not to overly generalize about entire programs like our public education system, which is what this article was about. Just because there are problems does not mean we should forsake the entire system. Just as our military has significant issues, doesnt mean we scrap it. Lastly as for VA stuff, as I am a veteran and have utilized my benefits for over a decade, I will mention whatever I damn well please about them.

  • Eagle 77

    Always keep in mind that Schools of Education tend to have students with the lowest test scores and really mediocre curricula. The products, are the ones teaching our kids.

    Sadly, at least in the Commonwealth of VA, a person can’t become a teacher without completing about 25 credit hours of graduate education courses. Seems to me you should be able to earn a teaching credential with a masters in discipline.

    • JP

      Schools of Education, while many are unappealing programs that take your money and churn out mediocre at best teachers, it is a far cry from all of them. There are dozens of institutions that put out amazing teachers, such as Harvard, Vanderbilt, Columbia, UCLA, Berkeley, Wisconsin-Madison, Michigan State, Univ. of Kansas, to name just a few.
      Also, depending on where in VA you live, the competition may be high enough you need to have a Masters, but no such requirement exists in VA, only requirements are, “Virginia requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in order to receive teacher certification. Virginia does not list specific course or credit hour requirements, although it does specify the skills it wants teachers in every area or subject to master. The state does require 300-375 clock hours of field experiences, including 150 or more hours of supervised student teaching, depending on your specialization.”

  • Joanna Boese

    I was not in a good situation in high school. I wasn’t diagnosed until later in life, but the authority figures in my school thought that sending me to alternate school was a good idea. It wasn’t. All the events leading up to it seemed that many of the authority figures I had to deal with didn’t know how to deal with me, although it was painfully simple: help me fit in. Thinking of me as the problem caused me to spiral into depression and social anxiety, and it’s been a long road to try to get to the life I want for myself. (And I’ve done things that would’ve made those teachers who discouraged me feel regretful…)

    HOWEVER, I’m getting sick of people who think having a disorder is a great thing. It’s NOT. I don’t attribute ANY of my successes in life to it and I NEVER will. In fact, I don’t identify myself with it. I would rather be seen as what kind of person I am and what I can do, not what I’ve had to put up with. See this kid as a genius, not as a genius with a disorder.

  • Rachel Mills

    Government schools were totally right about his shoe tying ability tho. 😉

  • bobby lou

    I like how they ended up with a genius child (by chance) and she titles her book “The Spark: A Mother’s Story of NURTURING GENIUS” as if she is the one that made him so. I highly doubt if her child was on the other end of the spectrum that she would have named her book “The Fizzle: A Mothers Story of Nurturing Idiocy” ….. parents can be soooo egotistical!

    • JP

      no doubt a significant part of intelligence is genetic, however without serious intervention and developing the abilities of children, his ability would not be as profound or there much at all. Just like those with average intelligence can become great with developing their drive and efforts towards great things. As for the title, I am sure she had a little help from a PR dept.

  • Emily

    This is what happened with Thomas Edison, as well.

    The public school system is set up to benefit the average student.

    • DCBrough

      Much like common core eh?

  • Ed Walden

    No Sam, its important to rid the world of liberals and I mean exactly what I am saying exactly what you think I mean by that.

    • JP

      you are welcome to try Ed, but we are the ones gaining ground day by day…demographics is on our side not yours. And as a younger generation, after I am done taking away your SS and Medicare and taxing you at a rate of 75%, I will make sure to find a nice hole for all of you conservatives to lie down and die, where you belong.

      • Ed Walden

        LOL you better try again. The country is 70% right leaning and 30% Middle to left leaning. I am not worried about taxes or SS. I bought a home in another country so when I retire I am gone and yes I know you want my money, that is all you liberals ever want is other peoples money. Try working for a change. Obama is gone soon and you will have to fend for yourself. BTW he made sure that you liberals will never win office again, bunch of gay loving no working libtard fascists is all you are and we are the ones that own all of the guns and are willing to use them.

        • JP

          you must have gotten that info from bible camp there Ed, breakdown in USA is 39% conservatives, 37% moderates, and 23% liberal. As for you moving away, all the better for us, all that money you put into SS & Medicare, that is ours now, we are gonna spend it on abortions and welfare for drug users! If you think the GOP will ever control the big cities, you are crazier than I thought. The biggest population centers will always be blue. As the population increases, the more we add to our pack. Plus, we will just keep letting immigrants come over and add them to our roster. Lastly, if you think you are the only ones with the guns, then you must not pay attention. Why do you think we have all you anti-federalist terrorists on watchlists over here in the intelligence agencies? For fun!? It is so we can hunt you down like the dogs you are. Btw, when you go overseas, we just use our Mossad buddies to poison your food.

          • Ed Walden

            LOL, damn and I thought I was crazy. You liberals are a hoot. Who would have thought you actually think you have a chance of existing in the future. You do know that in 2014 we will take the Senate then we will impeach the HNIC. After that we will allow HerBiden to take over and we will have weekly reality shows with him as the main character. I mean, this guy goes to the senate and tells them to vote no on closing the loophole on allowing illegals to take tax payer money and sending it back to their families, then he tells people to buy shotguns for defense. So our veterans loose their retirement and we have the last 2 mass murderers using shotguns. A&E will have the best ratings on TV all because we all know you liberals are only good for one thing, killing defenseless people. Like the guy in Colorado, you nut the hell up when people come at you with guns. Ok, so go back to your pot and take a puff, we will round you up on the next traffic stop.

          • JP

            are you a little slow? is that why this article appeals to you so much? I am just messing with you, I could care less about you or your half-brained beliefs. You are obviously out of touch with reality. You find it easy to say oh look they get all this money!! Yeah well where was the GOP the last two decades? The Republicans controlled the Senate from 1995-2001 and then again from 2003-2007, and they controlled the House from 1995-2007!! If it is the liberals and Dems who have been doing all this, then show me the legislation where they rammed through giving illegals access to education, welfare, and anything else when they were in control of both houses from 2009-2011. They punched through the ACA, that is it. The GOP has failed over and over along with the Dems to improve the way we handle immigration, gun controls, and our military budget for decades. So get off your crazy horse and go read a damn book. Ignorant fool.

