How to Properly Set Up Social Networks for Business

There are 3,2 billion users of social networks in the world. People communicate here, read and discuss the news, and make shopping decisions. You must admit that such an audience is attractive to business. Let’s figure out how to set up social networks to attract potential customers and expand a loyal audience.

Which Social Networks to Use for Business

It is not necessary to register accounts in all popular social networks. You need to choose the platform that your target audience likes and suits your marketing strategy. Therefore, to begin with, collect data about the preferences of your customers: existing and potential. What tasks can be implemented by different social networks?

-Facebook is a universal platform for any business. It has the largest audience.

-Twitter allows you to share short news and links to pages on your site.

-Pinterest is a platform focused on vibrant visual content. It is often used to form a list of future purchases. Therefore, here you can promote products.

The success of promotion on any platform depends on the settings, page layout and quality of publications. Let’s talk about what you can configure on social networks and what types of content you need to publish in your business accounts.

How to Set Up a Business Page on Facebook

You can create a business account on Facebook that is not associated with your personal page. Click “Create” in the header of your account and select “Page”. The process is step-by-step and very convenient, so additional explanations are unlikely to be needed.

Setting up a social network begins with a corporate identity: you need to upload a profile picture and a header using the colors and visual elements of your brand. If you don’t have a logo yet, you can generate it using the Logaster service. After creating and uploading the images, go to the page settings to add the necessary information.


What Type of Content to Post on Facebook?

The main principle of publications on any social network is to post what your audience needs. This is why marketing research is so important. Develop a strategy by including different content options for your page:

-Special offers and discount coupons for subscribers. Make subscribers feel privileged.

-Reviews and additional information about your products and services.

-Backstage of the company: photos of employees, working moments, production process. This will allow you to get closer to the audience.

-News. Publish any information about changes in the company that is important to your subscribers: be it changes in the work schedule or obtaining a new quality certificate.

-Reviews. It is an excellent feedback tool that will increase customer confidence in the brand.

-Information and entertainment publications. Publish official information and cheer up your subscribers.

How Often to Post on Facebook?

1-2 posts per day are enough. The main thing is to do it regularly. Publbox analysts advise publishing every morning and afternoon when there is the biggest customer activity.

How to Set Up a Business Page on Twitter

This platform boasts one of the easiest registration processes. There is no need to create a separate business page: just register a standard profile on behalf of the brand. If the name is busy, try adding an abbreviated name of your city or country to it.

How to set up a social network? The biggest value is the profile photo and the header. Fill out the block with a brief description of the brand: tell us who you are and what unique qualities you have. In the settings you can change the color of the page, bringing it closer to the corporate color of your company.

What Type of Content is Relevant for Twitter

The audience of this social network appreciates laconicism and expertise. Publish specific facts and important data. Viewing one post takes a couple of seconds: during this time you must accurately convey the necessary information. Enrich your publications with images to attract attention. Retweet: for example, answer important questions from subscribers in this way. Your answers will be seen by the entire audience. They will become an example of customer focus and increase confidence.

In terms of topics of publications, you can use the tips for Facebook. They are relevant to almost all social media.

How Often to Post on Twitter?

1-2 tweets per day is recommended average publication frequency. The maximum client activity on Twitter is on weekdays from 12 to 3 p.m. (lunch breaks). Try to get from 1 to 3 tweets on weekdays.

How to Set Up a Page on Pinterest

For this platform, it is also enough to create an account on behalf of the company. How to set up social networking accounts for business? The recommendations are the same: create an attractive profile picture and a header, and make basic settings. Learn the principles of posting by reading the rules of the social network.

Content Types for Pinterest

This platform is focused on visual content. You can upload photos of your products and give links directly to the pages of your online store. You can publish infographics and links to the company website. You can also increase audience loyalty by posting entertaining images or motivating quotes. The main thing is not to forget about the close connection between the post and the link to the page that you are promoting.

How Often to Post on Pinterest

Publish content on weekdays in the morning or afternoon – before 2 p.m. There are no clear restrictions and recommendations on the amount of content. Try to test the audience and choose the optimal frequency. The rules recommend observing the regularity of publications.

What Must Be in a Business Profile On a Social Network?

Despite the differences between the different platforms, there are several standard recommendations for filling them and setting up. Make sure your account includes:

-company information. Usually, this is a small block where you need to write the most important things about your brand;

-link to the site. The goal of most of the promotion options on social networks is to increase customer activity on the company’s website;

-contact details. All available communication options and physical addresses for local companies have to be included.

Useful Tools for Post Automatization

Using these services, you can prepare publications for social networks in advance and set up their automatic posting. It’s convenient: do the work at a time, and you don’t have to be distracted daily with a routine procedure. We recommend such tools:

– AgoraPulse is a fully functional platform for auto-posting on Facebook and Twitter.

– Buffer can be used as a universal solution for publishing on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

– Hootsuite is a platform for promotion on social networks. It offers auto-posting tools, analytics, and many other things.


If you set up social networks correctly, you will receive customers’ trust and the opportunity to grow your audience in return. Do not stop there: create high-quality content, interact with subscribers. Do not concentrate on advertising: give the audience a sufficient amount of informative and entertaining content. Be sure to track the analytics of your profiles and look for opportunities to improve performance.

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