7 Critical Physical Security Measures for Small Businesses

Many businesses today give prime importance to cyber-security, but sometimes fail to strengthen physical measures to prevent burglaries and unauthorized intrusion. Although cyber-security is extremely important in this day and age, it is not sufficient to protect a business from all kinds of threats. A sound small business security system is a combination of different measures working together to neutralize and prevent all possible sources of danger.


The primary role of an effective security solution


Small business security services are supposed to not only deter intruders but also to resist any attempt to infiltrate company premises. The ability of security measures to deter burglars is the first line of defense and helps in neutralizing the possibility of anyone attempting to vandalize company property and break-in.


In instances when deterring is not sufficient, the security system in place needs to be robust enough to hold-off all efforts exerted to enter and burglarize.


Suggested physical security measures for small businesses


Most businesses today hire security services from third parties to provide the necessary protection for physical assets. If hiring a security service is not an immediate possibility, the following are some of the most critical physical security measures every small business owner needs to employ:

  • Install high-quality locks. All exterior doors need to have deadbolts and mortice locks. You can also use the same type of locks for interior doors, especially in areas where you want to restrict outside access. In addition to putting locks on doors, you need to ensure that windows and other vulnerable access spots have sufficient locks too.
  • Have strict control of key access. Keep a detailed record of every person who has access to the keys. Switching custody of lock access needs to be appropriately documented, along with a specific protocol on who should be given access during certain periods.
  • Coordinate with other small businesses. If you cannot afford a security service for your business, you can have an agreement with nearby establishments to hire a security firm to conduct ocular visits around the company neighborhood.
  • Invest in lighting. Install lights in every dark corner and alley around your business premises because a well-lit building will deter possible burglaries.
  • Install surveillance cameras. Install cameras in strategic locations to record what transpires outside and effectively prevent theft.
  • Orient your staff. Your employees need to be appropriately oriented about how to stay alert and keep an eye out for suspicious individuals and activities in and around the company property. If possible, outline a security protocol with specific steps employees need to take when there is a threat.
  • Protect the parking area. Small businesses are a frequent target for burglaries. It helps to install barriers in all parking spots to deter suspicious individuals from parking and entering the property.

In addition to all these measures, vigilance is key to ensuring that your business does not become a target for burglaries. Investing in high-quality security products will also reinforce physical protection for your assets and give you the peace of mind every time you close up shop at the end of a business day.

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