  • do what now

    Don’t let the fact that Indiana school system is run by republicans in a state dominated by republican politics get in the way of your little puff piece…

  • Tyler Read

    He’s not your average boy, so why try using his story as an argument against the modern educational system?

    As somebody said below, the public school system is set up to serve the “average student” because most of us are neither autistic nor savants. A special boy requires a special educational experience and programs for the handicapped are only one example of how to best raise such a child.

  • Dre

    Libtard, Repubtard, Libertard. The problem is YOU! Repubtards naming people Libtards for not agreeing with them, Libtards naming Repubtards for not agreeing with them. Libertards just simply being retarded. Public schools suck and always have sucked. The only thing you people can do is blame the opposition so you’re perpetuating the problem with ignorance you fucking tards.

  • hirider

    He’ll never win a Nobel Prize if he’s not a liberal follower. Only leftist nut jobs win it.

    • JP

      Ever hear of Milton Friedman? pretty much the Godfather of Conservative economics? Yeah, Nobel Prize in Economics. BOOM! Lawyered.

      • Charles Johnson

        Ever hear of the person who’s being sarcastic and trying to get a reaction out of people? Guess what, that’s hirider. To actually put forth a legitimate response to his comment shows how gullible some folks are.

  • Ghost_Babel

    They should put those idiot teachers in special ed.

    • kc8ntp

      They have been labeling children with Aperger’s as “special needs” for a very long time. The fact being, is many with the disorder — myself included — tend to excel when not treated like they are “off”. The odd behavior(s) of the Asperger child tends to be indicative of a superior intellect; we just tend to be socially awkward.

      • Ghost_Babel

        And there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact–what junior high kid isn’t socially awkward?

  • kc8ntp

    I have Aperger’s — with an IQ of 142 — and the libtard schools did the EXACT same thing to me.

  • dz

    I think that it has more to do with how that district or more importantly the special ed teacher likes/loves his/her job. My daughter is in special ed and has an IQ that is at the level of a kid at least 7 years older than her. We are blessed to have not only SpeEd teachers that truly care and want to see her succeed but her “regular” teacher has the same goals for her as well. They work together to help her excel in the subjects that are easy for her and they also find new ways to teach her the subjects that are a struggle for her. They do all of these things without signaling her out as a SpeEd kid or “different.” I know that we are fortunate to have these incredible people impacting our daughter’s life. I am beyond grateful to these teaches for not only coming to work, but for going that extra mile for not only my kid but for all of the others that they help as well. I have no idea what their political views are, all that I know is they have taken a pay decrease every year for the last 6 years while paying more for their insurance, they are required to constantly take more and more college credits in order to keep their degrees and jobs and yet they come to work everyday and give not only my kid but all of the kids that they teach 110%. Personally, I don’t care who they vote for as long as they continue to sacrifice all that have to teach my child. I will continue to do all that I support these selfless people. Before you anti-teacher people jump all over this let me just say that these same teachers have been there for us after hours, weekends, and have even created programs for my child to keep them from falling behind w/o being asked to do it.

    Oh, my child is not labeled for a lifetime of government dependency! Her public school teachers, parents, and public school staff treat her like every other child and teach her real world skills. There are more over induldged, self-centered, dis-respectful kids being raised that will end up living off the system than there are wrongly labeled special ed kids.

  • Kevin Nyvek Michael Moshier

    In high school I was in a number of special ed programs and my grades were absolutely dreadful. I am not saying that such programs are useless, but they have gotten out of control. Too often special ed programs do pigeon hole young children, with devastating results. In the end I barely made it through school. I graduated with a pathetic IEP that meant nothing outside of the town I grew up in. Once I was out on my own I went on a journey where I undid all the damage such programs caused. I had been taught that my dyslexia, and attention issues, made me far too slow to achieve anything great. I had been left to feel as though I would never make it on my own. At one point I was even content in the knowledge that I would have a future that consisted of special living assistant programs for the rest of my life. Now I know many of those who pushed me into these programs did so wanting only to protect me from a harsh world, if only they could have known that their efforts actually made this world an even harder place to live and function in. Today I have earned my GED and I am attending college. I still have a weakness when it comes to math and I take longer on tests, but I have maintained a 4.0 each semester. Now again, I am not telling parents to never consider these programs. For some children special ed programs have proven beneficial. What I am asking parents to do is just have faith. Please do not underestimate your children, they often posses amazing gifts and a resilience that could surprise you if nourished 🙂

  • Mochi

    I’m honestly gob-smacked that SO many horrible people are using this story of this wonderful child as a soapbox to spew their political agendas. Sickening.

  • Marlene Young McMurtry

    What an amazing kid. I know he will go far in life. I can’t wait to hear about him again in the future. Invent something wonderful. I wish him the best. I’m disappointed in the school that labeled him as special needs.

  • beachmike

    The teachers that put this genius kid in special ed have proven THEMSELVES to be mentally deficient and retarded in many ways.

  • Sarah E

    This sounds familiar. My nephew, who had a stroke at birth, is very bright and learns things very, very quickly and easily. He’s way ahead of his “level”. But, he has some physical disabilities, he wasn’t “potty trained”, and has been placed on the higher end of the Autism spectrum, in special ed last year, in kindergarten, he was basically sitting there. His teachers were lovely to him, but he wouldn’t speak (we found out later that he was having constant seizures in the speech area of his brain). Last year, he regressed in public education. He didn’t learn anything and forgot half of what he already knew going into kindergarten (he had already learned subtraction/addition, and had forgotten it). So, my sister decided to homeschool him.This year, in half a school year, he’s already way ahead of where he needs to be to the point that we already made it through the list of things he’s supposed to know in first grade, and he’s made great strides socially, he’s potty trained, and with other areas as well. And it’s not even that he’s getting grueling one-on-one at home. We sit down with him for maybe an hour, two hours a day and complete what is on our agenda for the day, and then we just let him go for the rest of the day and without any prompting, he’s practicing math and other concepts we went over the rest of the day.He works it into his “play”, and when he’s interested in something, he’s very, very interested in it, so it’s fun to teach him. I’m in school to be a teacher, so nothing against the education system. I think we need to accept the fact that not all kids do well in public education. Not bashing the system at all, but the way his brain works (because of his TBI), he does much better in our loose-structure.

