Making Sure Your Divorce Attorney Is Perfect

It’s complicated and difficult to file for divorce, but divorce attorneys are specifically trained to help you make it through as quickly and easily as possible. Whether it’s an amicable split or a nasty fight, a lawyer can help you make sure you’ve filed your case correctly and it’s moving smoothly through the system.

A divorce is a big life change, even if it’s completely amicable, and getting the right Colorado Springs divorce attorney from a law firm like Burnham Law can make a huge difference in your life going forward. Make sure your divorce attorney checks all these important boxes before you choose them to work on your case.

A Good Listener

Your divorce attorney needs to be able to listen to you and think about the best option for your exact situation. There’s no one-size-fits-all divorce attorney; you need to choose a specific path that fits your circumstances best. In order to choose the right path, which might be different depending on a variety of very small differences, you need to make sure your attorney understands the situation you’re in right now.

Working With a Respected Law Firm

It’s not always a necessity to work with a law firm in order to achieve results. There are plenty of lawyers who work on their own time, outside of a firm. However, a good law firm will help maintain standards of excellence that might not be as apparent with an individual working on their own. A law firm will usually have incredibly experienced individuals with many years of expertise in the field, which means you can feel comfortable no matter how specifically experienced your lawyer is.

Knows the Law for Your Special Circumstances

Everyone has different circumstances surrounding their divorce; even completely amicable divorces may vary from couple to couple. Whether you have a burgeoning business that isn’t currently making money but may become profitable soon or you have stepchildren that you’ve legally adopted, there are special considerations that could be difficult to figure out with just a quick look. Make sure you have that list of circumstances available as you’re looking for a lawyer, so you don’t have to waste time determining which lawyer knows best.

Willing to Talk About Better Methods

This is tricky, but it’s an important part of getting a good lawyer. Although your lawyer should definitely be behind you with what you’re trying to achieve during your divorce, there may be things you want to achieve that just aren’t feasible. For example, if you want a significant amount of alimony, but spouses in your situation aren’t generally awarded that much alimony, it’s very unlikely you’ll actually be successful in your quest.

Instead of blindly trying to fight for an unprecedented option or blatantly telling you that you can’t achieve it, a good lawyer will help you sit down and find something that’s achievable. Usually that requires some out-of-the-box thinking or unconventional methods. This requires that your lawyer is creative and willing to explain complicated subjects to you, which is an important quality. But remember, you also need to accept that other solutions may be your best option.

Offers Simple Pricing

This doesn’t necessarily mean that their prices are the lowest around. However, you do want to make sure you get a simple explanation of the prices they’re charging. It may be a flat rate, which the lawyer will determine before you sign anything, or it may be variable, determined by the amount of time the lawyer has to dedicate to your case. If it’s fixed, ask how the lawyer came to that price, and if it’s variable, ask what the charges are and when the firm will assess them.

Don’t Settle for a Low-Quality Lawyer

Regardless of your circumstances or what’s going on in your life, you deserve access to a high-quality lawyer that can help you figure out where you’re going to go from here. When you’re looking around for lawyers, you need to go through this list and ensure that the lawyer you’re considering checks all these boxes. That way, you know you’re getting a Colorado Springs divorce attorney that will provide you with the results you’re hoping to see.


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