Chipotle Takes Aim At GMO – Is GMO Frankenfood, or Fine Eating? (PODCAST)

I’ll Take A Luddite Burrito With A Side of Superstition

Co-CEO of popular burrito chain Chipotle Steve Ells is saying “No” to GMO foods for ingredients at his restaurants. Ells says that “genetically modified foods hold out promises that are at best untested, and at worst unrealistic.” This is despite 20-year-long scientific research studies that have proven GMO foods to be perfectly safe.

Is Ells playing on his customer’s irrational fears in order to make more money? Or is there really something to be said for eating food that’s grown organically? And should people calling themselves libertarians be in the business of forcing food producers to label their products?

All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast!

If you enjoyed the podcast, here’s an episode of Penn & Teller that goes into more detail about some myths and legends regarding organic food.


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