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Here are the Top 5 Most Libertarian Foreign Leaders


by Jacob Nestle

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson recently had another self-proclaimed “Aleppo moment” when asked about his favorite foreign leaders. Unfortunately, he could not promptly answer this question, before eventually settling on former Mexican President Vicente Fox. It is hard to blame Johnson, as there are very few world leaders he could have named. However, after thorough research, here is a list of 5 libertarian(ish) foreign leaders.

5. Mark Rutte

Prime Minister of the Netherlands and leader of the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, Rutte is one of the more libertarian leaders in the country. Like his party, he is laissez-faire on economics. Though his party supports universal healthcare, they’re otherwise for small government, deregulation, and free trade.

Like many American libertarians, Rutte has indicated that he doesn’t want to be a politician forever. Before going into politics, he spent a decade in industry. He still spends one morning every week teaching Dutch and Civics at a secondary school. Additionally, he made a very libertarian argument against Brexit and in favor of immigration, saying in June, “The Netherlands and the UK are both seafaring nations and so our ability to create jobs and to generate future growth is built on the free market. Our national prosperity is built on our open borders.”

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