Liberty Memes Admin 1: What Did He Know About Hillary Clinton?

Liberty Memes Admin 1: What Did He Know About Hillary Clinton?

Say what you want about ideology, but if you don’t know about Liberty Memes, I’m assuming your online political experience is much less fun. It’s certainly less dank.

They’ve been at the forefront of the meme wars since the battle began, bringing us through Harambe to Tide Pods, SJWs to NPCs, Overly Attached Girl to Distracted Boyfriend, Matrix Memes to Trash Doves, and Hillary to Covfefe and Wrong.

This is no more true than via Facebook, their natural habitat. At least until, well… we wrote Liberty Memes 2.0 to find out the 411 to find out what’s what.

LM: Who am I talking to?

TLR: Uh… This is Gary Doan of The Libertarian Republic. Who am I talking to?

LM: Yeah, this is Peter Gay, Admin 1 of Liberty Memes. Formerly Liberty Memes…

TLR: Yeah, formerly. Sad face. Uh… your page is pretty popular in my circles, but not in all circles. Just to put in perspective what your reach is, though… before we get into what happened… could you say roughly what were your “likes” and follows numbers were?

LM: I know our likes were up to 580 thousand. Um… our reach was a whole lot more than that, it was, you know… it was millions of page views, so. I suppose that answers your question.

TLR: Yeah. Did Facebook say which specific content violated their community standards when they unpublished you?

LM: No, they just said we were being unpublished for ‘repeated violations of community standards’. But Admin 2’s personal account was handed a 30-day Facebook sentence within the hour for a meme of Hillary Clinton eating tide pods. Which he had posted months ago. I mean, the tide pod meme is pretty much dead by now.

TLR: Right, right. Haha.

LM: But, yeah… it’s like they went through and looked for anything… And it’s funny, because the last time there was a whole hubbub about Liberty Memes and we almost got unpublished was another Hillary Clinton insult, the one where she says ‘Silly Americans, laws are for poor people’.

TLR: Yeah. Both Hillary Clinton and tide pods are kind of… yesterday.

LM: I know they are, but apparently it’s enough for them to be sensitive about.

TLR: Your page was unpublished, roughly a week after Facebook’s other mass purging of something like 800 pages and accounts, most of which seem to have been libertarian or conservative… and two weeks before the midterms. If Facebook claims their intent wasn’t political, how believable is that denial on a scale of Kavanaugh to Saudi Arabia?

LM: Hahahaha. Yeah, that’s pretty preposterous. And it’s interesting that in my home state, I think a Libertarian has a better chance in the gubernatorial election than we’ve probably ever had before. So, you know… it’s pretty bad timing for us to be able to help Larry Sharpe out. But, you know… it’s just, it is pretty obvious that, I think um…

I listened to a podcast by my friend Chris Spangle at We Are Libertarians, and he was talking about how this has devolved from Facebook sort of cloaking their intentions and making it seem like ‘Well, we’re just going after people who are acting in bad faith and… representing themselves to be Americans when they’re not to try and manipulate the politics of the US.’ And at this point, it’s pretty much like… it’s basically just outright political censorship.

TLR: I don’t see that as an unrealistic interpretation of it. I’ve seen someone make the claim that you published content that advocated violence against cops. I’ve never seen such posts, but to be fair, Liberty Memes produced a… lot of content. Is there any truth to the allegation?

LM: Absolutely not. That is bald slander. Basically, I’ll just say this. Just as far as what my philosophy is? Because I’ve explained this in a comment sometime today.

Police are not above the law of morality. And so, if a person has a right to, you know… immediate self defense, up to and including lethal force, with anyone? Then that would include police officers. And that’s the closest I would ever say to that a person has the right to, you know, engage in lethal force against a police officer. Certainly not any call to violence against them or anything like that.

And we’ve actually taken flack from some of these hard core people who are like… (mocking tone) ‘Oh, well, they’re, they’re violating the non-aggression principle just by existing as cops.’ And, no… I don’t tolerate that. That’s nonsense. And personally, I’m against even violent revolution or anything like that. Taking up arms against the government? I’m not about that at all. That’s my belief as a Christian. So to me, the notion that I would advocate violence against cops, was just out of left field, actually.

TLR: How many admins does Liberty Memes have?

LM: Essentially, two. Me and my brother. We’ve had a couple of people contribute, you know… a couple of things. We added a friend of ours as Admin 3 because he helped us with like, a live event once, but really it’s just been the two of us all along.

TLR: Is Liberty Memes on any other platforms?

LM: Sort of. We’ve had some presence on Twitter and Instagram. We are putting together a new platform. So, I mean, while we have Liberty Memes 2.0 right now on Facebook, we are working to put together something that we’ll be announcing soon. Probably like a dot com, but I don’t want to say too much about it until we’ve got it operational.

TLR: Well, think of me when you do. Given Facebook’s current status in the social media market, what are the challenges to getting a critical mass of people to just, you know… leave for another platform?

LM: Well, um… MySpace didn’t have any challenge getting rid of people, so… I mean…

TLR: Isn’t it so much more… ingrained now, though… between people having been on Facebook longer and having that whole sunk cost fallacy to having that whole Nash equilibrium thing with other people’s actions… Facebook kind of came about selling exclusivity, which seems is the opposite of what people, I mean… they have such a wide user base that it’s sort of hard to get enough people to step away to encourage others to…

LM: Yeah, and it’s not only stepping away from Facebook, but knowing where to go from there. I think that’s kind of a challenge. Where, there are competitors, but there’s multiple small competitors to such a huge operation. But at the end of the day, if people don’t feel they can speak their minds there, they’ll go elsewhere. And, you know… I don’t know what the market will do as far as that goes, but we’ll be getting exposure wherever we can.

TLR: My last question… can you inbox me some dank memes of the type that can highlight what it is that Liberty Memes does best to include here?

LM: Well, sure… we’ve got buckets of those.

TLR: Tax them all:

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