  • Neldene Matusevich

    The Government Education system has been deteriorating ever since the federal government took over the education of our children. If you don’t know who the Secretary of Education is you need to look at his background. Look at the schools in Chicago; that’s the system he ran before being appointed to the national level. His name is Arni Duncan. Some states are realizing now bad the Common Core Curriculum is and abandoning it. Parents need to get involved or take their children out of this corrupt system.

    • JP

      We need a standardization of the level of math, science and English every student needs when they are coming out of HS and into College, almost every decent country in this world does it. But I agree the Common Core curriculum is a horrible way of going about it.

  • catdog8

    Thank God that mom followed her head and ignored the “professionals”

  • Steve Adcock

    Forgot the theory of relativity…get this kid to figure out how to keep our hapless government from wasting taxpayer’s money that they neither earned, nor deserve. Let’s get some use out of this kid.

  • Linda Sue

    The perfect example of why you should get your child out of public education !

  • MissyT111

    1. Dumb down ALL kids to make the field level…insanity for sure.
    2. I wonder….did they also try to put him on drugs ????

  • Loobie

    As a person with a disease that Dr.s don’t know what it is, MS just like autism in that regard, and it’s very true that you have to take it onto yourself. The Dr.s will try and placate you with drugs, but they don’t know what they are doing and are throwing spaghetti at the refrigerator hoping something sticks.

  • Corey

    Individuality is gone from schools. That’s what generates so many problems. It’s exactly what this kid is talking about. Seek out individual learning…..not “doing what the program tells you to.” Doesn’t matter how good intentioned the program is…..programs that don’t see individuals as individuals depress and oppress people. That seems extreme, but that IS the inevitable outcome of such things. Seems like the majority of people in this country don’t understand that.

  • Diane Buckalew

    just like Einstein, they said he would not learn eather

  • Reelman1946

    Not on TV for sure!
    Its amazing how inept public schools have become in many places…
    I should know…
    I retired from 27 years of college teaching and my wife has a PhD in Special Ed…

  • 1WholeLotta_Mama1

    How did something so amzing and made me smile and happy turn into something so negative? This is an amazing story ::)


  • evlgreg

    “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested”

  • Christopher Byrne

    Wow… reading this comment section was a mistake. My faith in humanity has been a little bit shaken. I suppose that the guy who ridiculously calls himself ‘Sam Adams’ is the price we have to pay for free speech, but it’s still hard to swallow.

  • Jason Sweet

    a fact. Some of these schools will try to place straight A students in
    their Special Education programs. Not only is it wrong, but offensive to
    the student. They used to take me out of class to do numerous
    mathematics tests, and they had me doing college algebra in 4th grade. I
    remember that much. Later on, one of the schools I went to tried to put
    me in Special Education. I wasn’t dumb or behind. The schools will try
    to label the smart students as being disabled to hold them back in life.
    The Special Education students receive a different type of diploma from
    the rest of the ‘normal’ students.

  • gypsie

    Albert Einstein couldn’t figure out how to tie his shoes…

  • Eve Brown

    Beware of ‘experts’.

  • Adam Zee Zorn

    Without liberals, we would not have things like Social Security, Unemployment insurance, or even public schools…

  • $36055288

    Liberals are next to nazis. Someone should utilize those FEMA camps.

  • Stephanie Brown

    Did the author of this article even watch the 60 minutes episode? They say absolutely nothing about Special Ed and he has autism not aspergers!!!! Ummmm According to the parents, he was auditing College classes at age 8 so explain to me how that translates into him being in special ed??? Get your facts straight! This is an embarrassment.

  • Chris Freethinker

    PROOF that we common American folk are currently being systematically and DELIBERATELY dumbed DOWN so that we can be controlled more easily!

  • Bro Harold Hernandez Sdv

    So you can see that not always doctors are right. Always trust your instinct.

  • kellyfriend

    Further proof that the public educations system is worthless in full. Not one of those running the public educations system have more than 6th grade level reading/math skills. Then the doctors are of absolutely zero help. They are intent on lableing and giving up on children by just throwing useless drugs at the problem rather than actually fixing the problem.

  • George

    The kid is 15 and will turn 16 in May. His parents pulled him out of school in 2007 when Bush was in office and the no child left behind act that Bush proposed in 2001 and signed into law in 2002 was in full force. Nearly his entire school years were under this act and the act is still going on because anything Obama has proposed to get away from it Republicans reject simply because they don’t like the color of his skin. So they along with Faux news spread lies like he’s a Muslim, he was not born here or Hawaii wasn’t even a state when he was born.These are the same ignorant folks that put up posters calling Kennedy a communist, a betrayer of the Constitution, illegal war maker, etc. The Act requires states to develop assessments in basic skills. To receive federal school funding, States must give these assessments to all students at select grade levels. In other words they don’t get money unless they label your child. I really don’t know why Republicans even try to send their kids to public schools when they could just keep them at home and tell them all their answers are in the Bible. After all they were not wrong about the Earth being flat, the Sun orbits it, God cures mental illness, cancer, broken bones ( however when I broke my ankle the ER asked me which surgeon I wanted to operate on me or if I just wanted faith healing? I chose the surgeon that could get there the fastest). I really see no reason Republicans need roads , bridges, or mass transportation, can’t they just have faith enough to get there. Alabama alone could save the Federal Government a lot of money as it gets back $2 for every $1 paid in Federal taxes for roads(can you say welfare?). I really don’t see any reason for States like Alabama to put up with Liberal nonsense like public education or fact checking sites like Snopes. Can’t they just boil anybody in oil that does not believe that Jesus was a white conservative that only believed in giving money to the wealthy because the wealthy always took care of everybody and those hypocrites he was referring to was not them but liberals that wanted to give to the poor.

