5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Music Festival Experience

Plenty of cultures, the company of friends and family, sparkling sunshine or mesmerizing night sky, live music, and a fun-loving dance, the combination of all these merriments make a music festival phenomenal. A music festival is a highly engaging and incredibly immersive experience that will leave you awestruck with lasting memories, newly bonded friendships, and cheerful traditions. While enjoying the fascinating festival with its long summer days accompanied by warm evenings, it’s quite easy to be overtired, hungry, sunburnt, or miserable at the event if you haven’t done any preplanning. Here I have sorted out some excellent pre-event tips to save yourself from such hassles; thus, you can get most out of your experience.

Get your tickets early and familiarize yourself with the schedule

Most of the festivals have different ticket prices. You should get an early bird ticket if you want to save yourself a chunk of money. Also, the ticket prices aggravate as the festival approaches. If the festival is being organized at a camping site, you must order your camping ticket too because if they sell out, get ready to be stuck offsite. Pre-book your reservations like the plane/car reservations or enjoy premium experience as a VIP traveler member in fascinating events like Bregenz Festival.

Every festival organization publishes the schedule beforehand on their site. Print out that schedule and highlight your must-see bands. But don’t be too rigid as your plans can easily be interrupted by occasional jam sessions, some great bands you’ve heard of, running late, etc. 

Bring sun protection and prepare for the weather

As there is an adage that if you don’t like the weather, then wait 5 minutes and see the magic. Being prepared for an outdoor festival means you have to be ready for thunderstorms, hot sun, or rains. Never rely entirely on online weather check or broadcast as they are not always accurate, so, bring your proper supplies for the day on a sunny day sunglasses and sunblocks are essential items. For rain, you get a foldable poncho or raincoat that can be easily fitted in your backpack. Umbrella is an immaculate alternative as you are saved from both rain and dazzling rays of the sun. 

Buy disposable cameras

A camera is a must-have for all sorts of festivals. But if you are a bit dubious about taking your expensive digital camera along as it may get stolen or broken under some unprecedented situations, they buy some cheap disposable cameras, and you will be set. For the day time super, cheap flashless cameras can work well. And for night shots, you can go for an ultra-cheap flash camera to take your friend’s snapshots. Although the cameras you have opted for are super cheap, take due care of their safety as you don’t want to be devoid of your snap taking device in the middle of the festival due to your negligence.

Check out other non-concert activities

The enchanting city you are visiting must have other attractions as well. Search the nearest and attractive ones out. You can also look for craft vendors, workshops, dances, kids’ areas, etc. Get out of the way and try something new. Visit the outskirts and learn about the traditions of the place. Join early yoga practices and interact with people. Make friends at the concert and plan an outing of a few hours during the concert breaks. 

A lanyard

Imagine rummaging through your backpack for your tickets at the entrance while your favorite band performance has already half-finished? Losing your phone to pickpockets or accidentally throwing it during a concert and realizing afterward. If you don’t want to face these drastic situations, buy lanyards as they are crucial for your event’s smooth running. You can easily hang the festival or campsite passes with your badge reels and put it around your neck. Now, whenever you need a ticket here, you go. Unlike paper tickets, they’re less likely to be torn apart and can be kept as souvenirs. You can also hang the event schedule provided to you by the management in laminated form; thus, you can go through it in case you forget anything. 

You can conveniently keep your phone tied to a lanyard around your neck. For extra safety, tuck it into your shirt so they are less visible to pickpockets and less likely to be lost. Many companies provide quality lanyards like 4inlanyards. You can also get customized lanyards with your logo printed on as per your festival needs. 


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