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by Micah J. Fleck

According to Rare:

Sen. Rand Paul has been one of the leading voices for criminal justice reform throughout his entire senate career, particularly of eliminating what he sees as draconian mandatory minimum sentencing laws. When Attorney General Jeff Sessions made it public on Friday that he would direct federal prosecutors to seek the harshest sentences for non-violent drug offenders, the announcement drew a quick rebuke from Sen. Paul.

 “Mandatory minimum sentences have unfairly and disproportionately incarcerated too many minorities for too long,” said Sen. Paul in a statement. “Attorney General Sessions’ new policy will accentuate that injustice.”

 Paul added, “Instead, we should treat our nation’s drug epidemic as a health crisis and less as a ‘lock ‘em up and throw away the key’ problem.”…

Sen. Paul wrote in a USA Today op-ed in 2013, “Mandatory minimums most harm those lacking in the means to defend themselves. These laws disproportionately target the poor and minorities.”

 “Getting rid of mandatory minimums simply means allowing judges to use their discretion in sentencing, rather than having to follow the current, draconian federal parameters that are totally detached from the very human situation at hand,” Paul added.
Paul also noted, “A report released recently by the American Civil Liberties Union revealed that nationally, blacks were four times as likely as whites to be arrested for marijuana possession. It also indicated that these unfortunate numbers were true despite the fact that marijuana use is about the same for both black and white Americans.”

Is this Senator Paul’s new claim to fame? He has been at this issue for some time now, and it always wins bipartisan support. Not to mention it is objectively noble across the board. Word of advice to Senator Paul: if you run for president again… Run on this, not on your weird, divisive “black market baby parts” mantra.


  • DatBus

    Libertarians playing marxist identity politics. Not good.

    • soybomb315

      so you would rather see bigger state….got it

      • bobby bobby

        I agree with the idea, I just disagree with Rand Paul’s reasoning. It’s an injustice to all people not just one group.

  • DatBus

    Libertarians playing marxist identity politics. Not good.

    • bobby bobby

      I agree, what he should have said is it’s an injustice to all people because it takes away out freedoms.

  • End the war on drugs. Decriminalize and legalize drugs.

    It will reduce political and police corruption.

    It will remove money, guns and power from cartels and gangs.

    It will greatly reduce gang violence and end drug war violence, which will save the lives of children and adults.

    It will protect children since there will not be a monetary incentive for dealers to push drugs.

    Fewer fathers will be in prison, therefore more fathers will be with their children and families.

    More kids will attend school since there will not be the easy money from dealing drugs to lure them into leaving school.

    It will remove money from the inner city gangs which will in turn make it much harder for gang members to purchase guns.

    It will free up money that was used on law enforcement to be used for drug education and treatment. Also freed up resources could be shifted to law enforcement in Murder, Rape, Pedophilia, Human Trafficking, Violent Assault, Burglary/Robbery/Theft, Reckless Driving, Border Security, Fraud, Government Corruption, Vandalism and Cyber Hacking.

    It will remove the problem of drug smugglers crossing the border illegally and lessen the danger to border security and residents of border towns.

    Court expenses will be reduced from the reduction in cases.

    States expenses will be reduced because they will need fewer jails.

    Politicians that think they know what is best for everyone are much more dangerous than drugs.

    Make the war on gangs easier, destroy their revenue stream: end the drug war.

    • bobby bobby

      I agree but I’m very disappointed in Rand Paul for his reasoning for wanting to stop the drug war.

    • Tom Williams

      “t will free up money that was used on law enforcement to be used for drug education and treatment. “……… if legalizing it disincentivizes dealers to push drugs on children, then why would you need ” drug education” programs?

      • Because if they are legal people should be informed of the risks.