Italian Citizenship With A 1948 Case- How Does It Work

If you are planning to apply for Italian citizenship by descent, your application may come under a 1948 case. Typically, it applies to those with a maternal lineage in Italy. If you have a woman as your direct Italian lineage, the year she gave birth is significant. If it happened before 1948, her Italian citizenship would not have transferred to her child. However, the right to transfer citizenship for women was established in 1948. So it applies to women who gave birth during or after the year. The route can be confusing, so it becomes vital to understand whether it applies to you and know how it works if it does so that you can fulfill all the requirements to obtain Italian citizenship successfully. 

The 1948 route is a judicial process 

While the regular route for Italian citizenship by descent is an administrative process, the 1948 case is a judicial process. However, it does not mean that it is long and difficult, rather it is faster for some applicants.  With the 1948 option, you will have to file a petition at the Italian Court of Rome to be granted citizenship by this route. Additionally, you will also have to file a specific document for the process. You do not even need to travel to Italy for the hearing but can have a lawyer do it on your behalf. The Roman court will decide on your eligibility for citizenship by descent under the 1948 court case. 

Success rates are favorable

The involvement of the court often makes the 1948 route daunting for the applicants. However, the silver lining is that the success rate for the 1948 Italian Citizenship Case route is quite encouraging. If you look at the stats, the Italian Court has given favorable verdicts on hundreds of such cases till now. The country has gone the extra mile to establish women’s rights, so you need not worry much if you plan to use your maternal lineage for getting approval for your citizenship application. 

Families can claim together

Although you may have to invest some extra effort when applying for Italian citizenship with this judicial route, it can be worthwhile. You can even consider filing a claim together as a family through a shared ancestor. It is a smart move because you end up saving a lot of time and cutting costs to a significant extent with this idea. You will have to work on gathering all the documents only once, which will eliminate a major hassle for everyone applying together. Further, it gives you the opportunity to move to the country as a family so that it gets easier to start a new life and settle here as a clan.

Since filing for citizenship by the 1948 route involves court proceedings, it is best to let an expert lawyer handle them for you. With their knowledge and experience, they will make sure that your case is on the right track and all the documents are in place before you go ahead. Also, collaborating with a seasoned lawyer gives you a lot more confidence to handle the stress of judicial proceedings with this alternative.


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