iMind Reviews: the Reputation of a Popular Video Communication Platform 

An increasing number of users around the world are choosing the iMind video conferencing technology service.

This is a convenient service with a lot of features for its price point. The has its own technology stack and a number of technologies that are patented in the US. Several major carriers use it. There are also many reviews of iMind confirming that it is a convenient and advanced service for communication and business.

Opportunities Available on the iMind

What features are available on the platform?

Video conferencing platform iMind has many great features that participants can use to communicate. Key among them are:

  • сreation of up to ten rooms free of cost;
  • concurrent screen share;
  • a free plan for face-to-face meetings is available;
  • live chat is available in the Pro plan;
  • live chat for business;
  • multiple conference recordings simultaneously in different chambers in the Pro plan.

With these, your experience will be enjoyable and productive.

Types of iMind Plans

The different types of plans are as follows:

  1. Free plan.
  2. Pro plan.
  3. Business plan.
  4. Enterprise.

Now let’s look at each one in more detail.

Free Plan

The free plan can be used for personal communication. It can have up to 100 participants. This is free and has unlimited recording, group meetings of up to 24 hours and simultaneous display of screens. Members can log in to the room for free from their personal computer, telephone or tablets.

Pro Plan

Option Pro plan is a solution for smaller teams. Up to 99 user licenses per account. Also it has group meetings of up to 24 hours with up to 12 people with video.

Business Plan

Business Plan includes unlimited storage of recordings in the iMind cloud, personal support, unlimited meeting rooms for participants and user licenses for up to 999 people per account.


Being able to share a screen with multiple participants at the same time, with good sound and image quality, allows all participants to receive feedback. This also helps the executive to see and understand the effectiveness of the meeting.

The ability to share a screen with several participants at the same time, provided the sound and picture quality is good, allows all participants to receive feedback. That also allows the manager to see and understand the effectiveness of the conference.

The Main Benefits of Using iMind

What are the key advantages of using an iMind?

Main advantages of the iMind conference platform are:

  • high-quality video and audio recording of the conference;
  • background noise suppression;
  • simple creation of a meeting room;
  • convenience of joining the meeting;
  • usage in a browser as well as via an application;
  • adjustment of the volume of participants.

Users can create a meeting room by simply typing in a room name and getting a link, and then sending it to the participants via copy. Simply click the link to join the meeting or call the participants.

iMind Customer Reviews

Consumer reviews of iMind have described useful features and convenient capabilities. Some of them include:

  • safety is high;
  • simple to use;
  • ease and accuracy;
  • appealing user interfaces.

iMind is always easy to communicate with in virtual conferences and meetings.  

Feedback from Users about the Platform

A lot of users consider the iMind conferencing platform to be the best resource in the IT market for value for money. It allows customers to access a variety of tools. You can easily share different information through the platforms with colleagues and customers. It is also very easy to browse information here. There are plenty of free themes on which you can build your own work.

With iMind, the platform is a new technology stack with a user-friendly service. Try it and see for yourself!

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