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Socialism: Equal Sharing Of The Miseries

A user from the popular image sharing site imgur has uploaded a series of photos showing food lines in Venezuela. The lines are undoubtedly the result of new price controls that President Nicolas Maduro has instituted as an effort to tame inflation.

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The “Fair Price Law” is causing devastating shortages due to the fact that by putting caps on prices eliminates the the first law of economics, supply and demand. The law sets a maximum profit margin of 30% and requires firms to obtain “fair price” certificates to access dollars through the government’s currency system.

People reportedly wait in line up to four hours to get food at the grocery store.














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Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

  • Douglas Williams

    Obama wants to do the same thing and is starting to put regulation on businesses for his socialist agenda.

  • bonnie

    its time to grow fruits and vegetables and do and to things like people that had farms way back in the day because this leaders are only thinking about themselves and its every man for himself it looks like.

  • bonnie

    if i were them i would invest in seeds and grow them in my back yard or in containers and hope everyone catches on and maybe buy some live chickens too.

    • Cj Rueb

      Then people (Barbarians) STRONGER Than You will come and TAKE what you have Worked to Create! Sometimes those Thugs call themselves “Government”! This is Why many Liberal-Socialist democrats are making such great efforts to limit, and if possible Elliminate our 2nd Amendment Rights to Keep and Bear Arms!

  • Mardorang

    Price fixing is awesome if you happen to be the first hoarder in line.

  • JustAnotherJoe10

    Stalin tried this, as he was determined to make such a system worked. Well, guess what, millions starved to death. What the hell do these people think, that it is going to somehow be different this time around? Take a look, America, that is your future.

    • Rochelle Renee

      Only if Americans don’t stop it, first.

      • btstump

        We’re not doing a very good job of it so far…

      • Camel S

        Most Americans are more concerned about reality TV and MacDonalds than this.

        • LabourSocialist

          America having a worthless dollar and China and Russia are buying all the worlds gold up .
          Once China says that it no longer needs the worthless dollar and wants gold instead then America will sink economically .

          • Camel S

            And it would be the best thing to happen to America.
            Everyone has the illusion that America is this rich prosperous country, however, most of the wealth is spent on this horrific, disgusting medical system. They mutilate children, poison them, ruin their minds, it is disgusting. This money America is stealing from the world is used to run the death industries, military, pharmaceuticals.

          • LabourSocialist

            I agree we need peace in the world and stability and happiness that is all we want and all men are equal in the eyes of god .
            As humans we should set ourselves a goal to be nice to one another it’s not difficult and help one another in fact it’s quite easy .

    • Stephen Zeigler

      according to Stalin that was a success… kill everyone in line…no line…no food shortage…

      • LabourSocialist

        Where did you read that BS ? This is Cuba , Cuba are Communist .
        Venezuela are Socialist don’t you know the difference .

        • Willy Moe

          sorry to burst your bubble booby but this is Venenzuela.

          • LabourSocialist

            Well if it is it’s the sanctions being imposed on the country by the west lead by the Americans why it wants it’s oil and because it is Socialist not Communist country you booby .
            Where’s you’re evidence ? Though if it is like I said it’s sanctions , isn’t it sad though because a country as a different ideology than You’re’s .

          • LabourSocialist

            It’s not ‘your’ bubble ? It’s you’re bubble booby .

      • LabourSocialist

        Stalin killed his own family he was a Bolshevik a type of Communist . Did you know they murdered the proper Communists in Russia because with proper Communism everyone as a voice but Stalin was a totalitarian monster and after his death the Bolsheviks apologised for the killings he committed . Socialism is completely different to Communism go read .

    • BradleyHill

      Keep teaching it, friend. Maybe a few more people will come out of their slumber.

    • Jean Sha

      yes sadly it is..

    • Brandon Holmes

      Its like watching the movie, “Titanic” 40 times. “Maybe this time it wont sink!”

    • LabourSocialist

      Do you believe everything you read .
      This is Cuba and it has been sanctioned by the Americans and the rest of the American lap dog countries because there different how sad is that .
      By the way Stalin was a Communist with Stalinist policies of his own not a Socialist , Socialists in Russia were shot .
      Why would a Socialist country like Venezuela adopt a Communist Stalinist policy ?
      Do you now Socialism is totally very different from Communism hahaha wake up you’re truly westernised robot slave go read the difference between Socialism and Communism .

    • LabourSocialist

      Stalin was a Monster undoubtably .

  • Steve Posta

    soon this will be the USA if we do not get rid of obsma .

    • Being born and raised in Sweden, a country far more socialist than Obama could make the U.S. in a couple of more terms even if every single politician in D.C. was in his pocket, comments like this always make me wonder what on earth you guys are smoking.

      Don’t you realize there is an insanely long way to go before your country could be aything remotely near what Venezuela is? If Obama came to power in Sweden he would be considered right-wing compared to the existing politicians and even with that much socialism in our country we somehow manage to keep the shelves stocked in our stores and the only queues that long are the ones outside Apple stores on launch day.

      Do you honestly believe improving on your pitiful healthcare will drive your country into full-blown communism? Where’s your sense of scale?

      • Stephen Zeigler

        Tiny, we do not want to become like Sweden or any other socialist state. We all care about the sick and needy, but , no one should be able to TAKE from me and my family at gun point. Congress is doing just that via increased taxes. They waste trillions and then demand more from hard working Americans to support their insane spending. You don’t wait till it’s raining to repair the roof !

        • The point which you missed is that using the term “socialist state” to group Sweden and Venezuela together is like calling my son and Wayne Gretzky “excellent hockey players”. Sure, they both are but there’s still a vast difference.

          You guys are trying to repair the roof of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex to whitstand rain better.

          • Guy Daley

            Sense of scale, got it. The point you are missing is that there is a very distinct trend and we don’t like it.

            Europeans are always saying we should be happy about the price of fuel and the major difference is that Europe has a developed mass transit system and the US doesn’t unless you live in heavily populated urban areas, but what about traveling between urban areas? In a word, NO.

          • “Europeans”. Is that people in the UK or Slovenia saying this? Or do Hungarians or Portugese people voice this opinion on the major difference?

            Pleas stop looking at Europe as a single entity – There are incredible differences in economical as well as cultural and religious aspects.

            I understand what you say about a trend, but could you elaborate a bit on what Steve Posta wrote?

            “Soon this will be the USA if we don’t stop Obama” he said and perhaps you could explain the effects of his “trend” and it’s effects before Obama’s term ends? Will store shelves be gaping empty Soviet-style in Connecticut unless Obama is stopped?

          • Guy Daley

            YES EUROPEANS, as in the price of fuel is substantially higher than in the US whereupon the EUROPEANS say, “you should consider yourself lucky”. The only difference between the European countries is what percent the price of fuel is higher.

            I PURPOSELY said and meant EUROPEANS and it fits, so don’t scold me about it since you didn’t think it through. Perhaps you can tell me the one or two countries in Europe where GAS OR DIESEL is cheaper than in the US?

            The trend was established before 9/11 but then it took the TGV and is making spectacular progress. No, store shelves will not be empty by the end of Obamas term. Groceries will only be more expensive as the dollar continues to be devalued. For rich people it won’t make a whit of difference because food is a very small percentage of their overall budget and vice versa. Where Obama is very, VERY successful is making intrusions into and ignoring our constitution. He has established himself as above the law with his pen writing an incredible number of executive orders abridging all sorts of things which would take too long to enumerate here.

            Food price controls is just a sample of government interference that should never happen. We have a number of other things that we are doing that is equally as bad, again the list is too long for this thread. Its hard to pick which one the is the worse. Maybe its all the lying done by government as they refuse to tell the truth then the media parrots the government releases and pretends its the truth. We are going to hell in a handbasket. Want more? Go to Trends Research by Gerald Celente and no he is NOT my sole source of info, not by a European kilometer.

          • I know about the U.S. fuel price being lower than just about every European country except Russia – I was just opposing your statement that the lower fuel price in the U.S. is what every European is “always saying”.

            Personally I would say your notion that it’s sensible that private citizens should be allowed to own assault rifles – and other gun related issues that is more frequently discussed, but since I (unlike you) have too little experience with people in the other fifty or so countries of Europe to say that’s the topic du jour.

            Good to hear that store shelves won’t be empty by the end of Obama’s term – That was sort of the point I felt was ridiculous in the original post I commented on. Glad you’re with me!

          • tr60

            Could you give us at least a few examples?

