Jumia Online Store Open For Business!

Jumia Ghana deals with connecting buyers to the sellers via their website. They are also a corporation that gets contact with customers and sellers due to their style of online businesses. For this reason Jumia Ghana contact numbers are very useful and it is a must have for anyone who feels they might need to use Jumia for business.

Jumia Ghana call center contacts

As is the characteristic with all corporations dealing with people directly, there is always a call centre for customers and the corporations to interact. Call centres are used for the following reasons;

The call centre for Jumia operates from Monday to Friday. It is open from 8:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening.

Website: jumia.com.gh

Telephone: 0302740630

Email address: customer-service@jumia.com.gh.

Email 2: affiliateprogram@jumia.com.gh

Email seller.support@jumia.com.gh

Jumia travel deals with the people who wish to travel and find accommodation in new places. This is a service that will need customer interactions oftenly. Why does this particular service need effective customer an service providers interaction? It deals with sensitive issues. No one wants to travel to a place without assurance of accommodation. For this reason, customers need to call the service provider frequently for confirmation.

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