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Don’t mess with Texas!

SHINER, TX – A Texas father walked in on his five-year-old daughter being molested and wasted no time in beating the man to death. The grand jury found the dad not guilty due to a state law that allows deadly force to be used to stop an aggravated sexual assault.

The incident occurred June 9th near Shiner, Texas. Someone spotted a farmhand, Jesus Flores carrying the girl into a secluded area and alerted the girl’s father. The concerned parent ran towards his daughters screams and found them both with their underwear off.

The father flew into a rage and beat Flores into unconsciousness. When he was sure the man was no longer a threat, he called 911 to report on the incident. “Come on! This guy is going to die on me! I don’t know what to do.” he yelled.

The event was treated as a homicide but the father did not go to jail and will not be charged with a crime.

About The Author

Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

  • mail33006

    He hasn’t been charged……yet. Just wait till Eric Holder hears that someone has killed a minority pedophile. Libs can’t stand to lose a member of their base.

    • msthang71

      Im liberal and Im sorry he should have pickaxed the filthy piece of garbage through the effin skull. Black,white,red or brown EVERY pedophile/molester/child abuser and child killer should be flayed from face to foot!

      • billiam

        next time just say youre a child molester them and liberals are quite alike

        • Jen

          ahahaha. dummy.

        • Herb Andler

          you are stupid

      • Mark

        Well I believe you. Only a liberal would bring race into the matter

        • slimelaws

          who brought race into these comments? Better reread, dumba$$

          • Mark

            The person to whom I was responding. And there are no dollar signs in the correct spelling of “dumb ass”, dumb ass. What are you, 9 years old?

          • slimelaws

            Check again. Reread “mail 33006”.’s comment. Another working-against-their-own-self-interest-conservative-f*cking-idiot yakking along about race and liberals like they’re both dirty monsters, with no idea that the people they support are as bad or worse than any liberal candidate, but proud to love them anyway..because they were told they’re smarter than the dumbasses who vote for those other criminals….
            And you, you just made you look even more dumb. Betcha didn’t notice though, so that’s okay….
            And fortunately for you, apparently you’re rubber and I’m glue or whatever, right, oh ye master of the brilliant retorts? .
            Bet you’re so dumb you shop at Walmart, buy Chinese and then get mad at everyone who’s jobs have been sent overseas by the Republicans in congress for being lazy when their factories shut down, aren’tcha dipsh*t?
            Intelligent people know so much more than you, you have no idea the 800 little ways you look dumb to them, Marko….

          • Mark

            High own assumptions. Low on facts. Change the topic and attack. You are all the same- boring, tiresome, repetitive, bitter, ignorant, and adorned with the cherry of victim hood. Bravo

          • slimelaws

            I addressed the topic first thing, dipshit.
            Did you reread “Mail 33006″s post, assface? Did the liberal bring race into your little asshole dipshit festival?

            And I own two businesses, so I am no victim, just smart enough to see that as much as corporations are killing America, unAmerican little followers like you are enthusiastically helping the slaughter, with your ignorance and stupidity in full view……
            See? And here you just make yourself look more stupid with every post…..
            Go ahead, tell me I’m immature, and whatever you do, don’t answer the questions that make you look dumb, dipshit…

          • Mark

            Well I have three businesses and think you are the dip shit. Next

          • slimelaws

            Did you reread his comment?
            Next, indeed, worthless republican parrot.

          • Mark

            I am perfectly capable of understanding most things the first time I read them, unlike yourself.

          • Lisa Wiese

            “Black, white, red, or brown, EVERY pedophile/molester/child abuser and child killer should be flayed from face to foot” Maybe you should read again, before you start dazzling everyone with your brilliance, or are you illiterate?

          • slimelaws

            Wrong comment, lady. We’ve been discussing the comment where the conservative asshole says “Just wait till Eric Holder hears that someone has killed a minority pedophile. Libs can’t stand to lose a member of their base.”
            msthang71 retorts”Im liberal and Im sorry he should have pickaxed the filthy piece of garbage through the effin skull. Black,white,red or brown EVERY pedophile/molester/child abuser and child killer should be flayed from face to foot!”
            Ad Mark says to her:”Well I believe you. Only a liberal would bring race into the matter”
            So see, Mark misses his own mistake, and I call him a dumbass for trying to blame a Liberal for what a conservative asshole went and started. He comes back to tell me he knows how to read,(only apparently not, right?) and calls me names.Fuck him. Too fucking stupid to argue with, and then too stubborn to reread and get where he fucked up.
            Now we have you, calling me illiterate while you’re not even careful enough to read the conversation you’ve decided you’re so smart you’re gonna shame me about being too dumb to be in.
            Mark looked fucking stupid to me.
            You are fucking inexcusable, you. fucking. willful. fucking. dummy.

          • Lisa Wiese

            And that right there is the perfect example, of you poor, butt hurt Liberals, you make Drama out of EVERYTHING!!!

          • slimelaws

            Hey, don’t label me lady…
            I’m not near stupid enough to think any party is worth supporting, I leave that for you fierce supporters of whichever criminal you’re gonna be deeply disappointed with in a couple of years, but amazingly, will continue supporting….
            Oh, and you’re still fucking stupid. You know that, right?
            At least there’s that about you unlearning fucking idiot.
            At least there’s that.