  • Emma Leigh Ann Swendsen

    Okay people. Now here is a wonderful question for all of you bitching up a pity party about the public schools; are you a student? Do you have a child in the schools? If you answer no to either of these do me a favor and first educate yourself and then keep your biased opinion to yourself. Now here are some facts from a recent grads POV:

    1) Liberals are not who implemented no child left behind. Granted since Conservatives are gone crazy-radical Conservative maybe Bush having enough common sense to stay away from the extremes makes you want to label him a liberal but honestly I think history can tell us he wasn’t a very liberal president.

    2) I am sure No Child Left Behind was meant to be a wonderful program but yes it did not help anyone out. Teachers felt pressured to pass kids and kids knew they would eventually be sent ahead regardless of grade or effort. That is why members of my graduating class are hardly literate. Thankfully this is a program that is being done away with but let me tell you what. It was never an excuse to be uneducated. I went to a public school that maybe wasn’t the best and I was in classes that were below where I was at and guess what? I went to the teacher and said I am bored with this and I got alternate assignments. If your child wants to learn or if you want them to then all you have to do is ask his or her teachers! Seriously, the teachers and local schools are hardly trying to cultivate a generation of dumb-asses because then who will take care of all you whiny people when you are arguing Bingo scores in assisted living?

    3) Sure maybe some people in your school aren’t going to really help you further your plan in life. Guess what? You do have the power to do something about that! When I told my principle I wanted to graduate a half year early because I had all my credits and I wasn’t learning anything she told me I “wasn’t well rounded enough” and that she wouldn’t allow me. So I went over her head to the superintendent and showed her the law where they could not hold me as well as my numerous scholarships and awards and shocker I graduated early!

    Point of my long winded post is that all of you on here whining and complaining are just doing so because you are too scared to stand up for anything in the real world. For everyone who says well I am one person I can’t make a difference, or that no one will listen to you, I dare you to try. No seriously, stop having a pity party on the internet and go into the big, bad world and make a difference.

    • Tannim


      I was a student and I homeschool because of what I dealt with as a student and because of the pure mess my local tax-subsidized school district is.

      1.) NCLB, like Common (rotten to the) Core, is a mistake, and it has zero to do with liberals or conservatives, but everything to do with the ridiculous one-size-fits-all, centralized mentality that both of those poor philosophies ascribe to (they only argue over the details in the political sideshow distraction that envelops the sheeple).

      2.) Education is best achieved by the proper combination of student motivation, parental involvement, and competent, flexible teachers. Student motivation is destroyed by boredom. Parental involvement is destroyed by economic factors that require both parents to work to make ends meet, be it the tax burden or the inflationary prices of living. Competent and flexible teachers are destroyed by unions and centralized control.

      3.) It’s “Principal,” not “principle.” The former is a school administrator. The latter is a belief.

      The point of my long-winded reply to you long-winded post is that despite what you may be whining and complaining about, some of us ARE doing something about the bad system–we are ignoring it and doing right by our children.

  • One of them too

    Wow, what a bunch of vicious, self-righteous sapheads on this site. Can’t a human interest story about a 14-year old genius just be a human interest story about a 14-year old genius? Grow up!

  • Finally, some good news; he’s free now.

  • God

    What a dork. Math and Science aren’t real dummies.

  • joeymom

    Why was he in special education? Special ed is not about intelligence, it is about support both for academics and for functioning in a classroom- by law, in the least restrictive environment. The accommodations and services provided are decided by the team, which includes the parents. If your child can handle regular classrooms, then the self-contained classrooms are not the least restrictive environment, and not a free and appropriate public education. Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with this story- we don’t have information we need to understand what happened and why. Most students in special education have to fight for every service and accommodation they get!

  • Brian Johnson

    Another good reason to home-educate!

  • Arizona soldier

    “Newton had to stop learning and start thinking.”

  • Natalie Rose Euley

    I don’t think people are understanding what the word “liberal” actually means. It means open to change and progress. Sure, people who are open to change and progress might have changed the schools to be one way at one point. But the NEW liberals are fighting for more rights in the school system, because that is the next step towards progress, liberty, and equality. People who are labeled as “liberals” are people who are open to change in some sense or situation. Therefore, “conservatives” are people who want the world to stay the same. They are not fighting for change in the school system and like it the way it is. Here is a link to what “liberal” means if you are confused:
    And here is one for “conservative”:
    Be informed before you make your statements, because they are often not correct.

  • Carrie Geren Scoggins

    I have suffered at the hands of false accusations concerning my intellectual capabilities, and all over a custody/money hearing in divorce hearings.





    • Tannim

      So why all the shouting?

  • Christopher Gillman

    I stopped going to school at age 14. They took me to chins court, tried diagnosing me with several suggested “disorders”, couldn’t find a thing wrong with me other than the fact that I excelled at math & music and took my own interests for learning. My mother fought them on it because she had watched me at age 12 take apart a cassette recorder and modify it.

    I had to cut a deal with them to get me to go back to school and they let me dual enroll in Community College instead of take their bogus history classes. I still dropped out at age 16 due to the oppressive behavior of the faculty there. At age 18 I moved out of state and aced the GED. At age 21 I started a job as an audio engineer for a local media services company. I have yet to start my own business but I’m sure I’d have far fewer options in life if I just “did what they told me to” and at the very least I would be working a job I absolutely hate, which is no life at all. We’re still living the “industrial revolution” dream and it needs upgrading. You should all stand aside and let the younger generation take over a bit more willingly. I and many younger are far more brilliant than we’re given credit for, we just can’t show you results on your itemized “tests”; it will have to be done in real life.

    Good luck to all the parents in doing what’s right for your child. Do not let fear hold back the path in life that you were meant for.

