A Discussion On Green Transport

When you have good transport, it can not only positively affect your health and save money but also lower your environmental footprint. 

Do short trips by foot. When you walk, this helps to reduce your blood pressure and reduce your body fat. Walking is also completely free and it doesn’t take up as much time as you may think. According to studies, the majority of people overestimate the amount time it will take them to walk to their destination and underestimate how long it will take via car. Most people walk at a pace of 6 km/hr and this is not only healthy but once you reach your destination you don’t need to look for a parking spot. Many people decide to go carless and get cash from their old car with scrap my car recycling schemes.

Use a bicycle. If you use a bicycle instead of a car, this will save you a lot of money and help you to burn calories. For example, if you need to make a 10 km journey every week, if you use a bicycle for that journey instead of a car, you’ll burn as many as 300 calories one way and you’ll reduce your gas emissions by approximately 300kg per year. 

If you only have to make city trips that are 1 to 10 km, it is actually faster to go by bike as oppose to any other type of transport. If you need to bike a 5 to 10 km distance, it will only take you between 15 minutes to half an hour to reach your destination. 

Plan. You can utilize a Journey Planner in order to determine if there is a reliable transport option that you can use. 

Think about car pooling. This is a fantastic way to lower your fuel costs and take a break from driving every day. 

Look at your ticket. There are many cultural and sporting tickets that have public transport included free of charge. By using public transport, you don’t have to worry about driving, traffic as well as finding parking. 

Consider the future. If you have a lot of small errands, instead of doing them separately on different days, consider doing them in one day so that you can save gas and time. If you can avoid the trip by using email or a phone call, consider doing that as well. 

Enjoy a local adventure. When it comes to planning holidays, be sure to also think about options locally. 

Low emissions should always be a priority. When you’re about to buy a car, make sure to check out the Australian green vehicle guide. This guide will show the various greenhouse ratings, fuel efficiency and other information for various vehicles that you may be interested in. 

Get out and enjoy the sun. We get approximately 3,200 hours of sunlight every year. This is the perfect weather for active transport, so make sure to use it.

Green driving. In the event that you absolutely need to use your vehicle, then you should use a couple of green driving strategies:

Check your tyre pressure frequently. If you have tyres that aren’t properly inflated, this could increase how much fuel the vehicle uses and even reduce the life of your tyres. 

Service your automobile regularly. A properly running vehicle will consume as much as 15% less gas. 

Drive slowly. When you drive slower at about 90 km/hr, your vehicle would use about 25% less gas as oppose to when you’re driving at 110 km.hr. 

Avoid idling. If you need to make a stop that will last for longer than 10 seconds, then you should turn off your vehicle.

Drive in a smooth manner. If you continuously make lots of stops and starts, your vehicle will use more gas. 

Avoid using the AC. If you’re driving at slower speeds such as less than 70 km/hr, then you should avoid using AC since this will increase how much fuel your vehicle uses by about 10%. However, at higher speeds you can use AC instead of having your windows down since the drag would cause more fuel consumption in comparison to the AC. 

Secure your fuel cap properly. This is important to avoid leaks and evaporation. 

Avoid traveling heavy. Don’t place heavy items or equipment in your vehicle for a long time. Basically, if your vehicle has to transport an additional 50kg of weight, this will increase how much fuel it uses. 

Get rid of roof racks or any other fixed items on the exterior of your vehicle. This is important to lower wind resistance.

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