          • Lisa Wiese

            I can learn, not from a moron like you, but there is no cure for a nasty, illiterate, Nazi like you, LOL, you will probably respond in seconds, from your Mother’s basement, because a freak like you can’t get anyone to spend time with, and the computer is your mental dildo. Have a nice, lonely life, dipshit, LMAO

          • slimelaws

            Illiterate? Are you sure you know which word you were typing?
            Illiterate means unable to read, you do know that right?
            Jesus, you keep getting dumber, you little twat.
            You are inexcusable.
            As such, your little shots mean about as much as a club footed six year old girl telling me she’s gonna kick my ass, from six fights of stairs below me, pretty much useless….
            God, I cannot get over how people like you are so willful about staying fucking stupid.
            I cannot imagine refusing to fucking think.
            You are that ilk of unfiltered piece-of-shit that is gonna watch this country die and wonder what happened, you fucktard.
            You’re destroying America, unable to think and unwilling to care.
            Haven’t you got a reality show to go watch or something?
            You talking to me makes me feel grimy.

          • Larry New

            Now who is the retard? No one in democratic liberal circles has the intelligence to know when they have been screwed.Twice!

        • Non of your business

          Mark you are an idiot.

          • Mark

            Reading six month old “news”. You, sir, are the idiot

      • Finkster

        Since you’re a Liberal, how is it that you can continue to be supportive of LGBT Sexual Deviance agenda?
        Check out the 4 year old killed by a Dad’s Transgender BoyGirl Friend “SHIM” in NYC. The little boy was Myls Dobson.

        • Oscar

          Yeah, let’s cherry pick specific events to paint a picture that the general LGBT are vicious assholes when in reality the real assholes are not specific to a sexual orientation. Please stop being dumb.

        • Non of your business

          Are you retarded? A pedophile is a pedophile, a majority of these crimes are committed by “straight” white men, usually against someone they know.

    • My turn

      I’m liberal too. it is generalizing mouthbreathers like yourself that will ensure there is only one party in charge of government..which is NOT a good thing. I want discourse not railroading.

      • mail33006

        Check again dickweed. There are two parties sharing power right now. Try to keep up, or head back to HuffPo.

        • Jim Aroyo

          Were you born stupid or did you learn it?

        • notsurprisedbyyourignorance

          I D I O T, you discredit your posts with your ignorance. LOL

          • Travis Badjib

            Going to point out that technically ANY party is technically illegal. The president should be the winner, the VP should be the runner up, and Congress should be voting for what is best for America, not what benefits their party’s values….

          • Jump’nShootMan

            So the 12th amendment is illegal? And technically, the VP is elected separately from the President. It happens that electors are chosen based on a party ticket, but the electors vote for the two independently.

          • Travis Badjib

            The reason why Party’s are not a good thing is because they will always vote for their party instead of for what is best for the people

          • Gregg T Jenkins

            How many times have you voted? I have been for many decades, and I have never seen the prez and VP in separate boxes.

          • Michael Fitch

            Well said

        • mrsleep

          You really think there are two parties?
          You are very naive.

      • Patty Cita

        thats why the dems will lose in November…THANK GOD!

        • ThomasJamesII

          That will solve nothing. We need to fire all members of Congress whether they are Republicans or Democrats. Fire them and then hang them for treason. Then destroy all the useless government agencies that only drain money. Only then can we put actual citizens (men and women who don’t work for corporations) into positions of office…..a small government run by We The People.

          • Greg McCullough


          • LastOne23

            That’s a good idea. Where will all those people work?

          • Patty Cita

            you rock

        • Elliott Lanosa

          if the repubs get office again you can say good bye to jobs, resources for victims such as this little girl and anything else you hold dear to your patriotic heart.

          • Teresa Landreth

            actually do some research. Conservative persons are usually the BIGGEST donors to charities, NOT liberals. do a search on which party is best for the middle class, most of it shows when conservatives are in power, the middle class prospers, not so much when its liberal.

          • Elliott Lanosa

            the only thing they donate to is charities that support their political ideas. You really need to do some research. You will find that you are wrong on so many levels. You are a sheep, following all the b.s. that the repubs. feed you. So sorry for you. You really are walking around with blinders on, if you check the history you will find that your party is the one that almost destroyed the structure of the U.S., and we are still healing from that. If you spout make sure it’s the truth.

          • ray

            You cant fix stupid You are the sheep like I said before I dont vote for a party but the two parties have switched through history and the libs were the republican party when the republican party almost destroyed the structure of the U.S. You are the one that needs to do the research.

          • jeremy

            How did this turn from a father protecting his daughter from a rapist, to government and the white house. I guess most people are easily distracted or just plain sheep!!

          • Kimberly Spurgeon

            Actually you do need to check your facts – Republicans do donate to more charities that have nothing to do with their political ideas. In fact, I can think of one very conservative, Church, centered in the western United States who have many Republicans as members. They do more to help those here at home and all around the world than the vast majority of charities, especially liberal ones. They do things like provide wheelchairs, provide clean water, teach prenatal care, give food and supplies, and teach poorer members to become more self-sufficient; these programs do nothing to further political ideas (except maybe the one that teaches self-sufficiency – darn Republicans!)

