Is Your Partner Cheating? There’s A Way To Find Out.

Accepting that your partner is cheating on you is not easy. However, for most people, they would rather know than stay on a relationship or marriage without trust and love. It is not easy to prove that your partner is cheating based on suspicions. Some people go to the extent of hiring a private investigator. An investigator is expensive and not everyone can afford one. Here are more clues that tell your partner is cheating on you.

  1. Spending More Time Away

When your partner is cheating on you, they start to act distant. They are spending time with the other person they are cheating you with. They spend too much time at the office or on work trips. When they come home, they are not interested in spending time with you or the kids. They keep themselves busy on the phone or computer. A person behaves this way when they have a new person in their life who they are constantly thinking of.

  1. They Become Secretive

When your partner is seeing someone else, they want to keep everything as discreet as possible. You are no longer allowed or free to use their computer or phone like before. Also, they carry their phones everywhere, including to the bathroom.

They delete and clear text messages, e-mails, browser history and the call log. It is because they are scared you might find out what is going on behind the curtains. If they are not allowing you to access their phone, you can do it yourself. With the app, you will access their text messages and calls.

  1. They Become Hostile

Suddenly, your partner starts to argue and fight with you over insignificant things. According to them, everything you do is not right. Do not feel guilty. Cheaters tend to stay sane by accusing something. They are guilty of cheating and want to shift the guilt to you. If your partner is acting this way, they are cheating on you.

  1. 4. They Don’t want to go Out in Public with You

For the fear that you are going to find out, they are no longer interested in going out to public places with you. They are scared that you might bump into the other person they are seeing. Additionally, they are not interested in going public about your relationship on social media. This indicates they are not being transparent. They are scared of the other person finding out about you. If you notice this behaviour, dig out, there are some underlying issues.

  1. There is no Connection or Intimacy

You no longer feel connected and close to your partner like before. They are not interested in spending time with you anymore. Your partner does not like doing the activities you have always done together anymore. They no longer open up to you. Additionally, your intimacy is dead. Their affection and attention have drifted away from you to someone else.

  1. Your Partners Friends Are No Longer Comfortable With You Around

When your partner or spouse is cheating on you, you are the last person to know about. The friends are aware that you are being cheated on. They are feeling the guilt as much as your partner for not telling you. If you are around your partner’s friends and they are acting indifferent, know that something is not right. They know something that you do not know.

If you notice these behaviors with your partner, they could be cheating on you. However, this is not always the case. Take your time to investigate them deeper. To be sure, use a spy app to know who they talk to and exchange messages with.

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