          • Guy Daley

            The Patriot Act (this is like an octopus and has tentacles reaching EVERYWHERE – NDAA, the NSA, TSA, constant intrusions on the 2nd and 4th amendments, explosion of government spending on the “war on terror”, martial law just to find a felon, ad nauseum.

            Can YOU tell me why you couldn’t think of any examples where your freedoms and liberties are being eroded and why I had to do it for you?

          • tr60

            On that matter I will concede. I will also concede the gross violations of the 4th amendment. However, nothing has really happened concerning 2nd amendment. A lot of talk, but nothing has happened. The biggest infringement has been all the yahoos driving up the price of ammunition and weapons (handgun sales are up 67% under Obama). It’s gotten so bad that about all I shoot is black powder and I have to cast my own shot.

          • Guy Daley

            I disagree about the 2nd amendment infringement. Primarily it depends on what state you live in. If you live in CA, they have made HUGE inroads into the 2nd amendment by making a wide variety of weapons illegal. This strikes close to home because I have a friend in this state that makes a side living selling “illegal” CA weapons in a state where they are legal. CT is pushing registration of weapons, various states like NY are referring anybody that’s receiving mental treatment to their gun registration department, etc, etc, etc depending on which liberal state you happen to live in.

            And yes, in some states they are headed in the opposite direction by trying to nullify various federal government infringements. I don’t know why you haven’t noticed all the progress they’ve been making, in particular how the democrats (and it doesn’t matter what state) use each shooting as justification to announce new legislation. I could bore you to tears with examples and YOU don’t think there has been any infringements? Why? Because you don’t like to read news on the internet?

            What I predict we will have in the near future is a vet that goes postal which will be used as an excuse to remove gun ownership from any vet diagnosed with PTSD. Uncle Fraud will extort some psychiatrist who will over or misprescribe just the right drug for the vet to go postal ALL OF WHICH IS CONFIDENTIAL due to patient/doctor privilege. In other words, the public will NEVER know what or how much medication the vet was on. The perfect false flag by Uncle Fraud.

          • tr60

            You were implying federal actions but what you listed were states actions. Aren’t you people all for states’ rights?

          • Guy Daley

            Whats your point? Did you not ask for examples of the trend of increased government interference which would result in something similar to what is happening in Venezuela?

            What do you think food lines represent? You think it was free enterprise that did that? Government interference and CONTROL is like a cancer. And you want to say that it makes a difference depending on WHICH government is employing the control?

            Gosh, I guess it makes a HUGE difference if you happen to flee tyranny from California or New York, doesn’t it? If you have to sell and uproot the family to find someplace where life, liberty and pursuit of happiness isn’t quite so difficult does it really matter WHERE the trend has started?

            Personally, I don’t fly anymore and have let my passport lapse due to TSA. I live in a rural area because there is less government intrusion in my life, etc, etc, etc.

          • Carowal

            Obamacare has effectively put a screeching brake on job creation, i.e. wealth creation but it’s not just Obamacare that threatens stability in the USA, it’s our colossal debt, $17 trillion plus. Our gross national product is almost $16 trillion that means the amount of money we owe is at least a trillion more than everyone of us together produces in one year. Does Sweden do that? Every country in history that has spent more than it takes in has gone either bankrupt, like USSR, ancient Rome, Greece, etc. or cataclysmically bankrupt like Germany circa 1923, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, etc. The only country that seems to have escaped this scenario so far is Japan, which bankrolls all it’s own debt, in one the largest homogeneous population, well schooled in working as a team.

            Any economist familiar with such calamities say it happens like the sinking of the Titantic-BOOM, suddenly, within hours of the USA unable to find a country to bankroll our debt, the store shelves will be empty. Or for the benefit of the doubt, say it takes two days…is that something we should be risking?

          • Frank Maringelli

            Tiny, how long shall we wait do you think? What can much easily be done now will be more difficult in a decade or two without getting hysterical. Very easy for people like you to make those comments who are are unaffected by the growing bureaucracy taking more and more and giving less and less.

          • Wait before the shelves in the U.S. are empty? Well, unlike the guy I was originally replying to, I don’t think it will happen before the end of Obama’s term. What do you estimate?

        • topmah

          And as they take from the productive to reward the unproductive, eventually the system will collapse, as is being seen in so many other countries–Spain, Greece, Portugal, and especially poor Venezuela. When that happens, you no longer have what made this the greatest nation in history: the middle class. Once it’s gone, all that will remain will be the serbs & the elites and we’ll be right back to the Europe our forefathers escaped from. Lest anyone think our elected (and especially unelected) leaders want to forestall such an outcome, think again–it would be their dream come true.

        • Brandon Broze

          “Gunpoint”? What bureaucrat is KICKING DOWN YOUR DOOR w/ an AK-47 come April 15th?? haha

          Spare us the bullsh*t hyperboles, sir. You just show everyone that you’re NOT A SERIOUS PERSON interested in rational discussion but a CLOWN. Where are your costume and makeup?

      • John L. Greene

        My sister-in-law’s former mother-in-law is from Sweden. She lives in Florida and only goes to Sweden to visit for a reason….

        • derpleton

          My step brothers second cousin twice removed has an adopted sister that loves Sweden and spends all her time there.

        • Wow, what an great argument for your case!

          I’m guessing the reason you’re thinking of is the same as why old people in Michigan and New York move to Florida – the climate. Or perhaps they’re leaving New York because it has become too socialist lately?

      • Michele L Clark

        AND you don’t live here now do you….You didn’t see the new 40,000 laws put in place just this year and every year (slowly taking away our freedoms) No it doesn’t happen overnight but it didn’t happen overnight in any Country….big Gov always turns Socialist/Communist it is inevitable. If you allow the Government to overcare for the people, it will ultimately NOT do its job and people will die. Haven’t you read any history??? So don’t sit on your high horse telling Americans about OUR Country. If you do live here by chance, I would implore you to get on the freedom wagon, personal liberty is what wins the day. As for our pitiful healthcare it is just as bad; he fixed NOTHING. The rich still get better care and the poor get less care. Same as it always was but now the middle class and our youth pay for the poor…which is an attempt to exterminate the middle class all together and make us all poor. But people who love socialism never GET IT unless of course they are one of the RICH who never feel the burn of having their lives dictated for them or having their basic needs withheld from them etc. Taking away a person’s will to survive and thrive is about as good as shooting them dead.

        • Yes, but your definition of “overcaring” comes across as a little hysterical when you (i.e. Steve Posta) claim that Obamacare will lead to full-blown communism and empty shelves and endless queues. There’s a *huge* way to go before that happen.

          As for Obama fixing nothing – Don’t you think this has anything to do with the GOP blocking the crap out of anything that would lead to anybody but the middle-class paying for it?

          I don’t love socialism. I do however know on which board I’m posting this so I suppose to all you guys I am a pretty much a full-blown socialist.

          • Beverly

            ” There’s a *huge* way to go before that happen.”
            But it is starting…..

          • BradleyHill

            This is the Liberal mentality here. It’s not as bad here in the U.S. As it is in Venezuela or another country. So… What’s the Commotion says Tiny Brains???

          • Could you perhaps provide me and my tiny brain (what an original insult, btw. You must be proud about that one) with an estimate? How long do you project it will take before U.S. shelves are gaping empty like in these photos? A month? The end of Obama’s term? Five years from now?

            Grow a sense of scale, will you? The risk of USA becoming a full-on communist country with the inevitable failures it always brings like in Venezuela is about the same as an armed takeover of the U.S. by Cuba.

          • CAFM

            You are truly being obtuse Tina. When the dollar collapses, it will happen quickly and all will be over. Our inflation even now is way higher than the lying figures out of DC tell us. We know that Obamacare is wasting huge amounts of money trying to sell a failed idea in order to increase the power in DC. There are milions more now who have lost their insurance due to Obamacare, have had their work hours cut drastically, or even lost their jobs. BO is turning America into a third world country (though it began decades ago in 1913 with the FED and income tax). OUr country in being decimated and the speed with which BO has increased that destruction is mindboggling compared to the early 90’s and even under Bush. The collapse will happen quickly and surprise many, but not those of us who see the truth. It would not surprise me if it happens within BO’s current term as he is moving so quickly to destroy every possible means of the private sector to create jobs. Without jobs, the middle class is gone. Do wake up and think about some of the things you are saying.

          • Tina? Seriously? Are people here incapable of trying to not belittle anyone disagreeing by namecalling? Your one is better than “Tiny Brains” which got yesterday though.