    My mother is my hero. I imagine you’d feel good if your son or daughter were to say the same about you. <3

    • Christopher Gillman

      Let’s not change the subject, either. I know it’s a challenge to stay on topic with critical thinking but it’s worth the effort, I assure you.

  • dirtydog1776

    What the government can’t control, it seeks to destroy……..or at least medicate, catalog, imprison, regulate, or shoot or tazer.

  • Kathryn Roskow

    From a teacher’s perspective, the failure of most children in our public schools stems from two things: 1. the inability (or unwillingness) of parents to instill any form of self control in their children and 2. the notion that children have the “right” to act out in class because they’re just expressing themselves. Teacher’s can’t teach when half their time goes to controlling undisciplined kids. Then the kids who do want to learn get so bored and frustrated that they end up acting out too. Our educational system will improve when parents return to teaching their own kids that bad behavior has consequences, that education is a privilege, and that teachers should be shown respect. If you doubt that, sit in on a class in a country where cause and effect is still a valid principle.

    • Christine Milot

      Sorry. I don’t buy your complaint! It is your responsibility as a teacher to control your classroom and engage all of the students in learning. If you want respect in the classroom, it needs to begin in the classroom. There are great teachers that accomplish this in many different ways. You sound overwhelmed.

      • Kathryn Roskow

        I am not, nor was I ever overwhelmed as a teacher. And I did control my classroom. But, I am also realistic. Yes good teachers compensate by teaching their students respect and the boundaries between individual rights and consideration for others. My earlier comments, however, still stand. In a time when more parents recognized their responsibility to raise their children to be good citizens, teachers had more time to teach curriculum. There are still good parents out there and their ability to raise respectful young adults has nothing to do with their socio-economic situation. There are also parents who would rather let teachers and administrators teach their kids how to behave. It’s ironic that usually those parents are the same ones who say there is too much government control in this country.

        • Kathryn Roskow

          It’s sort of like a pet owner refusing to train a dog not to bite, then blaming a neighbor who gets bitten for “not controlling the situation.” If you bring a child into this world, you should be prepared to give that child the guidance needed to become a productive and responsible adult. Again, this had nothing to do with socio-economics. I’ve known kids from desperately impoverished homes whose parents gave them a respect for education and for the rights of others. Conversely, I’ve known kids from wealthy, powerful families who felt, and vocalized, their belief that they had to right to do and say anything they pleased. There is no substitute for a good parent and no price for good parenting, except the one we all pay when it doesn’t happen.

          • Guest

            Considering that girls do much better than boys and boys are much more likely to be diagnosed with behavior problems and ADHD, I’d have to say that the educational systems interpretation of “good behavior” is biased towards a specific type cultural norms. The book ‘Bad Teacher: How blaming teachers distorts the bigger picture’ by Kevin Kumashiro. It’s not about parents teaching self-control and it’s not about teachers managing behavior in the classroom. It’s about realizing that we establish certain expectations about behavior based on our cultural worldview and then label any child who behaves outside of those norms as being “problematic”. Our educational system is designed to align to an upper-class, white, female, American, suburban behavioral model (the majority of educators). Boys and racial/ethnic minorities struggle to fit in and rather than adapting to these different behaviors we tell these kids they have behavioral problems.

          • Kathryn Roskow

            Girls do mature earlier than boys, but as a high school teacher, I can assure you that both genders can be just as problematic when they are totally self-absorbed, as many young people are today. Just as an aside, I love kids and had only minimal behavior problems in my classroom. I respected my students and for the most part, they respected me in return. My comments are more about the major shift in parenting I’ve seen in comparing my own education, that of my children and the classrooms in which I’ve taught. Anyone who thinks it’s not about parents teaching self-control has probably never taught. I’ve taught teens with ADD, ADHD and Autism and seen the same differences in demeanor between those whose parents have taught them to look beyond themselves and those who’ve been taught they needn’t pick up their own trash, because, “teachers get paid to do that.” It’s human nature to think only of yourself if that’s all you know. I’ve also taught children of various ethnic backgrounds and see the same behavioral differences, WITHIN THOSE CULTURES. When a parent sits in on a parent teacher conference and says, “you can’t tell my kid what to do… he has just as many rights as you do,” that parent is raising a selfish, self-centered child whether the child is black or white, Asian or Hispanic, rich or poor, urban or rural. You insult the integrity of minority families when you suggest they don’t expect their children to think of others and show respect.

          • Jeanie

            My parents were both teachers in the 1970s. They said the exact same thing you are saying. (Mind you they got paid barista wages with it.) History suggests that teachers have been complaining about the lack of respect among the current generation back to Socrates.

          • check1nyc

            Considering that girls do much better than boys and boys are much more
            likely to be diagnosed with behavior problems and ADHD I’d have to say
            that the educational systems interpretation of “good behavior” is biased
            towards a specific cultural norms. Read the book ‘Bad Teacher: How
            blaming teachers distorts the bigger picture’ by Kevin Kumashiro. It’s
            not about parents teaching self-control and it’s not about teachers
            managing behavior in the classroom. It’s about realizing that we
            establish certain expectations about behavior based on our cultural
            worldview and then label any child who behaves outside of those norms as
            being “problematic”. Our educational system is designed to align to an
            upper-class, white, female, American, suburban behavioral model (the
            majority of educators). Boys and racial/ethnic minorities struggle to
            fit in and rather than adapting to these different behaviors we tell
            these kids they have behavioral problems.

          • LoveYourDNA

            Funny you and I made a similar dog reference – mine before I saw this!

        • Christine Milot

          And yes…there are also teachers out there that would rather have parents/doctors put kids on ADHD medicine then educate them. Yes, few children may need it, but many do not.

          • Kathryn Roskow

            Of course there are. There are also parents who would rather medicate their kids than communicate with them. The field of education is not exempt from the lazy and incompetent, but, at the salary level of most teachers, I think you’d find more who truly want to teach than otherwise. I’ve never advocated medicating kids across the board. Many kids who really do need them are hyper without their meds and close to catatonic with them. Medication is never a perfect answer.