          • Kimberly Vargas

            If you think the problem is Democratic or Republican then you really DON’t understand the problem. Our congress is bought and paid for, Big business runs the USA. Lobbiest need to be made illegal!!!!

          • Kimberly Spurgeon

            I agree with you 100% about how our government is basically run by lobbyists. I’m with you on that. But I’m confused why you brought that up. That issue had nothing to do with my post. We were discussing charities (specifically liberal vs. conservative charities.) So I’m not sure why you responded to me. Your point, while accurate, was not pertinent to my remark.

          • Vance Longarini

            Jobs like crazy during:
            Bush Sr… nope
            Bush Jr? no way.
            I think you might be on to something!

          • ray

            sorry but you must be crazy the current admin. doesnt have a patriotic thought in his head. You must be living in a fairy tail, since the dems have been in charge the job market has crashed obama care has cost this country more jobs and cut jobs back that people already had because they could not afford to pay them and insure them too. That in itself is why as soon as the republicans have a majority the affordable (lmao) heath care act will be repealed and this country can get back to growing. Obama has shaken this country almost to revolution and its not over yet. I dont vote for someone for the party they represent or the color of their skin but the dems have really left a bad taste in everyones mouth this time around. Now back to this topic I believe the guy will never be charged and should never be charged and God Bless America.

          • Mindy Page

            I guess you are blind, high, and drunk! there are no jobs NOW …. under Obama-lama-ding-dong…there are not jobs that are full time, and no decent insurance left…..what an idiot. indeed. I guess you forget there were actually jobs back..oh… BEFORE Obama-nation came into Office? oh wait… and you can keep your insurance, you can keep your Dr, and soon, you will have insurance for less than the cost of a cell phone bil!

          • Kimberly Vargas

            it’s not a Republican/Democratic issue. Congress is taking money under the table and business is making the decisions. Vote congress out!!!!!

          • LastOne23

            Republicans would normally just “get a rope” in these situations.
            Democrats would normally put this offender into rehab.

          • Patty Cita

            umm, where are those so called jobs, and those so called resources for victims that the dems said they would get, fuckin stupid

          • rightwingextremeist

            Well we did get office again. Let us see if what you said comes true. Oh wait never mind, you are just a loony libtard that spouts off nonsense and lies, cause you lack the intellectual capacity to debate opponents.

        • Herb Andler

          they won’t lose

        • Non of your business

          Isn’t that special you believe in a party. Oh look another idiotic voter.

      • A_Government_of_Traitors

        Well, you certainly haven’t gotten discourse but you have gotten a lot of railroading with the current administration. Democrat + Republican = two sides of the same coin. One party, two names. Only an idiot would believe in the two party illusion.

        • ProSecond Amendment

          Amen, If God doesnt come quick and deal with all these snakes and vipers, an army of moral minded, good ol fashioned country folk are gonna have to get together and clean house. Enough is enough. Same goes for homo pushing agendas destroying the futures of our kids with all their filth. Put them in a shipping container and ship them to China

      • Teresa Landreth

        right now we basically do at the federal level, the democrats. so your point is ????

    • Jim Aroyo

      The Catholic Church priest base, you mean.

      • $4750977

        Sorry Jim but it was a little girl not a boy.

        • Frank Castle

          don’t bother him with DETAILS and FACTS…..

      • Chuck Sharick

        I see that anti-Catholic bigotry is alive and well.

        • Ognol Longo

          Bigotry? Seriously? LOL… sick wad

        • Teresa Landreth

          Chuck it would only be bigotry if there werent how many THOUSANDS of cases????? against just a member of the church, yes, but the church and its priest hood have brought this onto itself.

          sorry as a survivor of 3 persons over a years time, i have NO compassion for those of their ilk, ESPECIALLY “men of the cloth” who should be held to a higher standard, and it was by THEIR choice they joined, either for a target rich environment, or trying to escape their urges and failing, but also failing to tell others to get them removed from temptation

    • notsurprisedbyyourignorance

      You are an I D I O T

    • Strawberry Garcia

      Hispanics aren’t black enough

    • 3rdiopen

      You should be ashamed of yourself. Seriously, I don’t know a liberal who support child molestation. In fact the ONLY big name pedophiles I can think of WERE ALL REPUBLICANS. Remember those who think they are perfect and want to tell other what to do are the ones who have something to hide.

    • Farah Tary

      I’m a liberal and I could give a damn what race the molester is. Reading this has made me the happiest I’ve been all day! I’m still beaming with pride that it was a Texas dad and justice was served!

    • Larry New

      No way he is going to be charged in Texas.Eric Holder is a spineless bastard that hasn’t got the nerve to try that.

  • Evolution of Devolution

    If only he would try. A move like that would just further discredit and reveal him as the racist he is.
    Sorry this was a reply to mail33006.

  • cwlind

    He’ll be arrested for having an illegal alien on his payroll.