            Listen, I am not interested in discussing whether or not Obamacare is an instrument to increase power in D.C. or the reasons why the U.S. will eventually collapse. I wanted to challenge Steve Posta about his clueless statement which I frankly don’t feel like repeating for the tenth time or so.

            And yet you and a whole other bunch of people here refuse to touch that topic, but instead want me to educate myself on Libertarian thinking and say that you are all going to hell in a handbasket because of your politicians. Well, I don’t want to discuss that. I replied on another topic and yet I’ve gotten 35+ replies which want me to discuss their thing. Is it mandatory to argue about big government the first week, or what?

            I’m not being obtuse – I’m being adamant about not letting myself be dragged into a discussion I neither started nor wanted to have.

          • Guy Daley

            I disagree, the dollar has been collapsing since the federal reserve was born in 1913 which means it has been very, very slow process – inflating the money supply, diluting its value. It HAD BEEN VERY slow but as time goes on, they keep on picking up the tempo. Its not going to happen in a short period of time.

            There will ALWAYS be food available, its just that certain people will be able to afford it and most won’t. The movie Soylent Green was extremely prophetic in this respect. And the process is ongoing as we keep substituting some foods for others as they get absurdly expensive. There is plenty of beef at the grocery store but I’m mired in memories and refuse to pay $4.00 a pound for 80/20 hamburger and prefer pork and chicken now. Ramen is going to become a staple for a lot of people.

            Aside from the speed of it occurring, I agree with you on everything else.

            Also, I believe that we are being set up at the elections. The moneybrokers are going to back a Republican who is going to pick up where Obama left off. The pendulum will swing and since American people refuse to learn, we’ll have a Republican that is a hard core RINO almost indistinguishable from Obomit.

          • ALFIE

            When trucks can not get to the stores to make a delivery during storms, the shelves are empty in 2 days. As a American farmer, I can confirm food is not sitting around out here. You city dwellers are gonna get hungry. Government is responsible for shortages with all their regulations.

          • What’s your point? If Obama is removed, they will not be empty, or what?

          • ALFIE

            You have no common sense!! I am saying, within 2 days the store shelves are empty if ANYTHING stops the normal flow here in the states. IF he stays in power and pushes his agenda… famine in the USA!!!

          • tr60

            “Government is responsible for shortages with all their regulations.” What regulations, other than shutting down the highways for safety reasons? In times of natural disaster it IS the government getting the food in.

          • ALFIE

            You think trucking is the only regulation the goverment does? Why are there 40,000 new laws each year? They don’t skip touching anyone living in these (used to be) wonderful USA. Just try to be in business for yourself!!!

          • BradleyHill

            Wonderful! I see you are putting a gun to your own head.

            Well, you’re not going to be the only person to do so.

          • Please excuse my limited comprehension of English – It’s not my native tounge. Exactly what are you saying?

          • Justsomeguy151

            You sound like you mean well but you really have no clue what’s happened to America under this treasonous criminal, Obumma. No its not all his fault because war criminal Bush jr started the police state but Obumma has continued and expanded it. But both of them are Bankster puppets anyway. Blaming the hopelessly corrupt GOP for Obumma is ridiculous. Part of the reason these criminals get away w/ this stuff is cuz We the People have been brainwashed into fighting each other over minor differences rather than calling out this de facto criminal US govt.
            As far as socialism, you can’t compare the US to other nations because the US has the largest criminal cartel in human history, the Federal Reserve, based here and they create $$$ out of thin air and loan it out AT INTEREST. Then they extort the US taxpayers into working themselves to death to pay for debt that is fraudulent. There can be no exaggeration, the US has accumulated the largest debt in the history of the world and its no accident. Once the dollar crashes, the NWO will try to institute a one world currency, one world govt and one world religion. Scary times we’re living in.

          • Paul Allen

            You neglected to mention that the Fed also controls ALL exchanges of money between nations. So, when the US borrows money from China, the Fed charges fees on the transfer. Essentially the Fed borrows money from the Fed, and charges the countries making the transaction a fee for it.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Let’s be honest, if I was going to go over the laundry list of the crimes the Fed commits on a daily basis, well, let’s just say I could be awhile. Got a Snickers bar?

          • Paul Allen

            LOL. Not sure the server has enough storage for the full list. 🙂

          • Are you deliberately misspelling “Obama”? It just makes your conspiracy theories look even flakier.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Are you deliberately staying stupid? It makes yr gullibility and bootlicking look even more pathetic.

          • Yes, you called my bluff. As all Swedes, I am inherently stupid. It actually comes from all the lingonberry we eat here.

            Also, licking the boots of someone else’s government makes so much sense – you got me again. You must be *really* smart!

          • $34603444

            In Sweden they have a law granting the right to life for plants –NUFF said! LMAO

          • Um, what? Am I supposed to be intimidated by some anonymous fruitcake making up a law? That’s too weak to even be called a joke. What are you – twelve?

          • Ron Audas

            He`s actually nine,but he stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

          • CAFM

            In the US our progressive Democrats and progressive Republicans in cannot refute an argument based on facts and history. They use their Alinsky tactics and resort to lies, insults, and name calling to distract from genuine debate. The last thing progressive socialists can handle is honest debate. They are fearful of truth and facts because they know the people would see them for the shallow people they are and realize that progressives today are not genuine about anything and are poor leaders. They must execute their agenda through trickery and force. It is so obvious though to
            those of us who appreciate history and truth and facts. For the progressive socialists however, the truth would be like sunshine falling upon their dark agenda and must be avoided at all costs. Bread and circuses abound for now, but once their agenda is accomplished we shall all be slaves, just as we were serfs in old Europe. Wake up Tiny; you need to think way ahead and to think deeply in order to see the light of truth. Venezuela is one of many modern day examples of failed socialism/communism. Liberty is the answer

          • Seriously? Did you guys even read what I wrote or are you just in such a need to tell people your agenda that you blurt stuff out at the first fresh avatar you see on here?

            I didn’t agree with Steve Posta when he wrote that the U.S. will have shelves completely empty unless Obama is removed from office before term.. That’s it. I said neither that Sweden was infinitely superior (because of us being more socialist or because of anything else), nor that communism is good.

            You and a whole bunch of others here seem to have grave problems seeing
            this and somehow think you need to convert me to libertarianism and save
            me from being a hardcore socialist (hint – I’m not).

            If the U.S. crashes its economy resulting in nationwide shortage of most everything, then that will not be because it has been too socialist. Sorry. Your economy isn’t where it is because of socialism.

            Unless you believe the U.S. will look like in the pictures above in the imminient future unless Obama is removed from office then whatever you’re advocating is completely irrelevant to this discussion.

          • Guy Daley

            No it doesn’t. Its a symbol for contempt and most people that aren’t sucking on the government tit have contempt for the impostor. I prefer Obomit but there are many other sobriquets that are much more clever. Conservatives, libertarians HATE this president and I suppose you want us to offer him respect? I don’t think so.

          • topmah

            ‘…a *huge* way to go’? So you’re admitting that we’re on the way, it’s just gonna take awhile….

          • Yes it is. In the the same way as letting out your toddler on the fenced-in lawn on your backyard is “on the way” to have him move to New Zeeland.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Bull. The ONLY thing that keeps the dollar afloat is the fact that nations still trade their oil using it. China is going away from it as are some other nations. When the petro dollar crashes, it will be a world wide economic crash. Why am I telling you this tho? You freely admitted that you wanted to stay stupid sand you don’t know shit about economics or how money is created. Tell you, what, don’t save any food, medicine or weapons. I’m sure everything will be fine and you’ll have no food riots where you live because those kinds of things just don’t happen..

          • I “freely admitted I want to stay stupid”?! Wow, that’s mindbogglingly stupid rhetoric on your part.

            Perhaps you would like to chip in on the original question instead of blurting out random insults like that?

            Steve Posta predicted the scenes seen in the photos above would happen in the U.S. soon unless Obama was removed – How soon would you say this is and how instrumental is the removal of Obama for this?

          • Justsomeguy151

            You mean random insults like calling me flaky or a conspiracy theorist? Maybe if you weren’t an ignorant meddling hypocrite, people would take you more seriously.
            Steve Posta is brainwashed into believing in the fake game of “Left vs Right”. Even if war criminal Obumma were arrested tomorrow, the Banksters would just insert the next puppet. The dollar will crash, GUARANTEED. Only the NWO know when their Ponzi scheme will come crashing down and you can bet they’re ready and eager for the carnage and chaos it will bring.

