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Kanye West’s New Year Trump Tweets Are Insane… Insanely Awesome!

Kanye’s back.

Kanye West had a wild 2018. After a much publicized meeting in the Oval Office with Donald Trump, Kanye was hit with a storm of criticism from the left. West’s decision to wear a MAGA hat, and to embrace the president earned him scorn, derision, and hate. The criticism seemed to have worked, as Kanye backed down at the end of last year, saying he was just going to focus on his music. He seemed to be in a good mood this morning, tweeting:

But that all changed in the glorious New Year of 2019. Ye is back, he’s mad, and he’s badder than ever.

Kanye seems to be indicating that blacks are hectored into supporting Democrats.

Good for you, Kanye! Seems like someone is breaking out of the matrix and… oh wait, let me let you say it.

If that wasn’t clear enough, maybe this will sharpen your vision.

Whoa! That was a spicy meatball.

And this next cryptic tweet of a presidential year has us all wondering… is Kanye going to run?

To add fuel to the 2024 fire, West retweeted another user who said…

Now if you were worried that we might not get an explanation about these tweets, worry no more. Looks like all our questions should be answered soon.

Did you think I wouldn’t include some of the best/worst responses? Well here they are:

How does making America Great Again strip blacks of the right to vote exactly?

OK, maybe true. But stay out of this Kris Jenner, we are enjoying ourselves!

Yeah well Cudi isn’t half the talent that Kanye is, so…

An upgraded MAGA hat is just what Kanye needs, don’t you agree?

Well strap in folks, looks like it’s going to be a wonderful, exciting, and hilarious new year. Stay free!



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