Moissanite Co Launches New and Beautiful Styles of Moissanite Jewelry Collection


The jewelry industry continues to evolve, thanks to companies like Moissanite Co devoted to providing quality and elegant moissanite products. As part of the developments, Moissanite Co is pleased to announce other moissanite products to their jewelry collection. The products range from radiant moissanite engagement rings to colourful earrings and bracelets, among other shiny products.

During the launch, the company promised their customers more varieties of moissanite diamonds on the website. A spokesperson of the company reiterated the important qualities of moissanite as being more shiny and radiant than diamonds. It was clear that moissanite’s fire and brilliance were vital for the company’s expansion and growth with these new products.

Investing in the moissanite gemstone

Moissanite gemstones have come of age and are a great alternative to diamonds for jewelry making. As a result, Moissanite Co has made a lot of investment in this precious gemstone. Moissanite’s crystal key components are silicon and carbon, making it one of the hardest and durable materials around. The company representative during the launch expressed their belief in moissanite jewelry owing to its durability and strength.

Customers can rely on moissanite rings and other jewelry types because they are resistant to chipping and scratching. The company’s push for moissanite was mainly because of its brilliance and strength, which are far much better than other substances in the market. For instance, cubic zirconia that simulates diamond cannot compare with moissanite based on these highlighted qualities.

When buying moissanite jewelry, customers must be aware of the gemstone’s resemblance with diamonds and cubic zirconia. To help their customers make the right choice, Moissanite Co officials advised them to take a close look at their products to take note of the differences.

As noted, moissanite is 219% harder than typical cubic zirconia. Most importantly, it is tougher than diamonds making it more durable than the many options you find in the market.  Additionally, the company informed their target audience to expect high clarity and cut, which are consistent qualities found in moissanite. The gemstone’s lustre is also an important characteristic to look at, especially because it is superior to diamonds.

Why Moissanite Co?

Moissanite Co has distinguished itself from other industry players by providing reliable information and products to its customers. The company understands the challenges of choosing the perfect engagement rings among other jewelry. Therefore, they have invested a lot in reaching their customers with the right moissanite information and products.

The company prides itself as a reliable jewelry dealer due to the following reasons.

  • Access to self-made products. The company offers lab-grown moissanite stones with unique designs. Therefore, customers can get answers to all their enquiries about the products.
  • Moissanite Jewelry Variety. Customers have a host of products to compare and choose between them. Therefore, you will have enough options to reach to make the right choice.
  • Trusted moissanite quality. Moissanite Co guarantees the quality of their moissanite products. Therefore, customers are sure of getting pure high-grade products.
  • Strong and durable products. Longevity is an important characteristic of jewelry. For that reason, Moissanite Co has found the best solution for its customers with durable moissanite products.
  • Affordable Jewelry products. The moissanite products listed with the company come at a good price, meeting the needs of everyone.
  • Jewelry products with a Guarantee. Customers get warranties for all their purchases. Therefore, they are protected in their purchases.

The company promised its audience to visit for more information on moissanite jewelry and listings. They have provided enough information about this precious gemstone to help customers choose between the company products. The company’s website also has a Live Chat feature and email that customers can use for enquiries.

About Moissanite Co

Moissanite Co was founded in 2005 and deals with moissanite gems and jewelry. The company owners have a rich background in this industry and continue to share experiences with great moissanite products.  They make quality and affordable moissanite engagement rings for their customers.

The company has a vision to accomplish in the jewelry industry – to provide affordable quality jewelry for its customers. Their mission is to offer a wide variety of best-priced quality moissanite and diamond jewelry solutions. Moissanite Co is founded on a no-frills strategy of selling moissanite bridal jewelry.


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