          • CAFM

            Tiny, I highly recommend you read, “The Road
            to Serfdom” by Hayek. When one spots a leak in the dike of liberty, do you actually suggest the people wait until it completely overflows and floods their town of freedom, before attempting to repair it? One must act early and with
            resolve and determination when trouble comes his way; it would be foolish indeed to procrastinate until so much damage has been done that it can never be repaired. Our Constitution is being daily shredded; we cannot wait until they come and take our guns as they would love to do, leaving us defenseless against the tyranny of our own government. Only a naive person would trust government.

          • Why? Does reading that piece explain how the stores in the U.S. will soon look like in Venezuela unless Obama is removed from office immediately? Otherwise it’s pretty mcuh off-topic.

          • faye Paolino

            Tiny you are severally mis-informed.

          • I am? You believe Steve Posta was correct in his original statement about the U.S. going to look like this “soon” unless Obama is removed? Ok, how soon is that and what will immediately removing Obama do to change this?

            You’re misinformed about how misinformed is spelled.

        • beans

          Not sure yanks understand how poorly their image is in the rest of the world. The USA is pretty much everything the civilised world should be afraid to become. Fat lazy self loving and disrespectful of everyone else. I am from the UK. And we are not much better.

      • gmu1993

        Youre an ill-informed euro-snob if you really think one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world is pitiful. And its a system that has always in modern times provided excellent care fkr the vast majority of Americans. And lots of Canadians too. Too bad that system is being destroyed by more government intrusion, socialism, and statism.

        • derpleton

          You are an ill informed “Ameri-snob” if you think that their systems aren’t on par with ours. The WHO and various other statistical comparisons have consistently placed the US below the major European powers in overall care, infant mortality rates, cancer mortality rates, etc…, we have people all over the country, millions, without access to proper medical care. They also pay significantly less for the same medicines and the same operations. We have organizations that are designed to provide healthcare to poor third world nations, such as Doctors without borders, operating in several areas within the US. To say our system is the one of the best is a joke, we may have the best care and technology but we have one of the worst delivery systems for that care in the world. Of course that is what crony capitalism produces, insurance, pharmaceutical, and other medical industry lobbyists write the bills that Dems and Republicans pass. For instance the ACA or Medicare part D.

          Blind patriotism is for retards.

          • $12133320

            or Obamacare, the greatest crony giveaway of them all

          • derpleton

            The ACA is Obamacare genius.

          • BradleyHill

            YOU aren’t just mixed up. You are brain dead.
            Critical thinking skills are missing in your gene pool.

            GO back to Venezuela will you. This is what happens when they let just anybody in this country.

          • You’re a Libertarian and you advocate against open borders? And in a country built on immigration?

          • $12133320

            The only reason Europe gets away with that is because the US massively subsidizes European economies. The US also provides most of the defense of Europe, which frees them up to pay for a lot more.

          • derpleton

            What a joke.

            We provide defense for ourselves, and sometimes our interests coincide with others. If our bases and fleets were taken out they would not need to be replaced as there is nothing for them to fight. They are largely unnecessary.

            How pray tell, do we subsidize the European economy?

          • Seriously, you just took yourself out of the discussion altogether with that insanely stupid comment. You win the internet.

          • $12133320

            First rule of a liberal, when you can’t argue a point, assail a character.

          • derpleton

            No that’s just because you’re argument is so uninformed and inaccurate that people really just need to cut you off at the head.

          • BradleyHill

            But, people are not cutting ReeTurn2SnDr’s head off. We are cutting your head off, derp the foreigner.

          • Fair enough. Would you be so kind to provide any source for your claim that the U.S. massively subsidizes European economies?

            As for the defense of Europe – You guys really need to stop looking at Europe as a single entity. What are you defending us poor saps against?

          • BradleyHill

            Derp didn’t take your input into account before he posted his finite-thinking opinion.

          • David Black

            Actually, capitalism IS the best system to improve healthcare in the same way capitalism has improved all other industries that don’t lie in bed with government. Crony capitalism is NOT capitalism.

            Of course what you completely ignore is that the WHO study doesn’t acknowledge the fact that your system STEALS from people in the form of coercive taxes and then redistributes it.

            Finally, poor nations are poor because world governments prevent them from using their own resources. It’s better for external governments to control the resources and local governments of 3rd world nations than allow them to autonomously control their own fate. Those governments go in and set up a resource monopoly and a puppet government to protect those interests.

          • derpleton

            Just because I won’t blindly tow some America Hoo-Rah party line does not mean I am from another country.

            I am an American. I prefer Capitalism over Socialism because i agree that voluntary exchange and a free market is better than large ineffective and unaccountable bureaucracies. But I also dont think that America has had a functional free market ever, and that is why I specifically said Crony Capitalism and not Capitalism. Their socialist system is kicking the shit out of our “Capitalist” system in virtually every measurable way shape and form.

            What you conveniently ignore is that the cost of the healthcare is ignored in the WHO study because it is irrelevant to the scope of the study. What a terrible argument. The study is about the effectiveness of care. The cost of the operation has no bearing on statistics compiled detailing it’s efficacy. Furthermore what you probably don’t know is that we pay more in taxes towards our healthcare system per GDP than the Socialists in Europe, and we pay more out of pocket. So we do pay more when you consider the government STEALS (omg caps) and redistributes it and especially when you consider that our government taxes and redistributes as well.

            The last paragraph is such an intensely stupid justification for what is essentially Imperialism its making my mind spin. How can any one come onto a Libertarian board and insinuate that not only can people not take care of themselves, but they cant rely on their government so the need a third party government, EVEN FURTHER removed from those people to handle the job? Are you really that stupid? Do you understand anything about Libertarianism?

          • BradleyHill

            YOU bub, are one mixed up person.

          • Andy Love Paris

            These are Propaganda Images. As long as Images cannot describe what they are showing, it is Propaganda.

            In this case obviously capitalist US State Propaganda. Venezuela is a huge country and these Images cannot speak for the whole country.

            Ask the inhabitants at different spots of the country.
            And Please don`t forget, what US foreign-politics can do to a healthy country once it gets into the US targetline.
            Sanctions, unfair treatment, negative Propaganda and so on. US government was and is evil to it`s core.

            They are the ones to blame for the misery of those who starve. Oh i forgot – and the holder and owner of the US goverment is the Queencunt. God stab the Queen.

          • BradleyHill

            YES, capitalism stirs competition & thus drives the cost of pharmaceutical & medical care, DOWN.
            Socialism drives taxes UP and breaks the nation or countries economical backs.

            Only the rich get better overall Heath care.

          • garyspuppy

            When are these improvements to healthcare going to begin under capitalism David Black? I am a retired healthcare provider and can tell you that it is already a capitalist healthcare system, yet we rank 26th or so in healthcare by WHO. And that’s just the country in general, If you broke it down and rated it by state you would find some individually even lower on the list.

          • BradleyHill

            ARE you saying that you support
            Obama un-Care as America’s solution to better health care than what WE used to have???
            If you are then YOU are LONEY TUNES, derp.

          • topmah

            Well, I’m impressed–you bring up WHO as a reliable source, then later in your post, you mention crony capitalism & pharmaceuticals, just two of the WHO’s best buddies. Big pharma & WHO have collaborated in so many billion $$$ ventures, it would take a book to detail them. Blind IGNORANCE is for retards.

          • Stephen Zeigler

            As I recall, Doctors without Borders is not connected to the USA gov. Started by Doctors to help as the U.N. and other gov. agency made a mess of it as in millions spent to do paperwork and salaries.

            You don’t like capitalism, move to Calf. if your not already living there. Mass., Conn, and N.Y. are on the fast track to socialism so try one of those states. Should be plenty of jobs as millions are moving out of these states to shall we say states with more conservative values. If these states are not screwed up enough, for your liberal thinking, try Cuba.

            As to ACA, obamacare, ( you can run but you can’t hide from it ) Your guys wrote it. The democrats closed the doors and every single Republican voted against it. You own this turkey and oh…is it going to kick you in the head come Nov.

            Lobbyist, glad you brought that up. You recall your lord and master stating he would have ZERO lobbyist working for him. Forgot did you ? Go to youtube and hear him tell you directly. He has more lobbyist then Bush and many other Presidents. Another lie he has told and been caught at. But then “what difference does it make at this point”.