            I don’t think this particular story is about whether to medicate or not. The problem Jacob faced was being put into a “one size fits all” special ed program. The students in these classes often range from high functioning, highly intelligent autistic kids to students with various learning disabilities, to highly volatile, “problem” students who (for whatever reason,) can’t control themselves and pose a danger to themselves and others. The kids in that last category scream obscenities, spit, throw things and generally create chaos. They can’t be mainstreamed into classes without specially trained teachers and teaching assistants. The law says they have to be provided an education though, so they have to be put somewhere. The atmosphere in many special ed classes would make most of us want to hide in a corner, so I fully understand why Jacob didn’t thrive there.

        • Jeanie

          There are good teachers and bad teachers, just like in any profession. Bad teachers often focus on discipline in ways that harm their classroom and the kids in it. One year under the yoke of a bad teacher is hard to recover from. If by bad luck a child runs into two different bad teachers, it’s hard to re-form a neutral, let alone positive, attitude in the child. Good teachers can do a lot to help after that, but once the child knows we expect disciplined obedience to even idiots, the seed of disrespect is just waiting to flower.

    • LoveYourDNA

      I agree. Too many people have children and then drop out of parenting when it becomes difficult or doesn’t suit them anymore. Kind of like when the puppy is all cute and fun and then it becomes a dog and you forgot to train it..

    • brett r

      Sadly our society teaches that the government owns our children. It doesn’t teach responsibility. It teaches government always knows best.

  • Linda Keefer

    Oh sam you are do do

  • guest

    maybe instead of just saying “he’s different, throw him in special ed” they should have let him show what he can do first. dumbasses.

  • Warren Zeigler Sr.

    Extreme IQ is common with high functioning Asperger’s (Autism). They are frequently very inept socially and unable to read subtilty. Can you say “nerd”?

    • brett r

      You are an idiot. Anybody smarter and more capable than you must be screwed up? Really? Don’t be jealous.

      • Mycenia

        He’s 100% right. People associated with Asperger’s are incredibly intelligent, but can lack normal social awareness. And while it is identified on the Autistic spectrum, it shouldn’t be thought of in the same way. It doesn’t mean there aren’t smart people out there who are completely normal. It just means that some people who are smart and talented also suffer from a social disorder. It is where the idea that there is a “fine line between genius and insanity” comes from. There are geniuses and artists throughout history who were afflicted with some form of mental malaise. Many of them would undoubtedly have been diagnosed with Asperger’s or a like aliment in this day in age.

      • Warren Zeigler Sr.

        I max out the IQ test in half of the areas, including all areas on comprehension and reason. I cannot read social cues. I have high functioning Asperger’s and have studied it. Your ignorant insult defines where you are. Those that know me know where I am, and your comments are nowhere close being correct.

      • Warren Zeigler Sr.

        What about my comment is derogatory? Get a clue!

  • AGirlNamedMichael

    Welcome to the Public School System. Anyone who is unique but requires a little extra work is stuffed in a corner and left to rot.

    • Snap N McGarrett

      In public schools, the speds sit at the big desk in front of the class.

    • LoveYourDNA

      Yep. Happened to me too…

  • Snap N McGarrett

    Obama won a Nobel Prize. That makes you too good for it, kid.

  • Robert Henry Eller

    Sorry but Jacob’s perspective on what everyone else should be doing is as distorted by his own mind and worldview as is other people’s perspective on Jacob is distorted by their minds and perspectives. And neither group can do things effectively the way the other group can do it. I’m happy that Jacob has been allowed to reach his own potential. But it is wildly and unusually different from the potential of most others. And it is also clear that Jacob is as impressionable as the rest of us – and clear that he has been talking to too many people in Silicon Valley. He sounds just like a junior version of such people, as if he is trying to emulate them. It’s just as creepy as pre-adolescent “conservative celebrities.”

    • brett r

      Just because you are a loser doesn’t mean everyone else is also. As John Taylor Gatto stated, “Genious is a dime a dozen”. State run education ruins creativity and teaches to the lowest common denominator. The story proves how unfit the public school system is at recognizing and nourishing talent and education. Not everybody was meant to be dumb. Don’t be jealous.

  • Bishop Jackson Plant

    schools started dumbing down when I was in, I went from a private school in 3rd grade where I was speaking french, cursive, fractions, reading at a 4th year collage level and when I got to the private school I was placed in highest group but forced to stop all that I was doing and it really hurt my ability in math for the rest of my life. Stop dumbing down teach to make people smarter.

  • Bishop Jackson Plant

    oh great news for the kid I am so happy for him

  • momazilla

    When a child does not “Conform to the Norm” then they want to medicate them, then wonder why the child fails. We need to adapt the program to the child, not the child to the program.

    • brett r

      The purpose is conformity not education. The state doesn’t care about education. It wants compliance.

  • brett r

    Great news. I was a straight A student through 10th grade until I finally gained a bit of independence of mind. I virtually quit after 10th grade. Skipped and avoided school by all means possible. My parents, counselers, vice principals were horrified. Told me I was ruining my future. I told them I couldn’t take it anymore. I was bored out of my mind and wasn’t learning anything. They passed me in spite of my attendance record and not finishing the lion’s share of my coursework. I never took high school physics or pre calc because I was pulled from the advanced classes and put in vocational classes. Lmao. I wound up in the military where although bored also I began to read and study on my own. I developed an interest in science . I got out and went to college studying electrical engineering. Breezing through advanced calculus and physics classes even though I never went to “advanced prep” high school classes in physics and math. John Taylor Gatto was 100 percent correct in his book about American education and what its true purpose is.

  • Christine Lyon

    My child was diagnosed with a visual-perception disorder in kindergarten. They put him in special education and told me he would never read past 4th grade level. I don’t have the patience nor the techniques for homeschooling, but I believed he could learn to read. Between working with him at home, finding reading material he enjoyed, and switching his schools, he is now a straight “A” student, one of only 11 in his grade level. The teacher said, in yesterday’s parent-teacher conference, that she “just lets him alone and he does his own thing and it works for him”. He learns in his own way, reads at a sophomore level (he is 11 now) and is super polite and kind and smart. He just needed to do things his own way. They are so used to doing things a certain way and teaching to the lowest common denominator that they can’t help kids who need to learn in a different way and just be left alone to do the work!!!

