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Ron Paul: We don’t need Trump’s wall to stop illegal immigration [VIDEO]

This morning on Ron Paul discussed the current government shutdown situation on CNBC’s Squawk Box and how he disagrees with President Trump’s idea that a massive border wall would halt illegal immigration.

“I don’t like walls,” Paul added. “I don’t want to wall people in and wall people out.”

“But I don’t want free open borders either. I think you have to remove the incentives for people to come. And they come because there’s a welfare system here, easy access to citizenship, it’s politicized. One group wants them because they think they can get the votes. But people should be able to come, and visit, and work. And, but, you have to get rid of the incentive system.”

“No easy road to citizenship.”

Paul continued to reiterate his Milton Friedman like belief that you don’t need a border walls without the incident system and easy access welfare state. The media expects Trump’s national address tonight to included a declaration of national emergency to get funding for the border wall.

When you look at social media lately libertarians seem torn on the issue of open vs. closed borders. We did a poll, albeit non-scientific, on our Like A Libertarian page. The the results were suprising. Only 30% of fans voted in favor of open borders and 70% voted closed.  Some comments on this thread below the poll stated that closed and open borders are not a black and white issue. Although shocking to some university students. Democrats supported more secure borders when they were in power.

Long admired for his philosophical consistency Dr. Paul was mocked for his ideas on militarized border walls by fellow Republicans during the 2012 GOP Primary debates.

From the clip above: “The people that want big fences and guns, sure, we could secure the border,” the congressman noted. “A barbed wire fence with machine guns, that would do the trick. I don’t believe that is what America is all about.”  Read more.


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