HughesNet Internet: Best Satellite Internet Available Near Me

When it comes to the internet, no one wants to compromise on the speed, reliability, price, and customer service. Choosing from an assortment of service providers, you need to check out the availability in your area by entering the Zip Code. 

If by luck, HughesNet is available in your area, you can expect a lot more than any other satellite provider can. You might be living in a rural area, where the availability of the internet is not as much as you find in urban areas. Either you have very few options or no option at all. 

Let’s take a look at some of the notable features of HughesNet. 


HughesNet is one of the top satellite providers in the United States largely available in areas where there is no cable, fiber, or DSL internet. The company is well renowned for providing speeds as advertised and exceeds them, unlike other service providers. 

Starting price of $59.99 per month, HughesNet is the best option for low to moderate internet users. If you are a casual internet browser often connected to the internet for normal surfing, socializing, and checking emails, HughesNet will provide enough data cap of up to 10GB. Although, it seems a little on the low side, but would prove to be a blessing for areas where no other service provider is available. 

HughesNet is a satellite internet, which means you can access it from anywhere requiring no cable and wires. Instead, it uses satellites orbiting the earth to send up and down signals. 

The provider is available in approximately 33,000 zip codes across the United States. Average prices are higher than any other service provider with limited data caps. However, in some zones, it offers free 50GB additional data. If you require more data, you can upgrade your plan, but that would not be even close to the needs of heavy streamers, binge-watchers, and avid gamers. 

Here is a table to give you an overview of HughesNet internet service across the United States. 

State Internet Speed
Wyoming 25Mbps
Michigan 25Mbps
Alaska 25Mbps
Pennsylvania  25Mbps
Rhode Island 25Mbps
Illinois 25Mbps
New Jersey 25Mbps
California 25Mbps
New York 25Mbps
Texas 25Mbps


HughesNet Bundles 

HughesNet is a VoIP that incorporates satellite connection without using your data caps. Promotions and discounts for bundle plans vary. The mobile app by the service provider allows you to keep track of data consumed and extra data purchases. The app is free to use and you can install it on your device and sign up to get notifications when you are going to reach your data limit. The modem provided by HughesNet is a wireless router, but in case you need to extend signals, you can also purchase a Hughes WiFi booster. The device is made to work with the system costing around $99.99 and can be installed by yourself. 

Video Data Saver

If you want to watch videos for learning, fun, or entertainment, the HughesNet data cap is quite low as compared to other service providers. But with Video Data Saver, you can adjust data limits without compromising on the quality of the picture. You will never run out of data with video data saving mode if you use it wisely. 

Plan Upgradation and Customer Service

If you want to upgrade your plan or need any assistance regarding the services, you can contact HughesNet servicio al cliente en español anytime. Although the customer service is similar to other providers it won’t disappoint you at all at the end of the call. 

Summing Up

For rural residents, the availability of the internet is no less than a blessing. If you are a heavy streamer or gamer, you either need to move to the countryside or wait for any DSL, fiber, or cable provider to be serviceable in your area. However, HughesNet is available for you to browse websites, socialize, and watch videos on data saving mode. At least you could check your emails without missing the important ones.

All in all, HughesNet offers budget-friendly internet plans in the areas where cable, fiber, and DSL are unavailable. The huge drawback is the limited amount of data cap that won’t fulfill the requirements of many internet users who are involved in downloading large files, streaming on HD, gaming day in and day out, and watching videos on Facebook timeline. 


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