  • Sharon Gia

    same with my kid wanted to put on med’s. I said no way!!! now in collage and working there. Who are the people helping are kids, they may just have to get a life.

    • John Phelps

      God. Please go back to school-a private one where you can learn English.

      • Mebake

        seriously…do they pay you to troll or are you purely volunteering for attacking other folks and how they word or write their comments?

  • mikesbuffalo

    ok for 17 mins he said nothing but gibberish, then he said , forget what you’re learned and think, now that part is important.

    • Natesse

      Right along the lines of what Albert Einstein espoused, after having been declared a dummy and kicked out of school (this was obviously stated well into his adulthood, but I need to clarify for those who might think he said this the moment he was thrown out of public schools): “Education is what remains when one forgets what one learned in school.”

  • Toni Welnhofer

    dam, I wanna take this kid to vegas…lol

  • Chris Fayte

    Yes the modern education system principle, if we don’t know it- we don’t teach it; if we don’t understand it- we fear it; if we fear it- we get rid of it– lock it in a room and forget about it… Actually that philosophy filters in through all aspects of society… I’m happy to see this young man, taking his gift to new levels and sharing and teaching what he learned to the world.. Amazing, and well done…

  • Brenton Pirec

    Not impressed at all. ..

    • Tannim

      Why not? Can YOU do better?

  • nyrker

    He’s an idiot savant so what?

    • That would be you without the benefit of being a savant.

      • go4it

        …… oops! Someone just got a “gotcha!” ………….

  • Michelle Hickle Linscott

    I volunteer in the school. The biggest issue to parent volunteers is the Unions. Volunteers can’t make copies, can’t help cut fruits or veggies, can’t plant flowers, can’t help in classrooms … because we are taking jobs away. Jobs that might have exsisted 15 or 20 years ago but have been cut due to financial issues, cuts from state and federal gov. Those jobs will never come back. So instead of letting families get involved the union stomps there feet and cries foul. Meanwhile, buildings are not being cleaned ( no time when you have 2 custodians for a huge building. ) the grounds are getting ragged looking no time yo do anything but the bare minimum of mowing and an occasional weed eating. Cooks spend their time opening nasty premade prepackaged foods because you have 2 trying to make and serve breakfast and lunch for 480 kids. Your not allowed in theclassroom of 30+ kids to aid the teacher, make copies or to help the 1 secretary who is in charge of all phones, pay role, files, attendance roster and acts as nurse and assistant principal when those people aren’t there. Explain to me how any of this makes sense.

    • John Phelps

      Learn English, PLEASE, before you criticize the schools….

      • W Meyer

        Likely she was taught English on those schools. Unless she close to my age (65), she was not likely to have been taught phonics or grammar.

        • Natesse

          Apparently, neither were you. I am not one to become the Grammar Nazi on forum exchanges, and I am assuming you are referencing any grammatical errors she may have made, while ignoring your own. Forgive me if I am wrong, and John Phelps, take a clue from Einstein:

          “I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.”

      • Mebake

        and your comment has exactly what to do with the price of tea in china? Michelle made a very good point, and if there would be more parent involvement in schools, we just might even have less kids on medications.

  • Betty Macy

    “Once you label me, you negate me” Soren Kierkegaard 1813 – 1855

    True then, true now.

  • Kara Oneil

    I think with proper guidance, he will do really well in life. He is brilliant, but, he almost seems afraid to say he can do so much more than math. He is a good kid.

  • what a great kid, and what a pity this site doesn’t moderate comments to eliminate the rude, disrespectful display of bullying from the likes of sam adams and dragon5126 … gang bullying at its finest

    this kid is smarter than all of you put together, and would be appalled to read this thread

  • Power_of_Cheese

    The overhype here is just spectacular.

  • Dennis

    I’m just gonna say “You can’t judge a fish on how well it can climb a tree.”

  • Peter

    He didn’t fit in the public schools socialist model

  • Tracy Doyle

    My grade school principle threatened to hold me back a year because I was too smart. He told her he didn’t want me growing up to be one of those “eggheads that goes to the University of Chicago.”

  • Resist_Tyranny

    They did that to me too, until they gave me the IQ test. I aced it with 20 minutes to spare. No one had ever done that. They sent someone down from the state level who accused me of cheating:)

  • Troy Adamczyk

    I’m not saying I’m a genius, but I have an IQ of over 185 and was put in special ed for most of my elementary and middle school years because they feed a line of BS to my mother and father, saying I have ADHD. A few years later we challenged the school district and they agreed to release me from special ed if I was seen by the same psychologist that diagnosed me, without meeting with me, with ADHD. After a month of visits he concluded that I was cured of ADHD and stated to me that I was the first ever cured of this disorder. My only response to him at, 12 years old, was “Doesn’t that suggest to you that I never had it to begin with?” I don’t think I’ve ever seen a “professional” go so white in my life. All he could tell me is I definitely had it, and that he was the one that first diagnosed me. All the years I suffered, all the classes that I lost, and all the knowledge I missed out on, I wish I could have closure, because no amount of compensation could make up for this.

  • RVNMike

    I told you teachers were stupid.

    • db

      Doubt its the teachers…you just showed how much you don’t know about government schools/public education!

    • go4it

      It the bureaucratic administrators! They set the rules & guidelines for how & what to teach. The poor teachers must comply … or lose their jobs.

  • Joe Bear DeVito

    I don’t believe in this case it was just “the liberals”, unless of course you are talking as a whole on who is running the schools and medicine…… BUREAUCRATS! Worse than liberals! I too believe a kid’s potential is better served in a school other than public. Public schools are a menace to giving kids a proper education that’s equal or above any other country. The government refuses to accept this. But still, it’s amazing to hear of stories like this. The parents did something about the situation, and look what they’ve given to the world! I betcha this kid goes on and discovers something we only believe in science fiction, such as the Warp Drive for space travel.

