Postal Workers Endorse Candidate Who Will Make Entire Nation Efficient as Post Office

The US Postal Workers Union’s executive board recently announced that they were endorsing for president the one man who will take the United States Postal Service’s standard for quality and efficiency and apply it to vast sectors of the US economy.

The man is, of course, socialist Bernie Sanders.

“Politics as usual has not worked. It’s time for a political revolution,” said Mark Dimondstein, president of the postal workers union.

It is perhaps no surprise that a union which represents the workers of a government entity that (despite every residence in America being lawfully required to use their services and their selling of those addresses to junk mailers) manages to lose billions of dollars every year, would support a candidate who believes in fleecing the American taxpayer to pay for wasteful government projects.

The postal workers will be well served by a president that would see unlimited public funds directed towards any government program regardless of performance or efficiency– a socialist revolution to ensure government and its cronies remain well positioned no matter how inept or wasteful.

No doubt, the postal union was moved by their desire to see their highly effective model of labor and service duplicated in the field of healthcare. Just look at the outstanding care our veterans receive from the VA. These postal workers dream that someday we can all wait in line for government to address our medical ailments and concerns.

Bernie Sanders has lamented that too many choices on the market are indicative of waste and proof that resources are not naturally allocated where a benevolent government would have them be. He is the perfect candidate for postal workers then, who enjoy a monopoly on mail delivery thanks to federal laws that make competing with them nearly impossible. Sure, competition exists, but competitors will never be allowed to carry our regular mail and thanks to heavy taxpayer subsidization, they cannot compete with the USPS’s rates. The postal workers and Sanders agree: choice is bad.

Postal workers dream that one day other sectors of our economy can be as ineffective and limiting as mail delivery is. They know that in this economy it’s us or them and like fleas on a dogs, they’re holding on tight. That’s why they believe the country needs a man like Bernie Sanders, to protect government workers from unreasonable expectations and standards.

That’s the kind of scrutiny leftists reserve only for free enterprise.

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