Judge Nap Dismantles Trump’s Allegations About Cruz in Iowa

Judge Andrew Napolitano joined Megyn Kelly on Fox News to weigh in on the allegations that Ted Cruz cheated in Iowa.

The manufactured controversy began when Ben Carson’s team issued a statement that the doctor was returning home to Florida after Iowa and would not be going to New Hampshire or South Carolina. The media took such an unusual and awkwardly timed announcement to be the beginning of the end for Carson.

Watch the CNN report which aired 15 minutes before caucusing started to see for yourself:

Notice how after Dana Bash reports the information, Jake Tapper emphasizes how extraordinary and weird this is.

“It’s very unusual,” Tapper said.

“If you want to be president of the United States of America, you don’t go home,” Bash added.

Now, here is a screen short of the message Cruz’s campaign people sent to their grassroots organizers shortly after:

cruz campaign carson

The message is 100% accurate as to what the media was reporting. By the time later clarification came, the caucuses were in full swing. It is telling that Marco Rubio’s campaign did the exact same thing and that is being ignored as the media smears Ted Cruz.

Despite all of this, Donald Trump is carrying on like the sore loser we all expected he would be. He has threatened to sue, saying Cruz “cheated” and that the state of Iowa should have a re-do.

Andrew Napolitano took apart Trump’s claims and another faux controversy over a mailer the Cruz people sent out in Iowa.

“There’s no legal basis for that – he’s making a political observation.”

Napolitano underscored that even if you could prove people knowingly deceived others (which cannot be done), in politics rough talk, extrapolation, and even exaggeration are fair game.

“It was perfectly reasonable for representative King to say: ‘this guy’s going Florida? He’s outta here!’– You reacted, Brett Bair reacted, those of us who were watching reacted.”

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