Prospects of Oldham Athletic at the end of season

At the beginning of 2019, the legendary Manchester United player Paul Scholes was invited to the post of the head coach by Oldham Athletic. He will have to do a really great job, because the team has set serious goals for itself.

It is clear that this season Oldham will not show anything meaningful. The team is places somewhere in the middle of the tournament table, and there are no particular prospects for improvements, since too much was lost in the first half of the championship. Now, it is extremely important for Scholes to find the combination of players that will become the main one in the next season.

There is no doubt that, in terms of its potential, Oldham Athletics able to improve its position in the ranking and even count on an increase in class, but in order to achieve this the team needs a point gain. By inviting such a manager, they made a smart marketing move, as many young footballers will certainly want to work with him, if they want to get experience and advice from a famous midfielder.

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