The Republican Party Should Formally Endorse Johnson & Weld

Johnson Weld Republican

by Josh Guckert

Following the revealing of the “Trump Tapes” Friday night, the Republican nominee is pretty much finished. Many prominent Republicans have rescinded their endorsements, and Donald Trump, for the first time in memory, was actually forced to apologize. Some have even suggested that Trump should withdraw from the presidential election altogether, but with only about one month to go, this is no longer feasible.

However, the Republican Party is left with the ultimate contingency plan. On every single ballot presented to voters in November, a duo of former Republican governors will be present. Of course, this is the Libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and William Weld. Moreover, both possess impeccable conservative records on taxes and spending which would make Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan proud.

With the mass exodus of one-time Trump supporters and even the RNC chairman condemning Trump’s remarks, the party must quickly do damage control if it wishes to retain the Senate and House. Additionally, with recent revelations concerningĀ Hillary Clinton, the presidential election remains very winnable for Republicans if presentĀ a competent and principled candidate.

Some projections have suggested that Johnson could win his home state of New Mexico and throw the election to the House for a tie-breaking vote. However, if Republicans act now, they can avoid the embarrassment of affiliation with Donald Trump and perhaps save their congressional seats while also preventing Clinton from winning the election.

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