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Justin Amash Apologizes For Missing His First Vote, Constituents Rally to Support Him


By Kody Fairfield

Earlier today, Rep. Justin Amash left a sober and simple message to his constituents in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District after missing his first ever vote as a Congressman. Lucky for Amash, his fans responded to his apology with praise and support.

On Friday, Amash was out taking the fight to the House GOP leadership’s Obamacare replacement legislation, when he realized he failed to notice that Roll Call had closed. Upon realizing his streak of 4,289 un-missed votes in a row was over, he broke down in tears, reported Politico.

“#MI03. I’m sorry,” is all Amash could say to his constituents on Twitter.

Amash has always taken pride in his voting record, and he is one of few, if not the only, representative to give justification, via his Facebook page, to his constituents on every vote he places.

From Politico

Amash was speaking with reporters about the replacement bill in the speaker’s lobby when he suddenly asked what vote they were on. One reporter told him she believed it was the second amendment in the vote series.

Amash immediately sprinted into the chamber and tried to put his card in the voting slot to cast his yea or nay, but the vote had closed.

Amash approached floor staff and leadership to see if they could either re-open the vote or call it again. Staff said there was no precedent for doing so. Amash hung his head low and was overcome with emotion, those on the floor told Politico.

Lucky for Amash, after posting his heartfelt upsettedness to his supporters on Twitter, the principled conservative and friend of liberty was rallied too. His fans and constituents praising him for his work and transparency, something very few representatives would receive.

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