    • Tina Thomas

      How do you know he was an illegal alien?

      • cwlind

        That was tongue-in-cheek. The left will find some way to charge him.

  • paul

    it’s too bad he couldn’t kill the dude twice…..

  • Ragman69

    Nice! One illegal down….10,999,999 to go!

  • Tina Thomas

    The father should get a medal of valor.

    • Elliott Lanosa

      He needs to be in jail.

      • nestlebottle

        I hope you get raped.

        • Janice Nunley Erickson

          WHAT AN AWFUL THING TO SAY! even if the guy is a moron please remember rape is a horrific violent crime and not one i would wish on my worst enemy

          • sandyernst

            Well…saying “I wish he were in prison” is basically saying you wish him to be raped lol…(says the future to the past).

        • rightwingextremeist

          What an awful Awful thing to say to or wish upon someone.

      • Elizabeth Compton

        He’d be going to jail for being awesome–that’s why he didn’t go. are you a liberal? You should take the 5th, so you don’t lie.

      • Twilight Derpy

        You should get raped and killed.

      • Guest

        Anyone who rapes a child should get exactly what this father dished out! Trust me, if that was my child, I would do the same thing, if he happened to die, so be it!

      • Glenn Gallaher

        If that is your opinion, you need to be shot so that your vile and hate do not spread. Your idea that for someone to protect their own blood needs to be put in jail is that of a psychopathic criminal. Reason is that you do not want someone that would kill you for raping their child loose. This is what you have shown. ‘He needs to be in Jail?!?!’ Why? because he did exactly what any man worth their salt would do on defend their family? It is a shame there are people in this world like yourself Elliott. You need help, and if that does not work, a bullet to the head so that you are not a threat to someone, because of the criminal tendency you have shown in wanting someone that would defend his family locked up in order for you to steal, rape, and pillage. That is the only reason someone like yourself would say something to that effect.

      • Non of your business

        Said like a rapist.

      • Gregg T Jenkins

        Why should he go to jail?

      • ScottEwing

        What planet are you from?

      • James Gibson

        what for? he caught the guy in the act, therefore it was in defense of his 5 yr old girl in the heat of the moment, its not like he hunted the guy down later…. how can anyone support someone who was RAPING a 5 yr old?

      • Norman Hendrickson

        So defending a child and taking out the recidivist perp is some how
        wrong? What he did was entirely correct, and he should be commended.

      • Billy Painter

        Being a child molester is not forgivable and the father was protecting his daughter. Self defense and protecting your family are not crimes. You sir, are a fucking idiot!

      • GregoryD Ritter

        Yea i guess he shouldve called the cops and waited while a sicko raped his daughter. Maybe he can beat some sense into you.

      • Larry New

        So do you.Or maybe shot.You are probably the molesters partner.

  • Jim Aroyo

    Too bad 500 or more priests who were molesting altar boys and girls didn’t have the same thing happen to them. The church would have no priests.

    • Teresa Landreth

      to be fair it is not all priests involved with the actual abuse, but add in those who helped cover it up, even by ignoring it, then the number might get to half. but any amount with people in their position of authority over persons in their church is too much.

  • Frank Castle

    A Trial?? NO WAY.. How about a MEDAL!!!

  • American-By-Choice

    Parade? What Day, time and where?

  • Mike Blevins

    Another reason (among many) that I love Texas!

  • Starlifter

    I don’t have a problem with it!!!

  • Truth Speak

    God Bless him and his daughter they both have a very long road of healing ahead…

  • Ben

    F-word for the American justice system who monitored this case.

  • BillMiller66

    I think that we all know that after a couple of blows from the enraged father, Flores was almost certainly rendered no longer a threat, and yet the father continued punching him. The use of force in self-defense is justified until the suspect is no longer a threat. The reason he wasn’t charged is that there’s an unwritten law in Texas that it is a defense to homicide that the worthless sumbitch needed killin’. There’s not a jury in the state of Texas that would have convicted this man.

  • Deej Smith

    He didn’t mean to kill the guy he reacted to his child in danger and that is what parents do. It was an acceptable act according the laws in Texas.

  • RicknKaren Sloan

    Eric Holder won’t care it will just be another dead person that will be voting Democrat numerous times at the next few elections.

  • MooseHead

    Hurray for Dad! We need that law in NewHampshire.

  • Texasmomof2

    I would have done the same thing!! That POS was assaulting his daughter and could have very well killed her too! That little girl will be scarred the rest of her life. Yes, I’m sure the dad will have to live with what he did but he will also know that the molester won’t be walking out of jail to do it again to anyone else!!

  • Barbara

    1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 6 boys are sexually abused and most are raped by age 8. Only a couple percent are committed by strangers the rest are friends, family, teachers or some other trusted person in the child’s life. This means that most of us unknowingly know a sexual predator. We don’t find out until they are caught and by then they have reached several children. Even when they are caught the laws are not severe enough. I think they should hang the sick animals myself and be rid of them. These perverts get less time for smoking pot than molesting a child and that’s not right. The father did nothing that any other parent would not do under the same circumstances. He defended his daughter’s mental, physical and emotional life.

