Fellow Millennials, It’s Time to Start Taking Down the Two Party System

It’s Time to Tear Down the Republicans and Democrats

By: Elias J. Atienza

I’m a proud millennial. I play Pokemon Go, I use Facebook, and I’m on my phone and laptop. I go to college, I’ve got a full-time summer job, and I’m hoping to do some good in the world. No, I’m not a lazy person who sits around all day. No, I don’t feel entitled.

Most millennials voted for Bernie Sanders. They loved the guy. While I never loved him like they did, I could understand their passion. I was a member of Students for Rand, campaigning for Rand Paul in California. When he dropped out in February, it broke my heart. He was the only Republican I could get behind for the presidential nomination.

So those millennials who felt that their heart was broken when Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton: I understand your pain. I know what it’s like to put all of your time and energy into someone only to see it come up for naught. But you don’t have to vote for the buffoons in the Republican or Democratic Parties.

My fellow millennials, we are the largest voting bloc in the United States. No longer do the Baby Boomers have more power than us. While I respect them greatly, their voting choices are what let us in this mess. Their choices left us with more war, more debt, and more poverty. Their choices left us with constitutional violations, the War on Drugs, and economic regulations strangling us.

Now, not all Baby Boomers chose this. Many millennials voted for the same thing when they voted for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and yes, Bernie Sanders. Millennials helped elect Barack Obama despite him leading us down the same path.

But millennials also rallied behind Ron Paul. This is a man who managed to convince thousands of millennials to become libertarians, and it is time we carry his message.

So this is my plea to you. It is time to take that same passion you had for Bernie Sanders and vote for a third party. It is time to smash the two-party system to the ground. It is time to show that your vote matters and who you vote for is up to you. You don’t have to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Vote third party. Use your voice and use it loudly. The older voters chose Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We don’t have to follow down their path. This is our country as well, and we have a say. Start thinking outside the box. It’s time to break down the two-party system.

I urge all millennials to look into the only third party candidate that will be on the ballot in all fifty states. That man is Gary Johnson.

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