Jim Webb Floated as Possible Pick for Defense or State

Many of Webb’s Positions Line Up With Trump and Rand Paul

by Elias J. Atienza

Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb has been floated as a possible pick for Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense according to Yahoo News. At a foreign policy event at George Mason University, the man who introduced Webb said that Trump should pick him as Defense Secretary.

Webb served in the United States Marine Corps during Vietnam. He was wounded in combat and awarded two Purple Hearts and the Navy Cross. He went on to serve as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs and Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan.

Senator Rand Paul told Yahoo News that while he prefers Senator Bob Corker for Secretary of State to John Bolton or Rudy Giuliani, he would give “serious consideration” to Webb.

He was a Democratic presidential candidate but dropped out a week after the first debate before flirting with an independent run. His most memorable moment is when he was asked the enemy he was most proud of, to which he responded with the enemy soldier who wounded him — and Webb killed.

This prompted much criticism from the press, though many, including his son, defended his remarks.

Paul and Trump hold many of the same foreign policy positions as Webb. He was elected to the Senate on his opposition to the Iraq War and has been critical of the interventions in Libya and Syria. Paul has been a critic of Middle Eastern intervention and though Trump has a spotty record, he routinely condemns interventions as well.

The Federalist‘s Molly Hemingway, who wrote in support of Webb becoming Secretary of Defense, summed up his foreign policy speech at George Mason:

In his speech today, Webb reiterated his opposition to wars that don’t serve the interests of the country or its global position, mentioning his opposition to the war in Iraq. He said the United States should consider a nation’s stability, aggression, and treatment of citizens before it aligns with them. He noted the need to honor treaty obligations, citing the threat of Chinese aspirations in the South China Sea. He noted the need to maintain our technological edge in weapons systems, and the importance of national self-defense in the fight against Islamist terrorism. He also emphasized the need for Congress to recover its power in war-making, condemning executive overreach regarding activity in Libya and Iraq.

Trump has promised to “drain the swamp” of lobbyists and establishment politicians. Webb has a record of service and possible support from Rand Paul as Secretary of Defense or State. They agree with each other more than they disagree on foreign policy, it seems, and Webb would make an excellent choice for either of these positions.

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