Pros and Cons of Rand Paul Skipping the Undercard Debate

By Lina Bryce

Fox Business has declined Senator Rand Paul’s appeal that he be included in tonight’s main GOP debate, noting a recent poll which placed him in the top five in Iowa. Fox has offered him a spot in the undercard debate and Paul has kept to his word by stating he will refuse to attend.

This has sparked some dispute amongst Paul supporters, who wonder if all the pros and cons had been weighed before making his decision to skip the undercard debate. So is it a good move?

Here’s a list of possible pros and cons of not attending the undercard debate.

PRO: He shows himself to be a man of his word. Paul previously stated he would not participate in an undercard debate because he didn’t believe the media had the authority to delegate his campaign second-tier. By appearing in the undercard, Paul would be eating his words. 

Compare that with Donald Trump, who demanded that CNN pay $5 Million for him to attend their debate. They didn’t, and of course, and he showed up anyway.

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