Penn Jillette to Greg Gutfeld over atheism jabs: “You’re a pu**y!” (VIDEO, NSFW)

Penn Jillette to Greg Gutfeld over atheism jabs: “You’re a pu**y!” (VIDEO, NSFW)


Penn Jillette took a bite out of his friend Greg Gutfeld for sitting and watching his colleagues on Fox’s The Five suggest that atheists should just leave the country. A controversy has exploded after anchor Dana Perino suggested that atheists should leave because they are upset that the United States government is unconstitutionally promoting religion on its currency and public monuments.  Gutfeld is an atheist himself and in a very NSFW radio interview, Jillette roasts his friend Gutfeld for not standing up for his own beliefs and for his fellow citizens who have a right to non-belief.

“In God We Trust” was added to the American currency in 1956 due to the Cold War threat from Communism, when America needed someone to hate in order to keep defense budgets rolling. So the government did what it usually does when it needs an enemy and turned to religion to help unify public support in the war against “godless communists”. The religious slogan replaced “E Pluribus Unum” which means “Out Of Many, One”. But the first American currency was our favorite at The Libertarian Republic and we sincerely wish more American’s would follow our founding fathers advice. The first American currency designed by Benjamin Franklin said….


The original comments from Fox’s “The Five”

Can you identify which type of authoritarian these hosts represent?



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