    • d. pope

      Please document your first two sentences.

      • Cameron Channell

        Agreed, that does seem a bit high…

  • Troy C Fowler

    Should be able to just shoot anyone that attempts to harm children. Whether they be family or not. We need laws like this in every state, in every country, in every land across the globe. And eff off with your “Ohhohohohoho the liberals!” things.

  • A_Government_of_Traitors

    That should be standard procedure for every pedophile. Beat them to death. They can’t be cured.

  • Vinita Thonen

    Give the man a medal. Thank God he get there in time.

  • Maureen Theodosiades

    Unbelievable….How quickly the horror that happened to this family has turned into “all about you” & your personal opinions on Catholics, politics, and race. I”m pretty positive the little girl or the father were thinking of any of this and it is petty in comparison. Maybe, if people shut-up, took care of their own & stop talking about how messed up things are & start doing something about it. Instead, people prefer to know the problems & solutions – However, nothing seems to be turning around because talking doesn’t do a thing. This man did something. It mattered. It mattered to his daughter. He saved his little girl. What have you done today?

    • Mike Estes

      Asked you to follow your own advice and shut up.

  • James Ritchie

    Of course he shouldn’t be charged.

  • Quickledo

    Hope the dad didn’t hurt his hands.

  • Wasteland Dan

    I just love watching so called normal people celebrating psychopathic tendencies when there personal ideology is violated.

    You people remind me that humans can be animals with just the right amount of push.


    • SalarymaninSeoul

      You are probably a sexual molester.

    • Channonbom

      And… you’re saying the child molester was not an animal and the father was a psychopath for protecting his offspring… you win the medal for no brain argument, go take biology 101 again.

    • John Smith

      Are you serious???? You can’t be. To insinuate that I am abnormal because I am satisfied that a child molester is dead, tells me a lot about you. If it means that I’m abnormal, then I’m glad to be so, along with 98% of the other posters here. Psychopathic tendencies….you’re out of your friggin’ mind.

      • Wasteland Dan

        Nope, i just think its funny, that people think acting like monsters are so bad, unless its acting like a monster to a monster.

        I have no idea who you are, nor did i respond to one of your comments directly or see any of your comments.

        But read through this comment section, and tell me again how “normal” some of these people are howling to have a live action recreation of a hellraiser scene.

        You call me psychopathic, because you feel im defending the criminal….but im not.

        Im simply saying how some of these people sound like they belong on the list for a villian in B slasher flick.

  • Sunflowergirlntx

    Turned out as it should have. Texas justice.

  • Elliott Lanosa

    the father is a fool. Justice cannot be handed out by people just because they see fit. He should have immediately taken his daughter and called police. This is unacceptable in every aspect. We cannot and should not become judge and jury and executioner, it’s wrong and to say he is a hero is another example of what is wrong with our society today.

    • RevNowWhileWeCan

      Spoken like a true statist shill that can’t fathom the idea of a society in which a corrupt and dysfunctional state cannot exist. I suppose it would be okay if the father did what you said and got off on a technicality? Then maybe he did it to another child except maybe worse happened? Maybe he kills another child? What then? The “justice system” failed and that’s just the way it goes? Well for once, the “justice system” got it right and no charges were filed. It played out the way it should’ve except without all of the bureaucracy and costs to the taxpayers.

    • Patty Lynn Bugger-Partida

      r u insane?he was raping his dtr!i woud have killed the sob as well!!!to hell with that pedophile..when he started molesting that little girl he lost all his rights!!!

    • your stupid elliot…. your defending prolly because you like being molested when you were young.
      He didn’t chop the mans head off…. he whooped his ass for having his dick in his daughters fucking face. He didn’t break any law obviously because if he had he would’ve been prosecuted. His daughter was being sexually assaulted, he protected a little girl who could not protect herself, by Assaulting the man back.

    • jayvbellis

      Nah. Beat perverts who abuse children. Beat them to death.

    • MattW

      Elliot Lanosa you are a coward and fool.

    • Channonbom

      This was a fight or flight response, and the father justly fought. If you had a rifle in hand and a madman was barreling towards your kid in a truck with an intent to kill, would you have just let your kid die because it was the right thing to do according to you?

    • d. pope

      spoken as a seasoned LIBERAL.

    • Mike Casey

      Yeah, yeah, that’s totally what’s wrong with our society, rapist-loving justice-hater

    • John Smith

      The only people I can think of that would believe this is not justice would probably be a child molester – or a defense lawyer. Any other sane human being can certainly understand how this man killed his daughter’s rapist. To quote you. “…. He should have immediately taken his daughter and called police….” Seems like a pretty calm reaction in a horrific situation. Perhaps if it was your child you would see it differently. To quote you again, “…it’s wrong and to say he is a hero is another example of what is wrong with our society today…” No. What is wrong is that this piece of garbage would PERHAPS be sentenced, and released at a future date to offend again. But thankfully, the chance of this now happening to YOUR child or someone else’s (at least by this pervert) is now nil, thanks to the father. How you see that this is wrong is beyond me. Unless, as I stated in the beginning……

    • Cameron Channell

      Elliot, law is generally pretty clear on the use of deadly force to stop threat of death or serious bodily harm, and rape is included under that definition. Perhaps if someone was raping or about to kill you that would be okay, I’m sure someone would call the police and they’d get to you in a few minutes. What happened was justice. What the father did was prevent the sexual assault of a girl by any means necessary. Police cannot be everywhere at once, sometimes we have to take care of ourselves. And when you choose to do evil things like sexually assault people, a criminal has to understand that there is a measure of risk in that, and one of the potential consequences is death.

