How To Find Peace Within The Chaos of Life

Chaos is all around us. When we watch the news or turn on the radio we hear examples of chaos such as war, poverty and hunger. Even if we turn off the tv and radio there is no escaping this chaotic world. Look out the window and you will see others rushing from place to place trying to escape the weight of chaos. You will see traffic jams backed up as far as the eye can see. Everybody is frantically trying to get to their destination on time. 

In life, chaos is everywhere. But what is chaos? In the above context, chaos is external. But the external chaos of our surroundings can quickly creep into our minds as uncertainty, insecurities and fears due to an inability to control the situation and control our lives. 

Dealing with life’s chaos is not only essential to living a peaceful life but to your day-to-day mental well-being as well. Much of the world’s chaos is external, however, peace is internal. So let us take a deeper look at how to find peace within the chaos of life.

Take a Break

Now, this is much easier said than done. When life gets a little too chaotic and overwhelming we are quick to think there is no time for a break. Most of the time we think there isn’t just time for a break but you would be better served by taking that long overdue break. 

No matter how you make a living, be it writing novels, selling cars or working in a factory, workloads can get on top of us. Pair this with all your daily tasks like housework or looking after your children it can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. 

Brendan Clancy, HR officer at BudChampion is a huge believer in taking a break from time to time. He says “breaks improve my mood, overall well-being and performance capacity. I always perform much better after a short break”. 

This means taking that couple of minutes to slow down could be hugely beneficial. “Taking that break means that I can come back refreshed and clear headed to take on whatever tasks lay ahead” Clancy explained further. 

While it is not always easy to do, breaks should be taken regularly. Brendan will tell you all about the major benefits he has experienced to his work and life just by switching off and going for a cup of coffee or a little walk.

Have Faith That Things Will Work Out

Faith is a big word and it can easily be forgotten about when life gets a little bit too much. This is ironically the most important time to double down on that faith you have got and trust within it. 

Whether you believe in a God, a vast void or a giant spaghetti monster, have faith that it will all work out. Taking a few minutes to pray, meditate and reflect on things can prove to be very calming. 

When Brendan was asked about keeping himself grounded, he responded with “no amount of worry will change the future and no amount of regret will change the past. I try to just focus on the now”.

Our minds can wander forwards to the future and backwards to the past as we forget about our present. “Outside of the present is exactly where our faith can run astray” Brendan believes. Reset, reconsider and reconnect with the present moment when the chaos tries to drag you away from where you are at right now. 

Go Easy on Yourself

Mastery takes practice and mastery of our emotions can take a lifetime. We can often get wrapped up in chaos’ grip when we feel we aren’t doing enough or don’t feel we are enough. 

There is plenty of space in life for mistakes. If there wasn’t then there would be no room to learn and grow. Take a step back and a breath when life gets on top of you and remind yourself you are more than enough. 


So How To Find Peace Within The Chaos of Life. I think one thing all these points have in common is the fact they all require us to slow down and take a short pause for ourselves. Slow down, just because life moves fast doesn’t mean you have to keep pace. As long as your internal is strong and balanced the external chaos can not harm you.  


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