Increase Employee Engagement and Productivity with a Time Clock App

Employee engagement and productivity are not typical benefits that immediately come to mind when considering using a time clock app. However, these are extremely important benefits that can result from using this software. Imagine if you could double employee productivity without hiring additional staff or spending money on overtime? That could have a monumental impact on your business!

Here are a few ways that a time clock app can increase both employee engagement and productivity.

Identify Areas for Improvement

As employees are performing their work, they may not even realize that there are more efficient ways of doing certain tasks. An employee time clock app provides visibility into how long certain tasks are taking to complete. Perhaps some employees are completing a specific task in half the time of other employees. They likely have found a better way to perform this task!

Thus, this can identify training opportunities for employees who require more time to complete those tasks. Once trained properly, all employees can complete the task in less time and have more time to complete additional work. These opportunities may not even be limited to specific employees. It could be that an entire process or workstream needs improving. Without the data provided by a time and attendance app, leadership would never know that an opportunity existed for improved productivity.

Reduction in Manual Work Efforts

A time clock app can reduce the manual work effort required from both the front-line employees as well as HR staff. In many cases, employees must manually compile reports that show the amount of time they spent performing tasks for the day or week. This allows the company to accurately bill clients for the time spent on specific projects. However, this requires a lot of manual effort and takes away valuable time that could be spent on other activities.

A time keeper app allows managers to view this detailed labor information with the click of a button. Employees no longer need to spend time putting these reports together because the software can automatically generate them. In addition, HR payroll staff no longer needs to manually compile staffing numbers and paycheck calculations. The software will handle this as well.

Plus, the online timesheet software will automatically calculate any necessary overtime payments to ensure the organization stays in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act. Not only does that ensure accurate payments to employees, but it could also avoid hefty fines due to non-compliance.

Increased Employee Accountability

Most employees do not prefer micromanagers; however, some monitoring is necessary to ensure that employees are spending their time on meaningful activities. A time clock app can provide this monitoring without a manager staring over your shoulder.

As employees begin to use the software, they can start to see trends in their own time reporting. Employees become more mindful of those long breaks or leaving a little early. With this transparency comes increased accountability, and employees begin to spend more time focused on value-added work while they are on the clock.

In addition, online time clock software can help remote employees more accurately manage their time as well. In today’s environment, more and more employees are working remotely. An online timecard system allows employees to track their time accurately, even when they are away from the office. They can clock in or out as well as properly allocate time from their smartphone. This increased efficiency makes them more productive and engaged because they can see the value they are providing to the company.


A time clock app has many benefits, and increased employee engagement and productivity are just a couple of them. Your employees become more mindful of how they spend their time and more accountable for their tasks. By using the data provided by your app, efficiency can be improved across the company, and productivity can go through the roof!



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