    • J.

      Thank you for being a voice of reason, forgiveness and compassion. I’m deeply troubled that so many people are defending murder.

  • Jessie

    Glad Texas’ law is going to keep this father out of jail! Lord only know what any of us would do in the same situation.
    Also, I’m beyond glad he was able to save his daughter <3

  • Patty Lynn Bugger-Partida

    pervert deserved to die

  • Patty Lynn Bugger-Partida

    why does every post about anything have someone who brings politics into them..this has nothing to do with liberal etc..knock it off!

    • Jack Bone

      Yes it does. The liberals are flooding the country with illegals. Stop being stupid.

  • Shannon

    Congratulations! I wish I could have killed my daughter’s killer. But instead he got 15 yrs in prison. How is that justice when you know he’ll be out again?

  • kate

    Should’ve just cut his dick off and made him live without one.

    • John Smith

      Next to death, yes I agree that is the most appropriate punishment.

  • jayvbellis

    Hispanic “family values”.

    Cheap illegal alien labor “farm hand” brings lots of hidden costs, like terrible crime against children.

  • JOEL714

    Make this guy “father of the year”

  • Glenn Gustafson

    Give him a medal! Oops…I see JOEL714 has already made a similar suggestion.

  • d. pope

    You might want to have your medications balanced,…

  • Jack Bone

    Obama’s America.

  • Michael Arbor

    I don’t know why you guys argue about parties. To get to the top of the system, you have to be a part of the system. Out government is a chameleon, It takes on whatever face it needs to pacify the masses, while accomplishing its agenda all the same. The only real party is the green party, if you have money you are in, if not you, your point of view, or your vote is of no consequence, because they are going to put in office whomever the best candidate is to further their agenda. It is like pro wrestling, they fight before the crowd, but behind the scenes they are all in it together. As long as they can keep the American people blind to that point they win whether democratic, republican, tea party, conservative, or liberal.

  • $17051172

    I doubt either the “truthfulness” of this retelling or if all the information is being revealed. Other than the Knockout Game, beating a person into unconsciousness does not cause death.

    “When he was sure the man was no longer a threat, he called 911 to report on the incident.”

    I very highly doubt this is accurate.

    • John Smith

      Who gives a shit….the outcome is what’s important. And in this case, it was the right one.

    • Cameron Channell

      A beating absolutely can cause death. What do you think the knockout game is if not blunt force trauma to knock someone unconscious? People can die very easily from a beating, particularly if the brain starts to swell or bleed, or there is trauma to the brain stem. That, and if this incident is as described, I don’t think the father was too concerned about the rapist’s well-being.

  • Trey M

    Well he could easily be lying. I don’t want to defend a pedophile, but he may be making the whole pedophile thing up! First off 4 things to consider: A) Jesus was not an illegal immigrant people B) Jesus was Latin and the father was White C) The father, his friends and his daughter (coached – happens all the time) have the capability to lie D) This happened on their farm during a cookout NOW: What if Jesus spoke against the 23-year old (young) father, stood up for himself or somehow “offended/disrespected” the father & in return this father beat him to death alone or with his friends because he is a racist arrogant southern man who thinks he is better and more of a person than Jesus? Knowing how “liberal society” would turn him into a dead man they all cried pedophile?! It’s a great get out of jail free card if you spin it just right. Why was his 5-year old daughter on a farm unattended during a cookout? For all we know she wasn’t even there when the incident occurred. They claim forensic evidence of a molestation, how if it all happened as quickly as described, there would be no evidence, the community just wants to help this man out because they believe him as they know him. Trust me people you know very well can lie too. Also if this mans “story” were true, I think his daughter would have been traumatized enough by the “almost molestation” but now she watched her father beat someone to death. If this story is true She is ruined and God bless her. All I’m saying is that if I believed everything I read or was told I would be a very naive individual. Hopefully this was justice and not a horrible lie.

  • sgosher

    Justice was served.

  • estee

    He is a hero!

  • sophia kelly gallerani

    This is so sad all the way around. I’m glad the father saved his daughter from the emanication of her mind body n spiritual depravity for the rest of her life… She will certainly need therapy…anyway, and she probably will be able to forgive her predictor. God Bless you Daddy and God Bless your family and your daughter.

  • Elitekillers

    This has to be THE BEST THING I HAD READ on the Internet for as long as I can remember. …If I lived by this Father I would buy him dinner anytime I seen him….CONGRATS TO YOU …..

  • Donna McClure


  • William R Nicholson

    Sounds as if he caught the perp in the beginning of the assault , I pray the girl was not yet penetrated by the vermin. I’ll be in Texas soon and hope to congratulate the father on his quick response. It’d be a better story ending though if we had a secure border and a POTUS that cared about the security of all U.S. citizens including children !

