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Bias Opinion: The Libertarian Republic is Bias in Best Way.


By Paul Meekin

MediaBiasFactCheck.com reports The Libertarian Republic is highly factual while having a moderate right-wing bias:

The Libertarian Republic is a free market news, culture, and opinion magazine featuring the writing of prominent libertarians, conservatives, independents and sometimes democrats. The goal of TLR is to inform and educate citizens on important news stories from a perspective of economic freedom and personal liberty.”

Hooray! Credit goes to an editorial staff that is dedicated to reporting on pertinent issues through the lens of social and economic liberty – and has the know-how and gumption to do so.

If it sounds like I’m being self-serving by tooting the horn of the website I write for, it’s only because I am. Why? Because unlike many outlets, be it CNN, MSNBC, Breitbart, Zero Hedge, The Daily Wire, The Daily Caller, The Blaze, Fox News, .Mic, Vox, and many more – The Libertarian Republic wears its worldview on its sleeve. Literally. It’s in the darn URL.

Our writers are liberty minded if not capital “L” libertarians. Our fearless leader, Austin Petersen,  is a mover and shaker in the world of Libertarian politics and in a shockingly fragmented media – an openly bias (but fair) outlet allows readers to be on the same page – even if they don’t like the book.

A liberal can read a story about the Libertarian perspective on Obamacare and disagree vehemently about the facts, or  about the ideology. Taking on the questions about the best ideas for this country and the world around. Why? Simply because you know where we’re coming from, and we have an actual platform to work with. It’s not two twitter eggs shouting in the dark about evil, it’s actual people having heated discussion about actual ideas.

Where else do you see that? Really?

For example I wrote about PBS funding and the fact I support keeping it – at least until we’ve eliminated other, more pressing, government waste. The notion was so un-libertarian I expected Ron Paul to show up and beat me with his shoe. But my logic was sound, and the response was mostly what you’d expect. Intense disagreement.

But a curious thing happened. Amongst the disagreement were Libertarians who took my side. Yes, PBS is government waste and shouldn’t be funded by our tax dollars – but also a really crummy place to start if you’re trying to win hearts and minds over to the Libertarian cause.

We were asking fundamental questions of ourselves and of each other and of the government and the proper path to liberty – you don’t see this a lot of places. We weren’t lock-step ideologues. We were human beings that want the same things and have different ideas about how to get there. That is democracy and that is the american dream. By the people. For the people. So help us God.

I’ve been writing quasi-professionally about gaming, movies, and politics for almost a decade now, and I have quit many a website based on policies that served the interest of the website, but not the interest of its readers. Toucharcade.com blocked my Five Star Review of Dead Ahead on iOS. The Liberty Conservative wouldn’t allow me to voice my opinions on abortion – despite the very notion of Liberty includes one’s ability to voice an opinion.

And so, a website like The Libertarian Republic is what we should hope for from all our media, and what our outlets should realistically shoot for. There is no media without a point of view these days. Except C-SPAN… and no one cares about C-SPAN.

In a world where the point of view of every media report and news story is questioned through the lens of bias or agenda – this website openly embraces its agenda while giving voice to supporters, dissenters, and those in between. This should be championed. And celebrated.

And supported by its noble, intelligent, and quite frankly drop-dead-sexy readership.

And now Ron Paul:









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