            You want to help the poor….start a business and hire them. BECOME A CAPITALIST !

      • why760nitro

        sweden does not have ghettos filled with obama sucking welfare losers Sweden doesn’t have 11 million illegal Mexicans in its borders sweden does have a unified one ethnicity ..that’s why is works there …..until you let the muslim swarms in then wave by by your paradise

        • A contributing reason we don’t have those ghettos you mention is because we haven’t shut them out of the healthcare system like you do.

      • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

        Because we have seen the slippery slope and we have seen the Domino Theory which was poo-poohed at the time by the wise folk such as yourself. the result is Sweden. We are not Sweden.

      • bizowner1

        I really enjoy how the “Sweden Xanadu” theorist love to claim that there little socialist country is the model for the world. First I use the word little as the entire population of Sweden would rank it behind even the State of New Jersey. You comment on our “pitiful” medical system only shows that you have not done any real research on the subject and and have been spending a lot of time listening to Rachel Maddow for your news. Sure any system that provides for 330,000,000 people will have flaws but it is the strength of the capitalist, privately owned system, that has driven the innovation in medical technology in the United States that by and large is used around the world including Sweden. Why don’t you list all the medical breakthroughs that Sweden has showered the rest of the world with? Also the monochromatic ethnicity pool that Nordic countries have had also makes it easy to have these small socialist governments enact there 65%+ tax rates to provide the “cradle to grave” concept that is so endeared in those countries especially when you have a energy exporting based economy to fund it. However that is changing quite rapidly in the last several years especially in Sweden and you will surely see that the migrant population explosion will have a dramatic drain on the government sponsored welfare state. The US has a higher average income than Sweden and by far an higher GDP per capita. I could go on and on. Plus I just got back from a Key West Florida Spring break vacation with my family. What a beautiful warm place with a great sunset! Hope you are still freezing your ass off. 😉

        • BradleyHill

          THANK YOU BIZ!!!
          Why can’t people like burp-derp just stay in their own countries?

          • bizowner1

            Thanks, see last response 😉

        • I really wish your reading comprehension was a little better than your spelling.

          I didn’t say Sweden was a model for the world. I challenged the notion that if Obama made your country any more socialist it would look like Venezuela and their empty shelves. As Sweden and a whole slew of other countries are way more socialist than the U.S. and we don’t have the same problem – Perhaps the risk of the United States becoming a full-blown communist nation with all of it’s inherent problems isn’t so imminent?

          As I don’t live in the U.S. I don’t primarily watch your news and haven’t really heard of Rachel Maddow before you mentioned her. Medical breakthroughs are wonderful, but not really the issue here. Sure, you have excellent healthcare for people with money – it’s the same thing here – but there are just too many people who fall through the cracks in your system which is why the WHO ranked the U.S. at #37 last year behind countries like Morocco, Colombia and Costa Rica.

          Yes, I have no doubt you could go on and on and most of your stuff would be as irrelevant to the discussion as your attempt to insult me because of the climate. The point that you read my reply as a claim that Sweden was Utopia when I just stated that the U.S. is not on its way to becoming a communist state is probably lost in all your irrelevance.

          • bizowner1

            Well when you add the comment the the US has a pitiful healthcare system it just indicated that you are clueless to the bigger picture. I live in the US and have yet to see a single person refused healthcare regardless of income. Can you name one? No, because they don’t exist. There are so many levels of care that are provided for all citizens in the country regardless of income they are too numerous to name. When you claim to have “reached the promised land” with obamacare as the president did by covering everyone with insurance and lowering costs when in fact costs have gone up tremendously for most Americans, more people have LOST insurance coverage than received it as of today because of obamacare, and that the CBO (a non-partisan government organization) indicated that 30 million people will still be without insurance even after obamacare is fully implemented you get a lot of Americans concerned about the direction we are headed. Most people are very concerned about the path that our president has taken over the last 5 years, in fact a vast majority do not approve of his performance. We are concerned about the small steps taken to dismantle our constitution on a continual basis, sick of sociomoral legislation being force fed down our throats, and the total lack of regard to fiscal responsibility. Is that relevant enough for you?

          • Yes, all of that is perfectly on topic and really explains how store shelves will be gaping empty all over the U.S. and people will before Obama’s term ends if you don’t “get rid of him”. Thanks!

            You really should try and look into this new thing called paragraphs – It makes Wall-of-text posts so much easier to read.

          • Stephen Zeigler

            least we forget, add 13 million illegals, allowed to benefit from our healthcare system, educational system, social security system,welfare systems, and the jobs they take from visiting Swedes.

      • $12133320

        Sweeden has a population of 9million people. If you want to talk about scale I think you need to realize that solutions for Sweeden may not be solutions for others.

        • Solutions? I said that the U.S. won’t become a failed communist nation because of Obamacare – where’s your sense of scale?

        • Martin Tardif

          Chill, bro, don’t let the wee Vallhund nipping at your pant leg get you worked up. After all, what do you expect from a country who’s great medical ‘advancement’ is the sex change operation. Not that people shouldn’t be able to choose, but from a rational viewpoint it hasn’t saved many lives.

          • Vallhund? Really? What where you really trying to say?

            Besides, the original comment was about me not agreeing with the notion that U.S. store shelves would look like in the above photos unless Obama is removed from office immediately. Do you think they will or do you agree with me?

      • chuck morrow

        you and sweden can have obama!! we want our country back and with or without you we will take it back!!!!

      • BradleyHill

        And what you posted above was only based on your finite understanding of Socialism.
        ANY kind of repression from our Gov’t is an affront toward the citizens of the United States. Obama has done a lot of damage toward American’s and he must be replaced.
        When you voice your opinion you are coming from a an attitude that represents a degree if relativity, being that Venezuela is further down the road in Socialism than the U.S. and WE should not be getting so upset. But left alone these Progressive monsters will completely destroy this country. Then where you move next?
        READ Stephens post below

      • topmah

        In case you haven’t noticed, Sweden is moving away from the socialist model, once again confirming the failure of a system that saps independence & engenders mediocrity. And if you think so-called ‘affordable’ healthcare is an improvement on our ‘pitiful’ (yet hailed the world over as superior) healthcare, then YOUR ‘sense of scale’ is way off kilter.

        • Sorry, but that comment is incorrect on so many levels.

          Sweden isn’t moving away from a Socialist model. Eight years ago Fredrik Reinfeldt (who I voted for) became prime minister of Sweden when his alliance of Moderaterna, Folkpartiet, Centern and Kristdemokraterna formed a government replacing the preceding Socialdemokraterna/Vänsterpartiet constellation which was more left-oriented. The difference isn’t that vast and both arer still socialist models by U.S. standards (Though neither is anything remotely near the Venezuelan crap).

          Calling this “confirmation of the failure of a system” is no more correct than saying that Clinton beating Bush Sr was the confirmation of the opposite.

          As for U.S. health care being hailed as superior the world over – How come the WHO ranks it at place #37? Does that mean that Moroccan health care ranked at #29 is “more than superior” or something?

          • topmah

            March 20, 2014 by David L. Goetsc
            In the 1990s Swedes began to realize what socialism and statism were doing to the quality of life in their country. As a result, they elected Sweden’s first
            conservative government since the end of World War II.Sweden’s new conservative government quickly went to work cutting taxes on businesses and individuals. Things began to change for the better almost immediately. Consider the following improvements Sweden has enjoyed since
            beginning the long, hard road back from socialism and statism (data provided by the NCPA):
            Between 1993 and 2010, Sweden’s GDP growth exceeded that of the rest of
            Europe by one full percentage point. Further, by 2010 public debt had dropped
            to 37 percent of GDP and taxes on businesses had been decreased to 22 percent
            (compare this with the 36 percent rate in the United States).
            Sweden has not yet weaned itself completely from socialism, but it has made excellent progress.
            As for taking the WHO seriously on most anything, I would suggest you find a more reliable source & one less joined at the hip with big pharma, etc.

          • topmah

            March 20, 2014 by David L. Goetsch
            “In the 1990s Swedes began to
            realize what socialism and statism were doing to the quality of life in
            their country. As a result, they elected Sweden’s first
            government since the end of World War II.Sweden’s new conservative
            government quickly went to work cutting taxes on businesses and
            individuals. Things began to change for the better almost immediately.
            Consider the following improvements Sweden has enjoyed since
            beginning the long, hard road back from socialism and statism (data provided by the NCPA):
            Between 1993 and 2010, Sweden’s GDP growth exceeded that of the rest of
            Europe by one full percentage point. Further, by 2010 public debt had dropped
            to 37 percent of GDP and taxes on businesses had been decreased to 22 percent
            (compare this with the 36 percent rate in the United States).
            Sweden has not yet weaned itself completely from socialism, but it has made excellent progress.”
            for taking the WHO seriously on most anything, I would suggest you find
            a more reliable source & one less joined at the hip with big
            pharma, etc.