  • Hey Joe

    June 9th? So this happened a year ago and we’re just hearing about it now? Did it take that long to decide whether or not to charge him? That being said, I have NO problem with him beating the guy to death.

    • Meeshy

      I think this is even older than a year, I am almost positive I heard about this about 2 years ago or so. I read something a very long time ago about this.

  • Sonya Schaff

    Every state should have this law. Since its a proven fact that sex offenders will ALWAYS repeat offend(recidivism) there really is no help for them,

  • Tyson Cassell

    Why would he be charged? I say he should dig up his casket, open it, fill it full of timed explosives, close the casket, fill the hole back in, put himself at a safe distance, grab a chair and a beer, relax and watch the show.

  • Cameron Channell

    And justice is served…

  • f texas

    yeah and my brother did the same thing and he got life without parole i say screw texas and the backward ass government

  • ProSecond Amendment

    And the same punishment should come on any judge/prosecutor who ever convicts anyone in these situations. Death to all child rapists including those in the court system/law enforcement who protects them.

    • J.

      Let’s say, hypothetically, that you get your way. Everyone who rapes a child, and all judges and prosecutors who ever convict anyone who kills someone who is raping a child get executed. You’d be pretty happy, right?

      But then box would be open. Let’s say someone then decides that anyone who rapes an adult should be executed. Okay, you’d probably still be pretty happy about that, right? Then what? Maybe they decide anyone who is a defense attorney and defends someone who is later convicted of rape should be executed. Well, that would obviously mean that defense attorneys would be too terrified to ever defend anyone accused of rape, so then anyone could accuse anyone they don’t like of being a rapist, and since no one would be willing to defend them in court, it would mean they would always be convicted (and executed), even if completely innocent. Still happy?

      Oh but that’s not the end! Then let’s say it’s decided that anyone who physically abuses a child and leaves bruises will be executed. You probably wouldn’t, mind that, right? But then it’s decided that that isn’t enough, anyone who uses any form of corporal punishment on a child will be executed.

      • J.

        (Continued from previous post because it cut me off) After all, anything that will protect children must surely be worth it in the end! So are you still happy about that? I’m sure that would mean lots of people you know and care about would be executed, maybe even you if you’ve ever struck at your child.

        Now of course none of this will ever happen, because fortunately not that many people are so short-sighted. But do you see how dangerous the sort of thinking you espoused could be? Execution for murder is currently practiced in many states in America, and that is typically justified as “an eye for an eye” or something of the sort. But if you start introducing the death penalty for crimes other than murder, then you’re deciding that the punishment, at least in some cases, should be MORE severe than the crime. Having the death penalty only for murder, but for no other crimes, indicates a philosophy, as I said, of some variant of “an eye for an eye”, thus it is not arbitrary but has a philosophical foundation. But if you introduce execution for crimes besides murder, then how do you decide which crimes? It’s arbitrary and subjective. It really is like opening Pandora’s box.

      • ProSecond Amendment

        Thank God common sense, absolute moral and truth in the majority of those who procreate and the law for the most part isn’t based on morons and their hypotheticals. Are you guilty of a child offense? Sounds like it. Forgiveness is one thing, make your peace with God in the after life of eternity. But letting you roam the streets or chance of getting out of prison is not going to happen as long we have a race to raise correctly. You mess with children like this you die no debate. You throw someone in prison who is justified in their actions inj protecting their child, you are a corrupt piece of scum on the earth and deserve the fear of God.

        And you might say, “Well in many cases the act has already been done so he wasnt really protecting his child but taking vengeance out.” And I say to that, HEY MORON, DONT FORGET ABOUT POSSIBLE FUTURE VICTIMS THAT WE SHOULDNT BE CHANCING.

        You obviously don’t have any children or any common sense morals.

        This is one offense if you get caught you should die and if you don’t get caught you should cast yourself over the bridge and show God you are truly sorry.

        Anyone who holds the position of authority over someone elses future (like a judge) they better damn well know absolute moral and law according to the laws of the universe that support life itself. Those who don’t play their correct role in this universe and side with justice and the blood of innocence, protecting it, need to either be removed from their position or removed from this planet. Take your evil liberal ass to hell with your bs. The more people like you try to justify evil actions the more you’re gonna start looking like the main problem.
        Take a hike you weasel.

        • J.

          Can you please discuss this civily without all the “go to hell” and “moron” and “are you guilty of a child offense” stuff?

          Why is child molestation deserving of death? Are there any other crimes that should also carry such a penalty?

          If you had your way and child molestation were met with execution, how can you be sure there won’t be a slippery slope that leads to all sorts of things being met with execution? The reason having execution for murder doesn’t have as much of a risk of that is because there is a clear rationale. Agree with the philosophy or not, “an eye for an eye” serves as a sort of gate keeper, keeping the penalty for any crime other than murder from being execution. But what would be the analogous philosophy if child molestation were penalized with execution?

  • Progressive Putz

    Justice prevails.

