2016 Presidential Race Action for Liberty

“Republicans for Johnson/Weld” Pledges to Elect Libertarian Ticket

by Daniel Stephens

A group of prominent Republican staffers for party heavyweights like former presidential candidates Ron Paul and Rand Paul, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, late Senator and presidential candidate Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, George Bush and more, have formed a political action committee for the purpose of putting the Gary Johnson/Bill Weld ticket, not just in the debates, but in the White House. From the group’s website:

We are Republicans. We believe in the core Republican ideals of fiscal conservatism, state sovereignty, and individual liberty. Through our personal and professional lives we have worked to shape, promote, and defend these ideals. Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness. These are not stale concepts. We believe these are the core of the American Dream and still hold as true today as they did two-hundred and forty years ago. We invite you to join in us in our support of two former Republican governors whom uphold these ideals for President and Vice-President of these United States of America, as well as all Republicans seeking elected office this November.   

The committee is led by Kevin Martin, the former chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Massachusetts. Martin is joined by Ed Lopez, former national vice chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus and a former member of the national campaign at Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, and Republican strategists Marco Nunez, Jr. and Liz Mair, who will be providing aid directing the group’s overarching approach toward their stated goals of advancing liberty and fiscal conservatism through the Johnson-Weld ticket. From a recent press release:

I have long said that I can support neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton, on the grounds that neither sufficiently shares my philosophical principles, on the basis that I consider it highly likely that one or both will end up wearing an orange jumpsuit sooner or later, and because both present very serious risks to our national security,” said Mair. “The Johnson-Weld ticket offers the opportunity to vote for people who more closely share my and most Americans’ views on core areas of policy, and to vote for two experienced governors free of the ethical and legal issues plaguing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Gary Johnson’s success as an entrepreneur is the cherry on top, in a time when for too many Americans, the economy still feels stagnant and the American Dream too elusive.

With Gary Johnson having reached 13 percent in a recent poll, efforts from allies like this could be instrumental in pushing the Libertarian Party candidate past the 15 percent threshold required by the CPD for entrance into the various presidential parleys. Will Johnson succeed in his race for debate inclusion with the help of his new friends? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook.

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