“Let Them Eat Ice Cream!” Biden Campaign Spends Nearly $10K on Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

As if Ben & Jerry’s naming an ice cream flavor after Senator Bernie Sanders wasn’t enough, there’s more intermingling between the sweet frozen dairy treat we all love and our politics. But this time it comes in the form of one man and his desire for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.

That’s right. From the word of one astute Twitter observer we’ve discovered that the Biden Campaign has spent nearly $10,000 on ice cream. All this according to an analysis of the publicly available Federal Election Commission data on spending for Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign for the presidency. And this is only the peak of the dairy drama. As far back as May of 2019, purchase of goods from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream labeled “Donor Gifts” have been occurring several times a week—sometimes several times a day—all the way to present day.

Say what you want about Hillary Clinton, but there’s no sign of something like this happening with other active or former candidates, according to further research by our Twitter warrior. It leaves much to the imagination as to the cause of such a consistent purchase, and speculation can range from actual donor gifts to possible provision of ice cream for their staff. It wouldn’t be the first time campaign funds have been used improperly.

Interestingly, as Joseph Curl at the Daily Wire noted, “It’s the same super expensive ice cream that [the] House Speaker keeps in her $24,000 sub-zero freezer in her Napa Valley mansion”. Evidently Ben & Jerry’s has some competition in dominating the freezers of the DNC, but it is interesting that the Jeni’s brand has twice now popped up with Democrats, though it’s far from indicative of any illicit activities. Biden even engaged Pelosi over the “great taste” she had when showing off her stash of sweets on social media.

Of course, the fulcrum of the issue is the implication of campaign fund use on five figures of ice cream expenditures, which at the very least should be of major concern to those who donate their hard earned cash to the Biden campaign. It would be very likely that people at least, may now be more interested in where their money is going, especially with the financial strain felt by Americans in these trying times.

In a time when the people of the United States are struggling to maintain their pantries and are worrying about how to pay for rent when the lockdown ends, it would be remiss to continue such capital spending without consideration of the bigger picture. With any luck, hopefully this will be an opportunity for Pelosi and Biden both to finally start prioritizing the citizens they are to protect, instead of engaging in flagrant political partisanship amidst a global crisis. As it stands, their tone-deaf message to the people is “Let them eat ice cream!”


Image: YouTube

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