  • Haven T Burrell

    i would do the same thing if i saw my family or friends getting rape or molested i would beat the snuff out of them bastards like that don’t deserve to live

  • Lin

    Bravo, common sense at last. I would make the b****** suffer slowly and agonizingly if anyone messed with my kids. Unfortunately, here in the UK, our laws have some serious catching up to do with the USA.

  • Lonnie Burns

    God bless Texas! Imagine the outcome if the event occurred in California.

  • J.

    This is deeply disturbing to me that anyone thinks this (or any) murder could be justifiable. It was not AT ALL necessary for him to KILL that man to stop the situation.

    • jwclark

      Whoever you are, you’re missing something fundamental. Do you value life over the quality of life? That is just pure sentimentality. JWC

  • eggdod .

    Good for him and hooray for Texas for having this vigilante style justice.

  • A Father

    This needs to be the new law. If someone molests children or rapes anyone they need their genitals cut off without sedation or pain medicine. They deserve to feel some of the pain they caused others and lose their ability to do that ever again. Jail time isnt enough, they will repeat it again. You cant use your productive organs the way society has deemed proper then you lose that capability. The father did no wrong at all. Every parent would agree that if they were presented the same situation that that molesting sack of crap would at the very least be beaten to death. Now this concept is still reserved compared to my personal opinion. I would say it is best i dont present my personal opinion but I am going to regardless. These pieces of garbage only act upon these impulses because the punishment is not severe enough. They need to know they will experience not just a simple execution but pain in such a degree that the pain itself would kill them. If you have ever seen law abiding citizen this movie demonstrates exactly what I would do to the person and the garbage who would defend him in court. When all other social and educational programming fails, pain will teach these sacks of crap that they can not get away with this act. They are insane, yes, but much like a drug addict who cannot stop from doing drugs; if you directly present a painful and severe enough consequence they will not act upon it. These consequences will not just punish adequately the perpetrators but prevent further actions of these damaged devils. Do not just present your hatred and call names, whether they are well deserved or not, but you must present an undeniable logical concept that even the people who say thou shou not kill will see the benefits of your idea. If you can give a reasonable rebuttle to this idea then please attempt to do so. Give me your best arguement with LOGIC, not spout some superiority complex ideas.

  • A Father

    And seriously? You all have turned a morality debate into a political debate.. Stay focused on the morality of this subject, exclude your simple minded political garbage out of this

  • Keletor

    So when do we give this guy a hero’s parade?

  • Randy J Hilliker

    Why was he even charged with a crime?

  • jom

    i would of nailed him to a cross and torched that

    Mutha F__ker

  • Anthony Quatroni

    Imagine if this was New York. . . that poor man would be doing the rest of his life in Jail. Florida too.

  • Sez Eye

    Instant Justice.

  • jim

    The prosecutor should be in jail! Unless I’m missing something and he did NOT have discretion in bringing this to the Grand Jury, he’s a tyrant and should be raped himself for misusing state power. It’s time people took a forceful stand against these statists that would use and abuse the mechanisms of state power over all sense of reason, respect and duty. That poor girl and father! NO ONE deserves to be treated like that poor girl and, people, wake the F&*&K up, YOUR actions have consequences! Too bad the father wasn’t carrying a sidearm, this sort of disease on society is on US to cleanse, NOT the state! Read Bastiat, the STATE doesn’t CREATE or get bequeathed power, it has NO MORE POWER COLLECTIVELY than we each DO INDIVIDUALLY. Crime should OFFEND us all! But the power to stop it and protect each of US FROM it starts with US, NOT the state! Poor family!

  • MSW

    This is such a great story!

  • Dave Sharkie Yablonsky

    Another paedophile scum eradicated. That father is a hero!

  • alpinetek

    When I read a story with an ending like this, I swell up and tear … just a little bit … but mostly I SMILE FROM EAR TO EAR!! What a heroic Father!! Good for him!!!

  • I think this is awesome. But I also can’t help but think that among the conservatives who are celebrating this there may be some who, if the daughter was older and the father hadn’t beaten the attacker to death, would have been saying things like “What was the daughter wearing?” and “What did she do to provoke her attacker?” and “Maybe she was drunk and she decided later it wasn’t consensual”.

    May this father always be around to help his daughter when she needs it…and may all the people celebrating this celebrate it equally when any sexual attacker gets what’s coming to them.

  • Jean Lagacé

    Anybody out there who knows what age were the father and the agressor and how much they both weighted? Was the agressor armed or not? Knife, piece of wood or the likes. If the fight was fair and there was a risk for the father to lose it, then I agree, for the sake of the daughter he must protect, he might put the sorry individual to sleep and if he overdoes it, I won’t say a thing. It would be an honest mistake. Otherwise,.. If the father has the best from the start and there is no doubt about the outcome of the battle, if the bandit is on the ground, no longer defending himself, and the father hits him nervertheless until he dies, to me it is murder. Well, there was this brave citizen who saw fit to call the father. I would bet that he was there, looking to see “justice” being done. Strange that the journalist hasn’t seen fit to give us these details in order for us to make a sensible opinion.

  • Michael Broekhof

    I would do the same thing.

  • rightwingextremeist

    Some people just need killin