  • Glenn Mason

    sure, as schools today are baby sitter or drug pushers
    , as common core just makes you gay or a lesbian,
    or learn the Muslim way
    yes squat and shit on floor so those behind you can eat it

  • Patrick Maher

    Kai, everything becomes political once it’s made public. I give you American politics in a nutshell. Which is a good place for it.

    My way is right, your way is wrong. My candidate will save us, yours will destroy us. I will relentlessly ridicule and criticize the absurdity of your beliefs at every turn but at the same time you damn well better respect my opinions.

    I wrote that 25 years ago and it’s just as true today.

  • Guest

    I’m just an ordinary construction worker and judging by how most of you people spell, I pray you are all not teachers, if so, I can understand why the public school system is in such a terrible state.

    • withavengeance

      The ability to spell is not a learned ability. It’s genetic in nature. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Educate yourself.

  • elleol

    Oh, Sam is manipulating us liberals. Pretending education is a liberal institution when it is so conservative, and run by big business selling new test materials. Ha ha. Trolls do the same kind of tactics over and over.

  • FTrooper70

    So much for social workers and liberal, intellectual pinheads.

    • Alon Ellis Ziv

      In a constitutional, capitalistic, democratic republic, founded by landed gentry, yoeman farmers, and a few pirates — who isn’t a “Liberal”?

      I mean, there are two very centrist Liberal parties in the US, that exaggerate their differences among their respective cult fanatic followers, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t all still Liberals: classical Liberals, neo-classical Liberals, progressive Liberals, Liberal christians. I mean, its a joke when Americans call themselves “conservatives”, right? What do you have to conserve that isn’t a Liberal institution?

      These aren’t Edmund Burke, or pro-monarchist reactionaries. Liberalism won the wars of the revolutionary era, sorry
      you didn’t get the memos (The Constitution, The Bill of Rights).

  • withavengeance

    All of us learn in different ways. I am a square peg that doesn’t fit in a round hole. I always have been and I always will me. During my school years, I hated history because of all the memorizing of dates, people, events, etc. I now LOVE history because I can get deeper into it (the stories, the politics, the peoples’ characters) than memorizing a lot of useless information. I also learn the best hands on, not through an instruction book or someone telling me. Last I knew, my I.Q. is 132. I’m not a genius by any means, but I’m far from stupid.

  • Michael Kimsey

    Liberalism is a serious mental disorder.

  • BobInSoCal

    My son was diagnosed with ADD in 4th grade and placed under an IEP in his school. We think it was because he was so bored, as he is now 23, graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering, and heading to a PhD program in the fall.

  • Tammie Black

    I have a sister that is mentally retarded and physically handicapped. Doctors told my mothet that she would never live to see her 1st birthday and if she did , she would be nothing but a vegetable. Well she will be 49 this October and weighs about 160 give or take a few lbs. She is nowhere intelligent like these others , but she is very loving, some what musically inclined. My parents to her to child welfair I think to discuss placement of her. While there the social worker must have taken 20 calls from her own children. My mother looked at her and said , you can’t even control your own children and you want to tell me what to do with mine. It’s all about money, the more they can instatuionalize , the more money they make.

  • Ryan Denner

    Now my understanding is that George W. Bush, a Republican conservative, implemented the program and policy known as the “no child left behind act” which dictates how a school functions. So if there is is going to be an argument pertaining to the division of ideologies of two political parties, then perhaps we should look at a broader lens versus playing the blame game. Just for clarity, I do not associate myself with liberalism nor conservatism, just information from both sides allowing me to think critically. This article is not about the liberals nor the conservatives. Rather, it is about the way children are misdiagnosed in a classroom setting which has nothing to do with the government.

  • Mike Keller

    Remember… The government pays for the education system. If it was not what they wanted it to be, they would change it. The government does NOT want an intelligent and educated populace, capable of critical thought. The government wants a proletariat of undereducated, under-achieving, TV watching, video game playing morons, that are JUST intelligent enough to run the machines and complete the paperwork that keep them in power, but are too stupid to realize how badly they are getting fucked on a consistent and persistent basis.

    • ThatDudeGuy

      You should learn to read and comprehend before trying to spread your anti-government propaganda bullshit. Oh wait, you just read the headline didn’t you? This is why we are considered stupid.

  • Olvar

    This story is a powerful example of chuckholes that would be found by progressives who want to go down the the road of “it takes a village.” Parents have god-given discernment that ought to be free to trump the experts, whether in education, medical decisions, or something else. Nothing matches an intuition rooted in love.

  • I have Aspergers. The thing with Aspergers is – yes, we do have anti-social disorders and such, but we are very high functioning and have genius IQ levels. Albert Einstein him self had Aspergers. My mother was an educator for mentally retarded adults/students, and also taught in special education classes. She knew more than most of my (and my twin’s) symptoms than anyone and we were placed in special education classes just so we can focus better. Now we are both top quality in our individual fields.

  • Archie Meijer

    There is a lesson here.

    We have come to be too reliant on formalism including in understanding the mind. We foolishly believe that humans, any humans are capable of understanding the mind perfectly and how to handle other people’s minds and more foolishly that we can use language in order to do this. We have come to see language as omnipotent.

    Sometimes the way to do something or to fix something is not something that can be stated in words. We have become a culture that undervalues feeling. People say to be “logical”, logical is often code for “do everything according to words you can form in your head or hear from others.” To be logical is often illogical.

    There could be people out there who would’ve improved had nothing been done but disintegrate because of the ‘help’ we give them. And how would we know? We can’t use time machines. When this happens we just assume that they were hopeless from the start. In this case the parents knew best and they followed their feelings. Had they not nobody would’ve suspected that he would’ve turned out this much better ignoring advice from so-called experts. In this case the bond between parent and child beats so-called logic and reason.