2016 Presidential Race

I am a Capitalist and I Love Bernie Sanders

I have a confession to make; though I am a strident capitalist, I actually love Bernie Sanders and hope he remains a voice in politics for some time. Here’s why…

Bernie Sanders’s campaign has become a much larger phenomenon than many of us originally thought it would. Bernie has tapped into a populace message that has resonance, whether we agree with that message or not. But his resonance isn’t why I love Bernie.

No, I haven’t caught anything that makes me ‘feel the Bern,’ nor have I been taken by his fight the power mantra. No, I love Bernie Sanders because he is a GOLD MINE!

Nothing has been better for news stations, politicos, and journalists than Bernie Sanders 2016. The man is the gift that keeps giving– everyday there’s another gem of a story. Whether he’s tweeting his economic ignorance or depriving homeless people a warm place by trying to court black votes, Bernie Sanders can be counted on to produce at least 3 viral stories a week.

Late night talk shows, radio personalities, and comedians are also enjoying the Bernie Bump of 2015-16. From satire sites to apparel that lambastes the senator from Vermont, there are plenty of people milking this socialist’s campaign for every cent they can. Heck, even genuine Bernie swag is being produced by good ole capitalist companies.

It’s deliciously ironic that Bernie Sanders’ campaign for socialism is generating so much capitalist activity, inadvertently creating profits for those he opposes. This is why capitalism wins– we will sell you a Che t-shirt and also sell an anti Che t-shirt to your political rivals. Where there is a demand, the market will respond.

Thank you to Bernie and his supporters for all they do to support capitalism everyday. Keep being you, Bernie!


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