          • Right back at you with the “reliable source”. The 1991 government was neither “conservative” by American standards nor the first non-socialist government since WWII (or 1936 really) – The one with Fälldin in 1978 was made up by the same parties (yes, we have more than two in this country) as the 1991 one.

            What you and your quote also conveniently forgets to mention is that in the next election in 1994, the same Socialdemokraterna socialists got the majority and stayed in power for twelve years. Or is that too “moving away from the socialist model” in some way only Libertarians understand?

            What’s the point for WHO to claim the U.S. health care is worse than it is?

      • Ollie

        yes, things happen fast nowadays!

      • Gary Chandler

        Tiny Turtle, every marathon begins with a single step. You don’t “turn commie” overnight. However, the process of such an embarkation has been in the making for decades. The only reason your nation can have such Socialist activities is your lack of National Defense. A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away there was this mighty empire called the U.S.S.R. that scared the hell out of western Europe. Unable to provide the means to protect themselves, the new kid on the block with it’s vast free market ideas and manufacturing super complex, was forced to become Europe’s Protectorate. Nations such as Sweden, Belgium and Norway no longer needed to worry about defending themselves so they formed very small and under equipped military’s. This allowed them to concentrate on more social issues rather than defending the free world. After refusing to be any sort of key player in their own continents defense they consistently complained about how the one Nation that stepped up to the plate decided how it was to be done. In summation; NATO is a joke, the U.N. is a joke and I will personally defend my nation against such RED infections that wish to destroy the foundations that my country was built on. I’d rather die fighting for generations than have any of my offspring stand in bread lines and subjugate themselves to a Socialist Agenda. Whether it happens today or 20 years from now.

        • Ah, a lesson in modern history from Columbus! I especially like and agree with the ” You don’t “turn commie” overnight.” part which is why I tried to explain to Steve Posta that his conclusion that “soon this will be the USA if we do not get rid of obsma.” was extremely unlikely.

          Evidently being a Libertarian doesn’t automatically make people able to read posts properly which is why I’ve had a gazillion replies from proud Americans why trying to disprove my post that Sweden is paradise on earth/xanadu/whatever and socialism is the greatest thing ever and that the U.S. is inferior, stupid and deserving of going all-in communist.

          Only problem is that I didn’t make that post. My post was about how infinitely small the risk that the U.S. will look like Venezuela does in those photos “soon” or even “semi-soon” or probably ever, is.

          Also, his deduction the removing Obama immediately is necessary to avoid this happening makes no sense to me and no one can provide me with an explanation for how this would help (except “JustSomeGuy151” who offered up a theory about him being brain-washed).

      • Sweden has a special case of socialism. It doesn’t have food socialism, so to speak, and it’s largely left up to the market. It does have socialism in various other areas however. I think healthcare is one good example. It’s hard to see when you live in Sweden but there is a really good talk I heard about Sweden from a man who was aware of what socialism has done to the Swedish economy and how it has affected the people there. In essence was the point that in the realms of healthcare the government gives money to hospitals at the beginning of the year. A person is much more likely to be treated then than at the end of the year which is a shortage like the picture above. He also commented on education. In Sweden, as I’m sure you know, the government pays for your higher education no matter where you choose to go. This results in much higher standards for getting jobs. Some, if not many, jobs require more than one masters degree. This menas actual production in the country is lowered while more taxes are needed to support programs like that. This also means it’s harder to get a job if you aren’t good at school.

        • And this is relevant to the discussion how? You need to tell me a garbled version of the state in Sweden and this relates to whether or not the U.S. will look as Venezuela does in the photos in this article unless Obama is removed immediately how?

          There is no shortage in healthcare at the end of the year – especially one like the photos above. Did you actually believe this?!

  • Jim Grant

    Coming soon to AMERIKA, except for the wealthy and the politicians

  • Michael Dean Miller

    Lines for Justin Bieber tickets?

  • eddieny

    i hate to make light of these people situation, but the ‘fruits” of socialism… oh, wait… there is no fruit, and there’s no bread, and there’s no electricity, and worst of all, there’s no toilet paper.

  • The Omega Man

    The sad thing is that 49% of the public never wanted to go down that road.
    Poor 49%, Severs you right 51%.

  • Paddy Kelly

    Americans who think Obama is a “socialist” always make me laugh. Go read some books, people.


      If Obamacare isn’t socialist then I don’t know what is. You are subsidized for making too little and end up paying an arm and a leg past $46k a year (if you’re an individual).

      • BradleyHill

        Paddy is being paid to burp Kool-Aid all over low-information voters.

        Watch Out!!!

    • kris

      Wow….maybe u ought to read a book…he is probably more communist than socialist but either way he’s not fit to lead this country and should be impeached, imprisoned, and put to death for treason.

      • kris

        Along with the Rockefellers and Bilderbergs

        • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

          Bilderberg isn’t a people.

    • Fingolfin

      That’s because Americans value freedom differently than people from other countries.

    • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

      You’re right; he’s Communist.

    • BradleyHill

      Oh, sorry Paddy Kelly….Obama is a narcissist Communist Muslim Progressive. Happy now?

  • carl lindberg

    Perhaps blaming any -ism makes things too simple.. is perhaps the situation a result of an underlying poor political situation in combination with an uneffeicent way to take care of somewhat poor natural rescoures.. it’s just math

    • Anna

      Poor natural resources? Venezuela was the biggest oil reserve on earth. We could be Dubai.

    • petervq

      The ‘underlying poor political situation’ *is* the ‘-ism’ that is to blame – people weren’t lining up like this before now; if people were left alone to live their lives as they deem fit, and to grow and sell their foods by free interaction with others, they would speedily resolve the artificially distorted food market… after all, all of them want to eat, not just today, but tomorrow, too, and the day after…

  • Nicolai Imset

    Socialism seems to work fine in Norway, which is ranked best place in the world to live (10years++) is among the richest countries in the world and has one of the happiest population on earth.

    I think you can rule out socialism as the root cause of this.

    • Isaac Dorfman

      Norway is a European oil emirate.
      If you want to give a valid example don’t take a country with tons of natural resources.

      • Nicolai Imset

        Norway has never been an Emirate. Norway is a democratic socialist monarchy state with a king, not en emir.

        Get your facts straight ffs.

        Norway does have natural resources yes but so does Venezuela, The Venezuelan economy is based primarily on the production and exploitation of petroleum. From the late 1940s to 1970 the country was the world’s largest petroleum exporter, it is still the fifth largest exporter of oil, and have the second largest deposit of crude oil in the world.

        • Isaac Dorfman

          “Oil emirate” was a joke.
          I thought that it was obvious that by “Oil emirate” I meant a country with a lot of natural resources and not a dictatorship with a lot of oil.

          “Norway does have natural resources yes but so does Venezuela”
          What has it got to do with anything?
          You used Norway as an example of showing that Socialism can cause a good economy by you didn’t give me an example of a Socialist country with a good economy and without natural resources.
          Natural resources are like winning the lottery, it doesn’t mean you understand in how to make money.
          Venezuela is like a junkie who won the lottery and spent the money in one week.

          • Nicolai Imset

            Glad to hear it was a joke, my experience with americans and geography/politics knowledge of the world makes it impossible to tell it was a joke unfortunatly.

            I used Norway as an example of socialism working and socilaism not being root cause here. you said Norway is rich on Oil, then I pointed out that so is Venezuela.

            I do not see why you need a country without resources to prove that a country with resources can succeed.

            “Venezuela is like a junkie who won the lottery and spent the money in one week.” And here lies the problem. not in socialism. with socialism and seeing how Venezuela has huge oil reserves, they might get it right finally.

          • Octotron

            Thanks for generalizing 330 million people. Good job.

          • JohnA

            Norway is not a socialist country. Norway is a capitalist free market economy with a strong welfare state.

            The welfare state is funded by taxes paid by privately owned for-profit capitalist businesses as well as the country’s natural resources.

            There are no price controls, profit restrictions and centrally coordinated and dictated currency exchange rates in Norway.

