Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary: Everything You Should Know

Is air duct cleaning necessary? This has become a subject of discussion in recent years. That is why many companies are now offering cleaning services and products to enhance the overall air quality in businesses and homes.

As major providers of reliable duct cleaning services, many of our customers ask us whether duct cleaning is worth it. This question is subject to many things, which we will discuss here.

  1. Is It Worth Investing In Duct Cleaning?

Over the past years, many studies on the importance of duct cleaning have been conducted by different organisations such as the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. The general agreement? Duct cleaning has a significant impact on the general cleanness of your business and home. In most cases, it has proven to minimise the airborne diseases in homes.

So, the question is duct cleaning necessary is not what we should be asking about. The question should be when we need it. Depending on the nature of the infiltration of air in your home, you may not need regular cleaning of ducts. We are not saying that you should clean your ducts weekly or monthly. However, opting for a professional duct cleaning every few years done with the right tools and required experience can prove much useful.

  1. Why Do I Require Professional Duct Cleaning?

Apart from time, what are other times when you should conduct duct cleaning? Some of these situations are as follows:

  1. Routine cleaning. It is recommended that you hire professional duct cleaners to clean your ducts after every four to five years. However, that largely depends on the traffic in your home, overall cleanness of your family and its size. This helps to eliminate any dust build up, mold and pollen that affects air quality and makes your HVAC system infective.
  2. Mold risk. This is a major reason why you should do duct cleaning. Since ducts are mostly dark and moist, mold can be a serious threat to your home. If you see mold or suspect it in your home, call a professional duct cleaner immediately.
  3. Vermin and infestations. Familiar unwelcomed friends such as rats, mice, and other vermin, and insects can turn your ducts into a very prosperous inhabitant. If you see things such as strange sounds, droppings or see insects know that it is the right time to call duct cleaning experts to solve the issue of infestation.
  4. Construction and renovation. During home renovations or remodelling, a significant amount of dust and small particles can be generated and jam in the ducts. The outcome of this is poor air quality and inefficient HVAC. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out duct cleaning immediately after home construction or remodelling.

We have been in offering duct cleaning services for the last two decades, and our services are highly trusted. We have the finest tools and well-trained professionals to handle any duct cleaning work. Give us a call today.


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