            Private property and capitalist values such as entrepreneurship and profit and highly respected and encouraged in Norway.

            You can’t even compare that to Venezuela that for some years now is moving towards a centrally planned socialist economy that shams the “rich” and the business people and implements restrictions on profit (standard socialist tenets and doctrines).

          • Anna

            “Venezuela is like a junkie who won the lottery and spent the money in one week.” And here lies the problem. not in socialism. with socialism and seeing how Venezuela has huge oil reserves, they might get it right finally.

            Right, because destroying the private companies help an economy. Also, when the oil was first discovered, Venezuela payed all their debt (Which was huge taking in consideration that we had both independence and civil wars). Now, when the price per barrel is the highest our debt is over the roof, it grew exponentially (more than triple) since Chavez took control.
            So don’t tell me that “They might get it right finally.”

          • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

            Venezuela just gets it wrong. Norway/Sweden/Denmark have been soverign, civilized, functioning states for a thousand years. (although the Vikings bent the ‘civilized’ definition a bit).

      • Mathias Nilsson

        Norway is not a socialist country, you silly americans seems to think that the nordic countries (which I come from) is socialists. But guess what, we´re not. We have much more liberal view of freedom than the US. Yeah, we have universal healthcare for everyone that covers everything. And we only pay less then half of what you pay for some healthcare. We can buy anything we want, spend the money we earn and do pretty much anything that does not restrict anyone else’s freedom.

        And yeah, homosexuals can get married, they can adopt, you can have an abortion after 18 weeks (I think it’s 18 weeks) and stuff like that.

        //Guy from Sweden.

        • John Phelps

          Well, isn’t it just dandy that you can slaughter a baby in the womb. What a dignified way to celebrate freedom.

        • Layla Godey

          How much of what you earn do you get to keep?

    • SocietasDraconistrarumlit1

      Silly comparison. A constitutional monarchy that has half the population of New York, New York USA and vast natural resources with over 80 percent of the population born, raised, and loyal to norway.

    • BoSplosion

      You don’t know all that much about Norway.

      • Nicolai Imset

        Only live here Bosplosion

        • BoSplosion

          Ha, OK, touche. I defer to your expertise regarding your homeland. That said, however, Socialism (as practiced in contrast to a far more benign form in Norway) is absolutely the cause of these shortages, and everyone there knows it. As Milton Friedman famously said, “put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.” It is the Venezuelan government’s hubris and interventions in the economy there that have destroyed supply for the people of that country.

          • Nicolai Imset

            I do agree that something looks very wrong here.

            I doubt it is pricecontrol alone though.

          • BoSplosion

            Price controls are certainly enough to cause it if they are draconian enough to render a producer unable to make a return on their investment. But it’s true that Venezuela has been heavy handed on many fronts, so price controls are only one component of that country’s economic death spiral.

    • Torqueville

      But can you rule out socialist price control?

    • olaler

      The reason socialism fails so often is in selfish human nature- it usually ends up a dictatorship when people realize it’s not working. As a libertarian your mind shouldn’t be so closed to the prosperity effect freedom brings. It needs to start with the soul though. John 8:32
      And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    • Anna

      Norway is a socialist country. That’s true. And so is Venezuela, it was stated by Chavez (and now Maduro) himself.

      My Norwegian friends get a full scholarship + financial aid (money for food, rent, etc) from their goverment I get zero + zero from the Venezuelan government.

      You know which other countries are socialist and have an “awesome” living standard? Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique and China – just to name a few. I can assure you that NONE of them have even half of the things you give for granted (Food, electricity, meds, etc)

    • ReturnOfTheFallen

      There are only about 5 million people in Norway, and a lot of the nation’s revenue comes from their natural resources.

    • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

      Who’s to say free-market capitalism wouldn’t work better? And BTW, how did those herring and sardines get there, anyway?

    • Tom

      Except that socialism in Norway doesn’t really work fine when you look closer and the country is still relatively capitalistic despite high taxes and an extensive welfare system.

      Also, compare the US to Norway in income:

      United States:

      Average disposable income: 31,410 US Dollars

      Average gross income: 42,028 US Dollars


      Average disposable income: 25,224 US Dollars

      Average gross income: 37,094 US Dollars

      Not exactly the picture you are typically told.

    • Manius

      Mathias Nilsson below says Norway isn’t socialist.

  • jeffersonpayne

    It is astonishing the number of people commenting here who are literally unable to see the truth even when staring a photos of it. But, “there are none so blind as those who will not see.”

    • LabourSocialist

      Especially when it’s not even Venezuela but Cuba who have been sanctioned by the west .
      They don’t even know the difference between Socialism which
      Venezuela is and Communist which Cuba is , it’s all propaganda .

      • Willy Moe

        News flash booby this is Venezuela stop touting your ideology. Socialism is a failed idea

  • william smith

    Don’t worry Obama haters. America is so deep into their corrupt capitalism and wealth inequality that it would take a complete collapse of our infrastructure to achieve the socialist agenda you fear so much. It always tickles me that people actually think the president controls these things in any meaningful way in the first place.. I mean you do know that mega corporations and private banking cartels control our country right?

    • BoSplosion

      It always tickles me that Obama lovers don’t understand that crony capitalism requires an unholy alliance of big business and big government. Doesn’t work any other way.

      • Manius

        They’re either brain dead or willfully ignorant to the obvious because they don’t like the implications.

    • none

      It amazes me that you believe it’s the President we fear. It’s the people who follow him.

      • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

        Do you realize what you just wrote?

        • none

          Yeah, I do believe I realize what I wrote. Sorry if it offends you. Every one of us needs to step back and figure out what the problem is, not continue to blame back and forth and make no progress. We are all in this together whether you want to be or not. when a possible solution comes to the board, it is struck down without much discussion. We are our own country and why we are comparing to others is beyond me. So some socialist countries work and some don’t. What will work for us? The President has made some bad decisions, and some good ones. Too many people stand behind his bad decisions because HE is the POTUS, or just because they are affiliated with his party, even if it’s bad policy. Open-mindedness is really amazing. This “my way or the highway” is getting a little old and is doing nobody any good. The President is only one person. There is power in numbers, whether you wish to use this for good or bad.

  • Matt Vaughn

    MMM…..tastes like statism.

  • Layla Godey

    But they get to wait in line on…roads.

    • BradleyHill

      Why yes, they get to wait in line, standing on roads and not fields full of cow pies.

      Now that would be better wouldn’t it be, derp?

      What’s the big problem here? No problem, right. Derp?

    • Manius

      Oh geez, are you another “But who would build the roads?” guy?

      • Layla Godey

        No. But geez, are you another “I don’t get sarcasm” gal?

        • Manius

          Well, it was a little too cryptic and ambiguous.

  • no1uknow1

    Is China no longer a socialist state? Their “fruits” are overflowing the shelves of walmart and every other american retailer, while their banks overflow with USA trade deficit dollars.

    • derpleton

      Whoa whoa whoa guy…. This blog and its comment feed is for people who want everything to fit into one of their neat little boxes. This page is for “Libertarian”-ish Republicans. We love Murica and freedom, and ain’t nobody else got that.

      • Manius

        Oh don’t worry, we won’t ban and block you like the other camps. We’ll even point out your logical fallacies and inconsistencies–FOR FREE! And they say libertarians aren’t generous!

        But you might get flamed for using the term “Murica”, like an idiot.

    • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

      And many of their people got nuttin.

      • no1uknow1

        and in your ideal America what would the many lazy and unskilled get?

        • Manius

          They get what they deserve, not what they can steal.

          • no1uknow1

            if you’ve gotten what you deserve then i expect you’ll want to look after that black eye and see a dentist about the teeth you got kicked out.

          • Manius

            Is violence or the threat of violence always the answer for your type?

    • dinkster

      No it isn’t. It switched to a mixed economy because Hong Kong was out pacing mainland China in every way.

      • no1uknow1

        so mixed economy is good but 100% capitalist would be much better for all the hungry poor enslaved because then they could negotiate a fair wage?

        • dinkster

          Read about the booming chinese middle class. It isn’t about a “fair wage,” it is about the ability for an individual to create their own business and create wealth.

          • no1uknow1

            i understand the middle class is booming with opportunity but you’ve got to understand that became possible out of the socialist structures that were and are still in place. The mixed economy has worked well for America too but the past few decades have seen way too much corporate socialism that takes the money from the middle and gives it to the top.

          • Manius

            What “socialist structures”? That’s either imaginary, or actually more like “capitalist structures” (whatever that would mean). Define your vague terms.

          • no1uknow1

            the infrastructure, roads, communications systems (perhaps you know, these things that businesses can’t operate without), were built and are owned by the government. are you really that dense?

          • Manius

            Those aren’t uniquely “socialist” in any way whatsoever. They were built by a government using confiscated wealth and/or slavery. What you were referring to was CAPITAL.

            Practically any society is able to build up SOME kind of capital (with varying efficiency). It’s also historically obvious that governments cannot efficiently determine what types of capital investments should be made for maximum efficiency (a free market can clearly allocate resources more efficiently–yes, even with roads and such).

            So yes, capital creates wealth when you give the people the freedom to create wealth. We’ve known this for centuries. But thanks for the observation.

        • ProperModulation

          Absolutely – NOTHING has brought more people out of grinding poverty in the entire history of the world then a free market economy. The fact that you think ANY of the economic growth came from “the socialist structures that were and are still in place” is BEYOND laughable. The Chinese economy did NOTHING from 1950 until the early reforms in the 1980s. Since then the PRIVATE SECOTOR grew at remarkable rates from nothing to now accounting for as more than 70 percent of China GDP.

        • Manius

          If HK were “100% capitalist”, the Chinese government would gain nothing from “owning” it (no, not even taxes). Are you really this dense and ignorant?

          • no1uknow1

            Dear sir troll, despite your rude non-sequitur i bid you good day. You here are the dense one apparently seeing as you can’t grasp the concept.

          • Manius

            Ok ok, so that was a bit harsh. But isn’t the reason HK isn’t 100% capitalist obvious? Edit – either there was an edit or maybe I misread something. Oh well. n/m

    • jahpdq

      Yeh, and the average Chinese worker lives in a dorm, gets paid nothing, works 14 hours a day, and gets a half a bowl of rice and a rotten fishhead for food. Get a brain. China’s going to implode, soon.

    • Manius

      lol – China is a slave nation for the US, that’s why you see that. And that’s why if the situation ever changes, the US isn’t going to do well…

  • ungabungabinga

    Hugo Chavez was the libtards hero and this is his legacy. I believe you’ll see the same sort of thing in cuba – no?

    • no1uknow1

      Cuba? Isn’t that the country that wasn’t going to last 10 years in isolation from the US, but now it’s been 50 and somehow this tiny island with barely any resources and in total isolation from their large neighbor have become a “medical tourist” destination… not a bad legacy compared to most of America’s favorite targets.

      • Tom

        Cuba isn’t a medical tourist destination by any stretch of the imagination.

      • jahpdq

        In your dreams. You want it so badly? Leave and go live there, turd. And, oh, shove your BS about how the US is responsible for poverty there.

      • Skeptic7

        They only have aspirin if that for the average people in their hospitals. They took Micheal Moore to a hospital for the political elites. They have over 1000 political prisoners in custody. Anyone who tries to change the system is arrested.

  • trooper4truth

    It looks exactly like Russia in the 1980’s.

  • trooper4truth

    Reminds me of Jimmy Carter’s gas price controls and the Arab oil embargo.

  • Behning Brad

    Take a good look. This is the United States someday. It’s going to happen, when the ignorant outnumber the educated, and we are well under way. Keep voting Democrat and it’s a done deal folks.

  • Bustin Cheeto’s Everywhere!

    Crazy liberals won’t be happy until we are standing in lines like this in the USA

  • Skeptic7

    Those who vote for a living outnumber those who work for a living. – Black conservative economist Thomas Sowell.

  • JBluen

    People who advocate for and defend socialism are advocating for mass poverty, misery, starvation, repression, and death. The left has spent the last century slaughtering over 100 million people, and yet they still can’t seem to grasp what a miserable failure their ideology is. They ought to be treated as the pariahs and plague-carriers they are. Preaching the religion of socialism in polite company ought to receive the same reaction as advocating Nazism.

    • Biggly

      Hear hear! It’s truly a plague.

  • mtnman

    this is exactly what the “soup kitchen” lines would look like in American cities if we did not have SNAP welfare cards with direct deposit and the fed’s QE in to the markets…our nation and its severe depression have been hidden from view from us all..i.e. so that everything appears normal and well, under this administration and federal government. The reality is that it is we are not well.

  • Jeff Callahan

    Yet the left thinks this will work. What did Obama say about failed policies of the past?

  • garyspuppy

    As I read through the comments, I sadly do not find myself astonished by some of the comments which has nothing to do with the problems in Venezuela and instead focus on certain people’s dislike of the President of the US; I’ve come to expect it in the comment threads. If our country ends up with near empty store shelves such as those the people of Venezuela have it will come as a result of people, like some of the commenters, who cannot see past their own twisted agendas that help create that situation.

    • Manius

      If you really think that libertarians (this is a generally libertarian site if you don’t know) simply “dislike the president” and only oppose his policies due to some “partisan agendas” (whos? The neocons?), you have a lot to learn about libertarianism.

      • garyspuppy

        I am well informed about the libertarian movement and continue to stand by my statement.. It is a very weak argument if a person attempts to compare the US and Venezuela as there are no comparisons. I am more than well informed on the topic of Venezuela, enough to feel I have a good grasp on the situation occurring there to speak about it. Perhaps you should become better informed on the topic.

        • Manius

          ? I said nothing about Venezuela. Just that libertarians aren’t irrationally bashing Obama because “he’s on the other team!”, as you seemed to imply. A well informed libertarian understands and accepts certain logically consistent principles, and it just so happens that Obama is an arbitrary and emotional leader who does not understand any logically consistent principle. (Not that the generic Republican is any better.)

          And why not compare the two countries? That’s not the same as claiming that we’re going down the same path.

  • Alex Sawyer

    I know people like simple answers to complicated issues, but there’s a lot more to what’s going on in Venezuela than just “socialism.” Price controls are probably a factor, but there’s also the fact that speculators are buying up the cheap food and goods in Venezuela, smuggling them across the border, and selling them for enormous markups in places like Colombia. In other words, the greedy capitalists are stealing food from the poor so they can make a tidy profit.

    See how easily the story can be spun to make any group look bad?

    • Manius

      If I didn’t know better, I might say that “there should be a law” against sneaky comments like this.

    • Biggly

      How are they “stealing” it they’re buying cheap food? You make no sense whatsoever.

      • Manius

        Read the last sentence. You’ve been trolled (sort of).

  • Brandon Broze

    The guy writing this seems to be TOO STUPID to even know the diff. between “profit margin” and markup.

    30%?? Businesses could only DREAM of having 30% of all revenues becoming profits. The most-successful industries BARELY have 20% profit margins. MARKUP, which (if I recall) is simply the extra money beyond what you originally paid for something that you charge to resell it, is probably what they meant here. But leave it to a LIBERTARIAN website to be TOO DUMB to even get THAT part right, and they feel the “need” to lecture THE REST OF US?? Lol

    • Biggly

      “(Reuters) – Venezuela on Friday decreed a new price control law that sets limits on company profits and establishes prison terms for those charged with hoarding or over-charging, part of socialist President Nicolas Maduro’s efforts to tame inflation.”

      Which part of that do you think the writer of this article got wrong?

  • Travis Badjib

    Definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Moral of the story, world governments have gone insane!

  • kmne68

    The important thing is that they don’t have any rich people and that makes scarcity more bearable–according to statist “logic”.

  • Eric Toth

    The most pathetic thing is that libertarian half-wits think this article is relevant to American politics.

    Thank god that the libertarian cult never gets better than 0.9% of the vote.

  • LabourSocialist

    Blame the Americans for sanctions and this is Cuba not Venezuela .
    Socialism is a fairer way of Capitalism and Communism is a extreme way of Socialism .
    Our Governments want to keep all the wealth for the wealthy and push the middle classes further down from the Elitist Rich .

  • LabourSocialist

    Westernised Propaganda in the West the Rich Get Richer and the Poor get Poorer and the Middle Classes get pushed further down the ladder and where you’re big Corporations take there business to China for cheap labour thus not giving there own working classes the chance to work making Millions unemployed and the banks which rob you and you have the cheek to criticise other countries when it isn’t even the country you all thought it was come on .
    Go read proper books about events instead of westernised journalism which don’t give you the truth because they are not allowed too .

  • LabourSocialist

    Socialism is the left side of Capitalism and Socialism left side is Communism .

  • JOE